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Musical Instrument Warranties

Yamaha Acoustic Piano Warranty

Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Classenti, Korg, Broadway Digital Piano Warranty

Classenti Warranty

Yamaha Acoustic Piano Warranty

All Yamaha acoustic upright and grand pianos come with a standard 5 year manufacturer's warranty.
This is extended to 10 years by UK Pianos.

The warranty covers all parts and labour.

If the piano needs fixing then we come to your home.

For more information email or call 020 8367 2080.

Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Classenti, Korg, Broadway Digital Piano Warranty

See digital piano warranty.

Classenti Warranty

15 Year Classenti Acoustic Upright and Grand Piano Warranty
5 Year Classenti Digital Piano Warranty
(CDP3i, GR1i, UD1 and DG1), 2 years on all other models.
(Parts, Labour and Technical Support) – All Piano Repairs Carried Out In Your Home

Classenti Pianos

5 Year Classenti Digital Piano Warranty on CDP3i, GR1i, UD1 and DG1, 2 years on all other models.

Classenti digital pianos, violins, keyboard bags, keyboard covers, keyboard stands, violin bows, and shoulder rests, are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years. All parts and labour covered at no cost to you whatsoever.

Classenti upright pianos are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 15 years.

If at anytime your Classenti product malfunctions as a result of workmanship or faulty materials, will repair or replace it as it deems appropriate in its sole discretion. For digital pianos and upright pianos will send a techinician to your home to carry out any repairs. So you don't have to send your piano anywhere.

If replacement of your Classenti instrument or accessory is deemed appropriate, will replace it with the same model or the latest equivalent model.

The Classenti warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and may not be transferred.

What's covered

Upright Pianos (15 years)

Main structure, iron frame, soundboard, pin block, strings, bridges, pedals, and mechanism

Digital Pianos (5 years): CDP3i, GR1i, UD1 and DG1

Main structure (cabinet), electronics (including all circuit boards), key mechanism, pedals, functions, and parts

Violins (5 years)

Main structure, neck, tailpiece, pegs, adjusters, bridge, and chin rest

The Classenti warranty is subject to the following limitations.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Any instrument that has been altered or modified in any way or upon which the serial number has been tampered
  • Damage due to misuse, negligence, accident, or improper operation
  • The subjective issue of tonal characteristics
  • Damage due to extreme temperatures, humidity or central heating
  • Normal wear and tear (i.e. worn parts, broken or worn violin strings, and discolouration)
  • Broken violin strings
  • Broken zips, shoulder straps, and handles on instrument bags/cases are covered for 30 days

The Classenti warranty covers all parts, labour and technical support for a period of 5 years (15 years for upright pianos) starting from the date of delivery. You’re also covered by Classenti Ltd. in case of default from us.

Classenti pianos shipped to, or residing in the UK, have a 5 year warranty on all parts, labour, and technical support. A techinician will visit your home to carry out repairs. Pianos that are shipped to, or reside outside the UK are currently covered for parts and technical support for 5 years.

Classenti makes no other express warranty of any kind. All implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and the fitness for a particular purpose, exceeding the specific provisions of this warranty are hereby disclaimed and excluded from this warranty.

For more information on the Classenti 5 year warranty, contact by email: admin{AT}

Questions on the Classenti warranty

Hi Graham,

I'm looking at the Classenti CDP2 – which looks super for the price.

I need some more information:

1. If it breaks down – what are the repair options here in Ireland (I live in County Kerry – halfway between Cork and Limerick)
2. How much does repair / call out cost?
3. Does the 5 year warranty have any non-obvious catches or provisos?



Reply/ Hi Jimmy

In Ireland you are covered for parts for 5 years. There are technicians we can put you in touch with.

A typical repair could cost between £50 and £80 (including call-out).

There are no catches to the Classenti warranty.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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