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Kurzweil MP10F (Italian-made keys)

Kurzweil MP10F polished ebony Rent-to-Own this piano Rent-to-buy this piano for £65 per month (interest-free if you buy within 6 months).
Rental deducted from price if you buy, read more

Colour: Polished Ebony

 Graham Howard"Just listen to the gorgeous sound of this piano (video above)… it has such a full, resonant
 and natural tone… but apologies in advance for the reindeer hat
! ", Graham Howard


Availability: Discontinued, check out new model MP120


Free polished ebony piano stool with music storage compartmentincludes free matching piano stool

Other Colours

Kurzweil MP10F Rosewood
MP10F in Dark Rosewood

Discontinued, check new model MP120

Piano Stool

Includes free matching piano stool

Payment Options:

Rent-to-Own this piano  Rent-to-buy this piano for £65 per month (interest-free if you buy within 6 months).
  Rental deducted from price if you buy, read more

Customer Reviews

"My daughter is absolutely delighted and finds the keyboard feel very close to an acoustic piano"

I am compelled to share my experience of the superb advice and service I have received from UK Pianos. The Howard Score was freely given and a very helpful source of comparison information. I was looking for a piano for my daughter and together we settled on the Kurzweil MP10F. She is the pianist so the ultimate decision was hers. However, she wasn't able to try the piano first which really should be a roadblock to a purchase, but the advice we received gave us the confidence to buy.

My daughter is absolutely delighted and finds the feel of the keyboard to be very close to that of an acoustic, and the sound is excellent. I have to say the demo video on your website was very helpful, although one has to bear in mind the sound is only as good as can be delivered over the internet. The decision made, the purchase and delivery were very quick and without fault.

Overall an excellent experience in every area of the business. Well done UK Pianos, and thank you.

Review by Tim Bennett, Cromer, Norfolk

"SO much better than the Yamaha"

Hi Graham,

I came to Enfield this afternoon and bought the Kurzweil MP10F.
In our opinion the sound was SO much better than that of the Yamaha.

I am really looking forward to receiving it next week, and I would like to thank you so much for your kind assistance.
Without it, I wouldn't have known where to start!

Also much appreciated was the help of the young ladies in store – so kind and so patient.

My grateful thanks once more.

Review by Helen Gaize, Broxbourne, Herts. (08/07/2016)

"All favourable comments"

I was delighted to be in touch with Graham when I needed to choose a digital piano as quite frankly I had no idea which one to get.
I was able to discuss my requirements and he advised me well. I decided on the Kurzweil MP10F and have now had several family musician members try it out and all with favourable comments.

I look forward to getting going with it proper following the one-off family celebration that I purchased it for.

Review by Chris Smith, Brighton (19/07/2016)}

"Kurzweil MP10F: It feels and sounds very close to an acoustic piano"

I live in a top floor flat but missed having a piano so a digital instrument was the answer.
I didn't have a lot of money to spend and was very pleased to come across this lovely piano at an affordable price.

I ordered over the phone and was pleased with the level of service I received.
The instrument arrived in a timely fashion and I am very happy with the quality.

It feels and sounds very close to an acoustic piano and, although I'm no virtuoso, I think it's an excellent choice for the money.

Review by Louise Barnard, Abingdon, Oxfordshire (24/8/16)

"We bought a beautiful Kurzweil MP10F in polished ebony"

I wandered into this shop with my 8 year old daughter to buy a piano that would take her to grade 8. Staff were very helpful and knowledgeable and guided me to some options which we had to go think about. We came back soon after and tested some more and bought a beautiful Kurzweil MP10F in polished ebony. They threw in a stool and a set of headphones and we got delivery in a couple of days. Fantastic experience.

Review by Aarif Jeevanjee, London N14 (07/09/16)

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Main Features

88 Fully-weighted, touch sensitive keys
Sliding key cover
88 Sounds
Keyboard split
30 Watt, 2-way, 4 speaker sound system
Audio IN/OUT
3 Pedals

Why is the piano sound so realistic?

Graham Howard

"The tone of the Kurzweil MP10F is something special… it's full of resonance and sounds so natural. The MP10F is based on the previous model MP10, but with a new upgraded Italian-made keyboard. It emulates an acoustic piano both in touch and sound remarkably well. I love this piano and recommend it to anyone learning to play", Graham Howard



Kurzweil MP10F Specs


The Kurzweil MP10F combines value and affordability with the best sounds ever developed for Kurzweil Pro keyboards. It uses the same chips and same 88 sounds as the famous PC3 Series keyboards.

The famous Kurzweil Triple Strike Grand Piano is included, as well as top notch electric pianos, orchestral and acoustic instruments, and everything else you would need to create an entire musical production in the comfort of your own home – drums, basses, horns, winds, guitars and percussion.

Like the other MP Series pianos, the MP10F, with its elegant compact spinet cabinet, will compliment any decor, from traditional to modern and promises to fill your home with the joy of music.

The MP10F is an upgraded version of the previous MP10 model. It features a Real-Grand Hammer Action made in Italy by Fatar.

Available Colours: Dark Rosewood and Polished Ebony.

Ray Kurzweil and Stevie Wonder





  Kurzweil's founder, Ray Kurzweil, is famous for being the first to realistically
  sample a grand piano sound in an electronic instrument.
  It was a request from Stevie Wonder in 1982 that challenged Kurzweil
  and his team of engineers… And thank goodness for the
  because of that, today we have such wonderful sounding digital pianos!
  Read more about Ray Kurzweil on Wikipedia


Ray Kurzweil and Stevie Wonder

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Graham Howard editor

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Questions and Comments (email your questions to
Or call UK Pianos for advice on 020 8367 2080.

I note that the MP10F model has been around for a while, on the Kurzweil website the User Manual is dated ad January 2011.  Is this not buying and old model or is the software updated. Can the software be updated after purchase??
Regards, Paul

Hi Paul

The MP10F, although still a current model,
is being replaced by the MP120.
You can see this here:

We are expecting the new MP120 to
arrive early to middle of September.

We still have the MP10F in polished ebony
available, if you are interested in it.
But the software can’t be updated.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard


I’m a background music pianist looking to buy an electric piano and I would be very grateful of
advice on which electric piano to purchase. My budget is £1000.



Hi Andrew,

I would advise the Kurzweil MP10F in Rosewood. I am such an advocate of the Kurzweil sound due
to their extensive history in sampling as the early pioneers of digital instruments.

Kurzweil were in fact, the first manufacturer to transfer a Grand Piano sound into a digital
format thus their reputation and history precedes them as perhaps the best digital manufacturer
in reproducing a fine warm German Concert Piano sound. The MP10F I feel presents truly
extraordinary value in the aspect of sound recreation as it is truly such a natural sounding
creature.  The key touch is also fully weighted and the Italian made key touch will give you
a strong sense of authenticity replicating a traditional piano’s action very well.

You will be able to maintain finger strength and good technique on this instrument.

The Rosewood finish is beautiful and comes with a matching stool and two year warranty,
that would be my choice.
I hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to ask me for further information.

Kind regards,

Hi Graham

Thanks for your email.  The information was wonderful and I will definitely return to UK pianos
for an eventual purchase. I am still at the stage of researching,  it takes some time to be
clear what you want,  although I am quite drawn to the Roland RP401  for the sound quality
and design.  At the moment the sticking keys on my ancient CLP 650 seem to have cured
themselves but I know this is only temporary.


Hi Kate,

My experience is that once the keys start sticking it does become a reoccurring fault across
the keyboard. I am a fan of the Roland RP401R due to Roland’s unique key touch which has an
in built mechanism in each key providing a subtle feeling of hammers engaging. It is most

However, I would also consider the Kurzweil MP10F in the stunning Polished Ebony finish,
which at £1199 considering the quality of Kurzweil’s pianos is an attractive proposition.

The Italian made key touch provides the upmost authenticity, replicating the weighting of
an acoustic piano very realistically at this price point. It is Kurzweil's expertise in
sound however, where I feel they score the highest amongst their competitors. I am such
an advocate of the Kurzweil sound due to their extensive history in sampling as the early
pioneers of digital instruments. Kurzweil were in fact, the first manufacturer to transfer
a Grand Piano sound into a digital format, thus their reputation and history precedes
them as perhaps the best digital manufacturer in reproducing a fine warm German Concert
Piano sound.  

Kind regards,

I have bought a Kurzweil MP10F from you and would like to buy a dust cover. What do you suggest please?


Hi Lee,

We do not provide all over dust covers, only keyboard covers but as the MP10F has a sliding lid
to cover the keys (the most important part that needs to be protected) I am not sure you require
one. If however, you still want an all over option, I would research further online.

Kind regards,


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