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Kawai digital pianos for sale here. Check out the complete line up of digital pianos and stage pianos by Kawai.

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Graham Howard editor"The most important thing you need from a digital piano when you're learning is a realistic touch.
A good piano sound and minimum of 4 dynamic levels (p, mp, mf and f) are also important.
Things like dimensions, weight, colour and 'bells and whistles' shouldn't really be the deciding
factor in your purchase",
Graham Howard, Piano Advisor.

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4) Click here to read the report: "7 Things You MUST Know Before You Buy A Digital Piano"

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Kawai CA Digital Pianos

Kawai CA13

Kawai CA13    Kawai CA13 Cherry    Kawai CA13 Black Satin


Kawai CA15


Kawai CA13    Kawai CA13 Cherry    Kawai CA13 Black Satin

Kawai's latest model. Read more

Kawai CA65

Kawai CA63 Rosewood Kawai CA63 Black Satin Kawai CA63 Cherry

Professional piano with an authentic piano sound. Great selection of colours to choose from. Read more

Kawai CA95

Kawai CA93 Rosewood Kawai CA93 Black Satin

Shockingly expensive, but rather nice! If you're looking for the very best digital piano that money can buy, then the Kawai CA95 is worth comparing. Read more

Kawai CN Digital Pianos

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Kawai CN24 

Kawai CN23 R Rosewood Kawai CN23 C Cherry  Kawai CN23 SB Satin Black

An upgraded version of the CN23. Read more

Kawai CN34

Kawai CN32 R Kawai CN32 SB Kawai CN32 C Kawai CN32 M Small

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Kawai CN43 

Kawai CN43 R Kawai CN43 C Kawai CN43 M

Top of Kawai's CN range. The new model that replaces the CN42. Read more

Kawai CL Digital Pianos

Kawai CL26

Kawai CL26




Brand new model that replaced the CL25. A nice budget digital piano great for beginners. A space saver. Read more

Kawai CL36

Kawai CL36

Latest model. This replaces the popular CL35. This piano doesn't have a key cover. Read more

Kawai KDP90

Kawai KDP90

Budget model for beginners only. Read more

Kawai KCP80

Kawai KCP80

Read more

Kawai ES/MP Portable Pianos

Kawai ES100

Kawai ES100

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Kawai ES7

Kawai ES7 Kawai ES7 White

Read more

Kawai MP8 MK II 

Kawai MP8 

The Kawai MP8 MK II is the closest approach to the concert grand piano. With 256 built-in sounds combined with a defining studio controller finished in black metallic with an aluminum body and natural wood cheek blocks. Read more

Kawai MP6


Kawai MP6 read details


Kawai MP10


Kawai MP10 read details


Kawai CS3


Kawai CS3 read details


Discontinued. Replaced by CS4

Kawai CS4

Kawai CS3

Kawai CS6


Kawai CS3

Discontinued. Replaced by CS7

Kawai CS7

Kawai CS3

Kawai CS9

Kawai CS9 polished ebony

Discontinued. Replaced by CS10

Kawai CS10


 Kawai CS9 polished ebony


Kawai VPC1

Kawai VPC1

Get a FREE 5 part mini piano course… You will learn how to read the notes on the piano, the music alphabet, basic rhythm, simple chords, correct sitting postions, hand positions and fingering. You will also get tips on how to train your ear so you can play along to any song on the radio, and much more. Check out the free piano lessons here.






Questions and Comments

Graham Howard editor

Do you want to ask Graham Howard a question? Just send an email to

Would you please be kind enough to give me some idea as to what I should be paying for a PN80 ( presumably discontinued ) which is approx 4/5 yrs old and in good condition.

Many thanks. Peter

Reply/ Yes, the Kawai PN80 is discontinued.

I guess it's worth around £500 – £600.

Yours pianistically,
Graham Howard
UK Pianos

Discontinued models

Kawai CN2
Kawai CN31
Kawai CN32 
Kawai CN3
Kawai CN4 
Kawai CN22 
Kawai CA51
Kawai CA63
Kawai CA71
Kawai CA91 
Kawai ES4
Kawai ES6
Kawai MP4 
Kawai MP5 
Kawai CP95
Kawai CP115 
Kawai CP155 
Kawai CP185
Kawai CP205
Kawai CA5 
Kawai CA7 
Kawai CA9 
Kawai CA111
Kawai CN2 
Kawai ES5  
Kawai CL20
Kawai CL35

More: CL25, CN23, CN33, CA18, CA93, KDP80


"I almost fell foul of the Kawai hard sell"

"Graham, I just read your fantastic guide to Digital pianos, just what I needed to know, so thank you. I almost fell foul of the Kawai hard sell at my local shop but managed to escape in time!"

Dan Friend









Hi Graham

My son 11 yrs is appearing for Trinity Grade 2 piano exam and I want to get him
a kawai digital piano. I ve seen CL35 and CN22 since they suit my budget, which
model do you suggest and it will take him till which grade in TRinity Also
highlight me about any other brand or model of digital that I can buy since I
dont want to invest in upright just now.
Thanks and Regards

Reply/ Hi Mahuya

The Kawai CN22 has a better sound and a more realistic
touch the the CL35.

The CN22 would take your son up to around grade 6. So
this piano would be a good choice for the short to
medium term.

Another piano you should definitely consider, and that
I recommend, is the Classenti CDP2…

The Classenti CDP2 is a superior piano…

The CDP2 has a warm, mellow, European piano sound,
and a heavy-weighted touch… it feels very much
like you're playing on an upright piano.

It also has 5 touch sensitivity levels which makes
it easier to play for anyone starting out, and
essential for more advanced playing.

The Classenti CDP2 is the ideal piano for beginner
level up to grade 8.

You can read more about it here:

If you'd like to find out more you can call
me on 020 8367 2080.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard


I've only just started learning piano and I've been using your guides for a while to look at getting a digital piano. I have my heart set on a Kawai CN32 (I'm not totally adamant about the decision, but it's one I've tried out and quite like so I thought I would go with it).

I spoke to a local retailer about buying the CN32 from him and their price was about £1300, however I have found it from the Thomann website link on your site for £813 which includes a chair and headphones.

When I spoke to the local retailer, he seemed to add the fact that the piano they were selling was a 'British' one. I've had a look around on the internet to see if there are any differences between ones that might be British and ones that aren't.

I was just wondering if you knew of any significant differences that might be between a specifically 'British' one, or one that I could get for quite a bit less from Thomann which might not be from the same place but is the same model.

Thanks very much, Josie

Reply/ Hi Josie

The CN32 has been replaced by the CN33.

The Kawai CN33 that's sold in the UK is exactly the same Kawai CN33 that's sold by Thomann.

It's not a British piano anyway. Kawai digital pianos are made in Indonesia.

I recommend buying the CN33 from Thomann. They give you a 3 year warranty. What's more, the delivery is free.

Their warranty covers all parts and labour. They also come to your home if anything needs fixing.

Here's where you can order, or find out more information:

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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