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Terms Of Keys: Graded/Scaled/Progressive – Please Explain The Difference

Dear Graham
I have been doing some research in preparation to purchase a digital piano and I’ve come across a number of different descriptions in terms of the keys – variously, graded/scaled/progressive/.   Can you please explain to me the difference?  and how much should this effect my decision on purchasing?   I played the piano when I was younger to grade 10 level and want to purchase something that is of a fairly high quality that will provide the sound and touch of an accoustic piano – not too fussed about the ‘bells and whistles’  – what would you recommend?
Many thanks

Reply/ Hi Svava

Scaled, progressive and graded hammer action all mean the same thing.

Each manufacturer likes to call it their own way.

I don’t know why this is… it just confuses everyone!

The best name for it is ‘progressive hammer action’.

The describes it best as the keys get progressively lighter
as you ascend the keyboard — just like a real piano.

It is important to have this feature as well as touch sensitivity.

The pianos I recommend for you are the Yamaha CLP220, the
Roland RP101 and the Classenti CDP1.

The Yamaha is the clear winner in my view.

I find the Roland has too light an action, but a decent sound.

The Classenti has slightly heavier keys than the Yamaha (which
is good really), but the sound is not quite as realistic as the Yamaha.

Yours pianistically,
Graham Howard
UK Pianos

“What’s the differences between graded hammer action keys and hammer action keys?”


Reply/ Hi Max

Graded hammer action is a more superior
and more realistic key touch.

It simply means that the key weight is
heavy in the bass while gradually
getting lighter in weight is you ascend
the keyboard (to the right side).

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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