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Hi Graham,

I used to play as a child, and would
like to take it up again. I am looking
for a digital piano as will have a newborn
In the house in about 7 weeks so
Volume control/ headphones is

I am not sure whether to buy second hand
Or use your "rent to own" scheme?

Can you offer any advice?

Many thanks,

Reply/ Hi Maz

Rent-to-Own is always a good idea as it allows
you to ease into the payments with the
flexibility of changing your mind after a
short while.

You can get a brand new digital piano on
our Rent-to-Own programme for just £45
per month.

You can read more about this piano here:

And here’s details of the Rent-to-Own programme:

You can call me on 020 8367 2080 if you’d
like more info.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard


Hi Graham

I think we're going to rent the CDP2 (still got to decide on colour – do you
have any views?). I've printed off the three forms and have the following

1. If I send the forms tomorrow you will get them Tuesday, what date could
you normally ship by? Also can we specify a time of day?
2. Long term rental agreement: I know £55 is the amount payable monthly.
What do I put in "Deposit" and "Amount Payable in Advance"? (please give
answers for CDP3 also, just in case we change our minds).
3. When should the first monthly rental be payable?



Reply/ Hi Nick

Choosing a colour would depend on the colour of
the furniture and fittings you have in your room.

You can call me on 020 8367 2080 if you would
like some suggestions.

As far as popular colours go the rosewood is the
most popular, followed by black satin, then
polished ebony.

We can usually deliver the day after we receive
your forms.

If you live locally to us (within 70 miles of North
London) then you can specify almost anytime.

If you don't live near us then we can deliver
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

The deposit is 20% of the piano's price:
(CDP2 £163.80, CDP3 £259).

The amount payable in advance is:

Deposit + Delivery (CDP2: £45 or CDP3: £65) + 1st
month's rental in advance (CDP2: £55 or CDP3: £75)

The first monthly rental payment is due 1 month
after delivery.

If you would rather we filled out all the figures
then just leave them blank.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard
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