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Kurzweil CUP2A (with wooden keys) – white also available (see below)

Kurzweil CUP2A Polished Ebony


 Colour: Polished Ebony

Free Adjustable Piano Stool in Polished Ebony Includes free polished ebony adjustable height piano stool

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Kurzweil CUP2A Polished White
Polished White:
Price: £3,999

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Includes free polished white piano stool with music storage compartment

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Why is the piano sound so realistic?

Graham Howard

"This is one of the best sounding digital pianos I've ever played! Its tone reminds me of a Steinway concert grand I used to tinker on at the BBC. But its not just the tone quality that makes this piano so nice to play… it has a wooden key action made in Italy which feels firm, even and responsive, and the cabinet looks beautiful", Graham Howard


Kurzweil CUP2 and CUP2A – What is the difference?

The main difference is in the sound.
The CUP2A has the new, German concert grand sound.
It has a deeper, warmer and more natural tone than the CUP2.

The sound is further enhanced when you lift the top lid.
There are additional speakers that project the sound upwards
in addition to the speakers below that project the sound forwards
towards the player. This really makes a difference to the clarity
of tone.

Write Up:

I explained what we're looking for and he started demonstrating them, and they were ok, as i expected. He was describing the differences and I listened dutifully. And then he got on to the serious models. These are heavier, real pieces of furniture, with good quality speakers. I explained that I just wanted a good sound. So he was chatting away and then played the one I'd had my eye on and MY GOODNESS…suddenly I was blown away.
But the story doesn't end there. I had a go. I don't know how to descrbe the experience. It was SO responsive to me. It behaved as though it was desperate to please me. Whatever I asked, it jumped in. I played My Jesus My saviour. It played so softly…so tenderly….and then IT THUNDERED. The piano handed me total charge! (sorry for all this fantasy drivel but I have never known anything like it.)
Now I'll tell you why it was so amazing. The whole of the back is a soundboard. So the resonance from the sound seems to feed back to your fingers. Which creates a beautiful, beautiful experience of both playing it and the sound it produces.
Practical issues:
It will play loudly without distortion. It is still a piano sound even when loud. This instrument can THUNDER but it can also be beautifully delicate without touching the volume control. (Ideal for Margaret P who can just turn it on and play)
It's heavy enough that it’s not likely to be stolen.  


Kurzweil CUP2A Specs


Kurzweil CUP2A Description

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