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Korg Keyboards

Korg don't produce beginner's or low end keyboards. The Korg keyboards are mid to high end professional keyboards.
Korg also make excellent synthesisers and workstations.

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Specializing in the professional keyboard market, Korg focus on producing exactly what the pro musicians want.
Many keyboard players have the opinion that there really isn't any electronic keyboards out there that can match the Korg in sound
quality, touch/response and functions.

Korg Keyboards

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Korg PA50   Retail Price: £699

The new Korg PA50 electronic keyboard joins the PA80 in Korg’s line of professional arranger keyboards
Korg PA50


Korg PA80   Retail Price: £1,499

On the Korg PA80 model you get some truly great performance features

Korg PA80

Korg PA80 Elite  Retail Price: £1,999

You'll find even more power on board the new Korg PA80 Elite top of the range keyboard.

Korg PA80 Elite

Korg PA1X   Retail Price:£2,799

The most complete tool for the musical professional ever conceived

Korg PA1X

Korg PA1X Pro Retail Price: £2,899

The Korg PA1X PRO 76 note arranger keyboard workstation. The latest addition to Korg’s professional PA line is true class

Korg PA1X Pro