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Digital Piano Reviews – Find out about different makes of digital pianos here. See how they rate. Read what experienced players have bought and which brands they recommend. Read all digital piano reviews

Most Reviewed Pianos:


CDP1 Polished Black
Classenti CDP1
(39 reviews)


Broadway B1
Broadway B1
(73 reviews)


Yamaha CLP440 in dark rosewood
Yamaha CLP440 (30 reviews)


Yamaha YDP162 Reviews
Yamaha YDP162
(30 reviews)








Digital Piano Buyer's Guide 

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Digital Pianos Reviewed:

Yamaha (288 Reviews)
P35, P105, P155DGX650YDP142, YDP162, YDP-S51CLP430, CLP440, CLP470, CLP480, CLP465GPCVP605, CVP609, CP50CP33NU1, more

Broadway (80 Reviews)
EZ102, B1, B2, B3, BG1

Roland (74 Reviews)
F120, HP503, HP505, HP507, RP301, FP-80, RG-3DP990/DP-990Fmore

Classenti (73 Reviews)

Kawai (54 Reviews)
CL26, CN24, CN34, CA13CA18CA65, CA95, CS3, KDP80more

Casio (44 Reviews)
AP220, AP650 CDP120PX830PX730, PX150, PX350, more

Korg (13 Reviews)
SP170S, SP250LP350PA588more

Thomann (6 Reviews)

Kurzweil (2 reviews)

Winchester WDP60
Gear4Music PDP220
Diginova Concerto 
Ringway TG8865
And many more…

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Acoustic Piano Reviews – Which upright or grand pianos are other players happy with? What do they like about certain makes or models? To find out, check the piano reviews. Read all upright and grand piano reviews

Acoustic Pianos Reviewed:

Yamaha C110

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Keyboard Reviews – Why buy this model? Which keyboard is best for beginners Yamaha, Casio, or what about Roland? Check out the keyboard reviews. Read all piano keyboard reviews

keyboards Reviewed:

Yamaha DGX640
Yamaha DGX650
Yamaha NP30

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Roll Up Piano Reviews – What exactly is this? Find out what all the fuss is about and why Roll Up Pianos are becoming so popular.


Piano Shop Reviews

Digital Piano Buyer's Guide

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7) Should you buy online or in a physical store?

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CLP320 Reviews


General Reviews

Rating: 5/5

In some ways my experience of buying a digital piano was not a good one (but please read on). I ended up having to send my piano back, twice, for a replacement to UK Pianos before the third one arrived, which itself had to be fixed by the engineer.

Nevertheless, UK Pianos itself was FANTASTIC throughout all these problems. They arranged pickup and delivery of new pianos in an extremely speedy fashion, were always very pleasant and informative and kept in good communication with me at all times. As I said, when the third piano arrived with a fault they got an extremely professional and obviously very experienced engineer round to my house very quickly indeed, who fixed the problem after a very thorough service.

I think the test of any good retailer is how they respond when things go wrong, and for this reason UK Pianos gets a clear 5*. At no point did they quibble about any of the faults I reported, but rather responded quickly and effectively. I don't hold UK Pianos responsible for the constructions defects of their suppliers. They were brilliant.

Review by Dr Hall (16/11/2012)

Hi Graham,

I value your great information and findings about digital pianos. I have been looking and playing for several months now, in Australia and also in Singapore while I was there on holiday.

Oh boy – I could tell you some of my observations…..I now hate Roland digital pianos. I played many Yamahas – CPL and CPV and I really 100% prefer the Yamahas! I nearly bought the CLP – S308PE. It is very good – but I was a bit disappointed in the over bright tone and suprising lack of volume. I liked the CLP 340 – that was a good choice – but the speakers sounded slightly coloured. But still good – and better by far than any Roland I played!

Our music store here in Melbourne tried to sell me the lastest Roland (Sorry I don't know the number of it – but its the latest "thing" from Roland with built in speakers, not the VL) – with all the piano settings and such….but….I played it and it had a great bass tone. However, it was as CLUNKY as ever! The high notes in the treble sounded horrible. The top note C sounded like hitting a small drum! The action felt clunky too… the end of the key was a very hard hit..the "aftertouch" made no difference. Pity – as this should make a big difference. How could Roland make this and try to get away with it? I don't know.

Well, I have found a Yamaha CPV 405, with all the bells and whistles – rhythms and tones etc…16 track sequencer…. etc… It has good speakers and they are in the front. The sound is very clear and uncoloured. It sounds really good. Clear and full of tone and warmth. The action is lovely. I like it. So I bought it at half price as it is the superseded model. A great deal! I will pick it up this week.

I will let you know how it all goes and how I rate it. I already have a 7 foot grand so this digital is just for teaching on and for me to play arrangements and for sequencing. If it's not perfect I don't care – but I like it better than any of the others.

Thanks for your help.

Malcolm Smith

"Everything you need to know, customer friendly and content rich! 5 stars!"

There will come a time where you gotta find find a piano fast for whatever reason. You browsed the web and you came stumbling across this website. At first, you thought buying a digital piano was easy, you ought to walk by a store and say "hey, i want that one because it's famous" not knowing that in spite of its name and pricey tag, there's a LOT of alternatives which has also has the great sounding tune, the weight and feel of a real acoustic grand and packed with a whole lot of features with a cheaper tag.

In ukPianos, they will show you all you need to know about digital pianos, polyphony, weighted keys, features and comparisons. Not only that, you also get to have tips and some helpful answered questions.
And one thing that really helped me and sorted out that made me decided finally is that a great help from Graham Howard with his emails and booklet. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or a virtuoso,  hobbyist or a professional, or even someone whos looking for a pricey high quality digital piano or someone who wants a piano thats just perfect for you.
Since I only play as a hobby, I wasnt looking for a pricey high quality digital piano and based on the tips, advice and facts from ukPianos and Graham, I bought the best digital piano that suits me very well and I'm happy with it.

In ukPianos, everyone is welcome. It helped me a lot, and I highly recommend it.

Thanks Graham, you really helped me, thanks for your time, your tips and reviews really made me decide. And your website is veeery helpful.
I highly recommend it. Well, if ever I will be needing another piano to upgrade, I will be stopping by to your site again. Until we meet again!

Review by Christian Albano (16/11/2012)


Bonjour Graham,

I am living in Albi, France (having been living also in England and in Germany, Finnish by nationality, so perhaps a "European" now). I greatly appreciated your opinions, ratings of pianos and analyses in the document "7 things you should know etc" – You are absolutely right, it seems rather difficult to find neutral reviews on these matters

Hi Graham

I think you do a great job with your reviews, they are very helpful – it is a real maze when you are buying something like this!

Dear Graham,

I found your advice extremely helpful in choosing a piano for my wife. It took a lot of deliberation but we got there in the end, mostly thanks to your honest and unbiased views.

Many thanks


"The most helpful reviews all in one place"

Graham's Guide to Digital Pianos was a huge help when looking for a piano for my daughter. It's the most easy to use and informative guide – we took Graham's advice and avoided making a costly mistake. Even though we ended up buying a digital piano privately we wouldn't have had the confidence in knowing the market without Graham's most useful guide.

Neal, North West London

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