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Kawai VPC1

Kawai VPC1


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Hi Graham

Thank you for your useful online guide. I am completely new to epianos and I found it very helpful. I am looking for a machine to learn on and need a good keyboard to make it easier to learn to play and to avoid getting into bad habits.

I have been looking closely at the Yamaha CLP535 but have seen reviews complaining of the lack of a dynamic sound. The higher versions just seem too expensive for me. I have also looked at the Kawai stage pianos because I don't need a standalone machine and could run it through my hifi and probably get a better sound than machines with in-built amplifiers. However the MP7 looks unreliable and the MP11 looks expensive and has questionable quality control.  However I seemed to be going in the right direction.

I then discovered the Kawai VPC1 keyboard, which appears to be ideal.
The price is good, I already have a suitable computer and screen and I can buy just the instruments I need. Ivory II seems to be the soft piano to beat. It is well reviewed and I am expecting it to be as good or better than the inbuilt Yamaha or Kawai soft pianos. Your guide does say that stage pianos sometimes are lacking in the number of touch sensitivity levels compared to a full piano but I believe this is not an issue for the VPC1.

The benefit of this approach is I that can choose best in class solutions for each component and upgrade as better solutions emerge or finances allow, without being tied to one supplier. Also it will be much easier to repair and maintain. I also avoid those silly little lcd displays that always fail. I have some doubts about the reliability of the VPC1 but at least it is now a lower cost part to replace if I have to. I will be inspecting it closely for workmanship defects when I buy it.

I am hoping for a best in class machine at a reasonable cost that re-uses components I already have and therefore will be better value than a new standalone piano.

I want to buy the VPC1 and Ivory software. I thought I would let you know my final preferred solution, as requested in your email and given the support you have provided.

Many thanks


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