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Kawai CS9

Kawai CS9 polished ebony




Colour: Polished ebony



Discontinued, replaced by CS10


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Elegant CS-9, the top model of the new Classic Series of Kawai.

This series presents high-quality Kawai digital pianos, which is the appearance of classical, acoustic piano-based.

The elegant design is defined primarily by the flawless workmanship and perfect surfaces in real piano lacquer.
Kawai's CS-9 is not only optically a real highlight, it also shows that in terms of sound quality and feel provides the best that Kawai.

Here are some highlights from the Kawai CS-9:

RM3 wooden keyboard with tactile feedback
USB to Audio
Sound from a real sound board
Housing design in the acoustic style (Kawai K-2) 
Phonetically in the CS-9 Kawai's ULTRA Progressive Harmonic Imaging is working technology that simulates next to the authentic and dynamic piano sound and all the "Nebengeäusche" like Hammer relapse noise, shock noise, hammer delay Sustainpedalgeräusch, and additional sounds convincing.
For impressive sound development in the area is primarily the unusual speaker system with a real responsibility, vibrating soundboard.
The CS-9 convinces also with probably the best keyboard mechanics, RM3 keyboard, the only real wooden keys in a digital piano and an authentic balance arm mechanism.
A realistic simulation of pressure point and an ivory-like keyboard surface in this class may not be missing too.
More than 80 years of experience in Kawai's piano and grand piano production now provide the necessary skills in the development and production of these exclusive premium instruments. 

Here are the other specifications of the Kawai CS-9: 

• 88 wooden keys with ivory touch surface
• Mechanics RM3 Grand with tactile simulation
• Sound Source: Progressive Ultra Harmonic Imaging? (UPHI)
• 80 sounds / Polyphony max. 192 notes
• Hall effects such as space, Stage, Hall
• Other effects such as Chorus, Delay, Tremolo or Rotary
• Recorder for 10 songs, 2 tracks – max. + 90 000 Noten0
• USB recording and playback function for MP3/WAV/MID formats
• Demo Songs 34 songs + 29 Piano Music Pieces
• Lesson Function finger exercises + Burgsmüller, Czerny, Beyer and Bach Exercises
• Virtual Technician with features such as, Voicing, Damper Resonance, string resonance, key off effect
• Temperature, Stretch Tuning, noise dampers, hammer relapse noise
• Dual, Split, four-hand mode, metronome (with 100 styles)
• Connectors: MIDI USB (to host to device) LINE IN (adjustable volume)
• STEREO IN, LINE OUT, Headphone x 2


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I've narrowed it down to 2 digital pianos, I think!

Yamaha CLP 470PE or Kawai CS9 I'm now going to have to do some more thinking, it's not a which bottle of wine decision.

Any thoughts your end? I know you placed the Yamaha 3rd and the CS9 11th in your ranking table.

Thanks again for your input.


Reply/ Hi John

They both have a good piano sound.
But the Yamaha has the more realistic key touch.
It feels slightly heavier and firmer under the fingers.
Also, the sound has more vibrancy and clarity.

Here’s my scores out of 100 for touch and sound:

           Touch   Sound
CLP470    78        80
CS9        70        74

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