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Piano and Keyboard Accessories

UK Pianos offer one of the biggest ranges of piano and keyboard accessories online. You can buy anything from a keyboard dust cover to a 1000 watt keyboard amplifier here.  Our prices are very competitive and your piano and keyboard accessory is delivered usually within 1-2 days.      

Adjustable Piano Stools   Keyboard Stools   Deluxe Adjustable Piano Stools    see more

Piano Stools and Keyboard Benches
Comprehensive selection of single, duet and adjustable piano stools.





Padded Keyboard Bags   Soft Keyboard Bags     Keyboard Hard Cases see more
Gig Bags and Cases
Carry your keyboard/piano around easily with these well padded bags. A gig bag is one of the most popular accessories for your instrument.





Keyboard and piano standssee more


Keyboard and piano stands
From x stands to two tier stands to wooden piano stands.





Classenti Keyboard Cover in Packaging see more

Keyboard dust covers
All shapes and sizes to keep that dust getting in to your keyboard. This keyboard accessory is very popular and relatively cheap to buy.





Headphones    see more


Buy a set of headphones and play piano whenever you want

Music Bags see more




Sheet Music Bags
All types of sheet music bags. Bags with musical designs like clarinet, violin and guitar. Music carry cases and duffle bags.
This piano music accessory makes a perfect gift to a child.



Midi cables Skytech USB Midi Cable

Midi cables and USB MIDI cables
Hook up your amplifier to your keyboard – a 'must have' accessory





Keyboard amplifiers

Keyboard amplifiers
A selection of keyboard amplifiers suitable for music keyboards and portable/stage pianos





Digital Tuners


Digital tuners
Tune your own instrument with anyone one of these digital tuning accessories





Foot pedals

Foot pedals
A good range of piano/keyboard sustain and soft pedals





Metronomes (digital & mechanical)

Metronomes (digital & mechanical)
Beautiful looking wooden and plastic old fashioned style pyramid metronomes


Music Stands

Music Stands
Range of sheet music stands: foldable, conductor stands, metal, wooden, music stands for schools etc.

Power adaptors
Keyboard adaptors

Essential keyboard adaptors to plug into the mains