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Korg LP350
Korg LP350 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
"The following reviews are from owners of the Korg LP350. The most
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1) "The LP350 is not in the same league as the top grade models, but it works for us"

Thank you for all your help, reviews of pianos in your book. Here in Kuwait music stores are few in number, and one I visited really only had very high range acoustic pianos, or top of the range electric pianos – Yamaha, Roland etc. These were far out of my range. In a small music store near by, run by a very helpful young man, I discovered there were the reps for Korg instruments and Vox amplification etc. There was no pressure to purchase merely encouragement to test the limited number of keyboards in the shop, nd excellent hospitality.
The keyboard was being offered at very reasonable price, (as were the congos I purchased also) and the owner did his best to respond to my needs / requests.

The sound of the Korg LP350 piano is good, there are various option sounds – 4 pianos with 3 variable sounds on each of them, therefore I have 6 electric piano sounds and 6 acoustic piano sounds which is far more than I need for my purposes. Other sounds are available as on many piano keyboards like this (as in my much loved Yamaha PF 80 of 25 years + back at home in the UK). There is lovely music to be heard in the test / demonstration option – this is what the Korg LP350 can sound like. The action of the keyboard is good – I like it as in keeping with what you suggest in your book. The weighted feel (which I like /need) is very good – perhaps the middle C and Csharp feels its been overplayed?? The three peddles are a good adition making it feel more like a normal piano – damper, sustainer etc.

One critque is there is a little rattle in the speakers (located under the keyboard – a good position I think – I have no problem with them being there – less optin for kids to spill coke on!!!!) the rattling comes in middle few notes of piano if the volume is past a certain level. However I wonder if this is due toi the fact I have knowingly purchased (with discount) a shop demonstration model. I wasn't aware of this in the shop on the model I played there. To be fair to the owner – I would willingly have taken the 'white' piano( John Lennon had one so why not me?) but our flat is made up of very dark Arabic style furniture and I really thought a 'black' keyboard would fit better – the owner went out of his way to facilitate and found a 'black' one in a sister store. The fit in our flat is both aesthetic and the small size feel of the piano is good in terms of size fitting. The top comes down on an easy action function so that the piano loooks like an occasional table rather than a piano – with keys exposed collecting dust. Be aware – in Kuwait you can have state of the art air locking doors but still the sand dust is found on surfaces! So this top cover is very helpful here!

The Korg's stand is very stable and also very easy to assemble – it took my wife and 15 minutes to screw it all together and fix peddles and wires. Considering this had been put together once taken apart to bring to us at the shop we purchased it from – reasssembled for us to play – then taken apart again and put back together by us – there were no problems, lost screws or scratches.

The owner provided free of charge a set of head phones to use – my wife doesn't want us to hear her re learn to play – and I am often working out tunes for a worship service late at night and don't want to annoy the neighbours.

The piano is a good addition to our house, answering are needs in various ways – is good value for money 280 KD – because it was a demonstration model – original price on white new model was 350 KD but was offered to us because of buying things for a church at the discount of 320 KD. So all round if I double 289 KD – I get 560 – so for around 560 pounds sterling we got the piano.

I don't think I'll attempt to exchange regarding rattle – I accept it was demonstration and don't plan to bang loudly anyway. At present I am very happy with this piano – although I acknowledge the LP350 is not in the same league as the top grade models – it works for us.

Thank you Graham for your help in us arriving at this point!

Review by: Stewart Grinsted, Ishbilya, Kuwait (04/10/2011)

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