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Kawai ES7 Stage piano with 88 Responsive Hammer II (RHII) Action with pressure point simulation and triple sensor, 32 thomann Sounds, 256 note polyphonic, 32 memories for sound combinations, 100 styles with variation, transpose function, intonation, string response, dual-mode, split-mode, four-hand-mode, internal 2-track recorder, metronome, 2 headphone jacks, MIDI in/out, stereo line in, stereo line out, USB to host, power supply jack, 2 x 15 W speaker system, thomann Dimensions: 1362 (B) x 361 (T) x 149 (H) mm. Weight: 22 kg. Colour: black, includes F10H sustain pedal and music rest.


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Other colours

Kawai ES6 W Price £1,395 (Includes wooden stand, 3 pedals, matching bench, headphones and music rest)

Kawai ES7 W (white)


"I was magnetically drawn to the Kawai ES7"

I went to Thomann and was just magnetically drawn to the Kawai ES7. (about 1300 Euros). The cheaper models did seem to have any qualities inherent to an acoustic piano and the more expensive models seemed to have more features, but didn't sound dramatically better.

I think that the hammer action feels good.

The ivory touch is pleasant if not quite like the real ivory keys on my Grotrian-Steinweg piano.

The sound of the Grand Piano is good, and playing with the earphones is certainly appreciated by my neighbors and is not tiring. The sound of the organ and clavichord, in my opinion, is not as authentic as that of the piano sound. The bells and whistles are amusing, but I want to play a piano and my place is small and this Kawai
has provided me with what I wanted.

It is very easy to use. One can really plug and play. I will learn about the features at my leisure.
Your book helped me to know what to look for and what to avoid. Thank you very much.

Review by David Gleaton (05/09/2012)

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Comments and Questions

"Kawai ES7 Versus Roland FP80"

Hey Graham,

Thanks for the useful information. I'd love to hear your opinion on both the Kawai ES7 and the Roland FP80!


Reply/ Hi Gijs

Functionality-wise they are both excellent pianos.

But, as a piano, the Roland FP80 has a much more
realistic key touch. It feels firmer and more solid
under the fingers, and the keys are more sensitive.
This allows you to play more difficult pieces.

I also prefer the Roland’s sound. It is warmer and
rounder… its tone is closer to a Steinway.
The Kawai ES7 also has a good sound, but it’s a
bright, harsh one. Maybe you prefer that?
It comes down to personal preference really.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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