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The Rocket Piano Online Course Could Be The Answer For You If…


You're thinking of learning the piano, or you just want to brush up on a few techniques. I heard some good comments about an online piano course called ‘The Rocket Piano’. So I decided to check it out.


This simple-to-follow method is designed for the complete beginner and will teach you how to play piano step-by-step. A lot of students that attend our music school started out with this course.


Available today at less than 1/2 price.

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Rocket Piano Course


The Rocket Piano will teach you how to:


  • Learn to play virtually any song you hear
  • Read music
  • Adapt your playing style for classical, jazz, blues, rock, pop or gospel music
  • Recognize chords
  • Play with the correct techniques
  • Train your musical ear
  • Perform the trickiest of piano skills
  • Play with rhythm

When you've mastered the above you'll be able to play most popular songs, or even compose your own music.


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You also get the following free bonuses


'Advanced Learning Techniques for Piano'

Cut your learning time in half (away from the piano!) with this fantastic ebook that usually sells for $19.95.


'Perfect Your Pitch Pro'

Learn how to train your ear with this powerful, listening game.


'Jayde Musica Pro'

Another fun game – Learn to recognize notes as they fly across the screen.


'KeyCellerator – Perfect your piano Keyboard Awareness'

Learn to read music to an intermediate level. This takes over from where Jayde Musica leaves off.























If you're not sure you've got a talent for playing the piano, it's a good idea to try out ‘The Rocket Piano’ method before committing to a full course of lessons with a private teacher or in a Music School. 

Ruth Searle - Rocket Piano Author    Rocket Piano



Graham Howard (UK Pianos editor)
UK Pianos (

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P.S. After hearing so many good reviews about ‘The Rocket Piano’ course, and after reading through it and thoroughly testing out the whole thing myself, I am confident of recommending it to the community. I know there are lots of you out there that want to either learn the piano from scratch or re-learn the basics. I have to say that it is the best online piano course I've ever seen. I give it my full backing.


P.P.S. The Rocket Piano course offers a risk-free 60 day refund policy. So if it doesn't live up to your expectations you can get a 100% refund.


About Graham Howard – The editor

I like to regard myself as a very competent pianist. I passed grade 8 when I was 21 and attended Music College for three years. But, even I managed to learn a thing or two from this course. The information I found most useful was the section about hand position and fingering. I tried this out and already my sight reading has improved!


Get 60% Off Rocket Piano!
Click here to get Rocket Piano For Less Than 1/2 Price!


Available until this Sunday for $19.95, click here


What customers say…


"I highly recommend the Rocket Piano course"


The Rocket Piano is amazing. I have bought the whole course and am amazed with it all. I haven't touched a piano for 5 years and have to start from the being again. I had lessons for 6 months as a child and then for 1 yr as an adult and so i do know some things but i must say Rocket Piano as fully
explained and i understand things now much better. I highly recommend the Rocket Piano course it is worth more than the cost they are charging.


Lydia Whitehouse


























"The support you get from these guys is great"


Im already 9 months into the course as you recomened it to me before and yes it is good, but like everthing its still down to you Piano playing isnt easy no matter how you learn.


I must admit thought the support you get from these guys is great and i have been to music lessons before  for about 3 years  and I do practice more with this course and do find it enjoyable.


Charles Grimmer           Read more comments below…























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Graham Howard editor

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Questions and comments

Hi Graham,

Thanks for all your e-mails.  Unfortunately I have  limited time for
practising, however a big desire. As my kids are away on holiday I was
hoping to practise more and I also need a little motivating push.

I guess the Rocket Piano could be the solution. Could you please confirm
whether my understanding is correct: I can  get 6 Rocket Piano books  and 6
bonuses (all to be downloaded) for 39,99 USD no mstter where I live.

Would this require me to have a computer by my side all the time or just

If you have confirmed my above statements I would like to order it. Could
you please send me the purchase instructions in this case.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Reply/ Hi Barbara

For $39.99 you will get the complete Rocket Piano Course
along with 6 free bonuses.

You can get it for this price wherever you live.

Once you've downloaded the course you can print it out
from your computer.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard
Get Graham's free digital piano buyer's guide:



Dear Graham,



After trying the initial lesson of the Rocket course, I bought the whole course, because
it was very good indeed, and told me things that I had either forgotten, or never knew! I
could sense that this was the course for me, and have now ordered the printed version,
and I am waiting for it to arrive from America. Thank you for telling us about this
course; I very much look forward to working through it. At my age (75) I have very modest
keyboard ambitions, but I am quite sure that with the Rocket Course those ambitions will
be realized. Best wishes,

Rupert Russell



Thank you for sharing your wisdom and thanks again for referring me to the
Rocket Piano Course – it truly is a gem!!



Melissa, Australia




Dear Graham
Sorry for not contacting you earlier but I have had visitors for the last 2



I played the piano when I was 16 but haven't played since. I am now 67!!!!My
husband passed away so I thought I would begin again. I have a Roland HP 1-6
It has a computer in it and I have managed to get my head into gear and I
can recognize notes within my left-hand and right-hand octaves but beyond
that I haven't a clue.Have you anything that will help me?

I have printed off your lessons and read through and different things you
described is slowly bringing it all back to me.

Thankyou for your help.

Jean Crump

Reply/ Hi Jean

The best thing you could possibly do that will improve
your piano playing the most is to buy the Rocket Piano
Course by Ruth Searle…

I think it is around £20 – but WELL worth it.

This course is packed full of lessons, tips and advice and
is well over 100 pages.

Yours pianistically,
Graham Howard
UK Pianos

hi graham ; ruths piano course sounds interesting ;but would her course take me to a graded exam level ie 1 to 8; if so who would listen to me playing at exam time or do i still need a tutor, mick

Reply/ Hi Mick

Ruth's course covers all the basics of learning piano.
It is not geared towards a particular piano exam.

If you want to take a grade exam, you will need a tutor.
Your tutor will tell you which pieces and scales you have
to play in the exam. There is also aural and rhythm tests.

Yours pianistically,
Graham Howard
UK Pianos

Hi Graham,
I haven't yet started out on the Rocket Piano as I'm still working through some Schaum and fitting in my clarinet practice around trying to get my head around two staffs!! However, I am really enjoying giving it a go. for some reason it is playing havoc with my clarinet fingering – which is quite bizarre since I have never had a problem in the past three years with scales, arpeggios etc….I 'm not quite sure that my brain can cope with doing the two at once, but I'm determined to persevere!!

Reply/ Hi Graham

I have no idea why practicing piano interferes with
your clarinet playing…

Could it be that playing piano is something new and
your fingers just need adjust to it?

I think you will get used to it and you will be fine.

I like your positive attitude. The only way to progress
your piano playing is to play every day (if possible) and
as you say, keep persevering — NEVER give up!

Yours Pianistically,
Graham Howard


I tried to look at the rocket piano site – but my internet security does not like the site. I can reluctantly get around this but he offer of download lessons for $39.95 comes up as $59.95 when I go through the clickbank system and I'm worried that this is all a bit suspicious as there are no contact details for Ruth or indications that the rocket piano site is a valid DNS site. Indeed the resonse mail I got for "free" lessons is from "The Piano Guy" in California and everything is linked with a "GetResponse" email marketing service.
Can you personally vouch for Ruth Searle and that the whole thing is not just a way to scam bank or credit card details, give low value for money products or a way to spam please?
I have been heartened by finding your site and am looking to upgrade from Keyboard to Digital piano – I would be interested in doing so via your site. However, I am also very wary of Internet transactions and the potential to get ripped off or end up with thousands of Junk emails
Some reassurance from you would help greatly.
Regards, Andy


Reply/ Hi Andy

The Rocket Piano course is DEFINITELY NOT a scam. I have been recommending this course for over 2 years now and actually purchased it myself.


It is 100% legitimate.


I think the reason it mentions the Piano Guy is that originally it was written by Ashley Southam. Ashley then passed the course over to Ruth.


Also… Don't worry about Get Response. They are also a legitimate email company that Rocket Piano uses to deliver their email. They have been around for years.


I hope this puts your mind at rest… Let me know if you have any more concerns.

Graham Howard


Hi Graham got a reply from Hear Play thanks for shaking them up,still think Rocket Piano course is good  course.Also they are quick with there  replies when you email them which is good means the suport is still there.I must admit I have practice more with this course than i used to when i went to music lessons ,I think its due to the way its laid out and also being able to go back and listen to the lesson played over again you know what they are supposed to sound like .When you go to music lessons coming home you forget how the pieces sounded (well I do ) Thanks again

Charles Grimmer

Learning to play the piano is like learning how to speak a language.

If you were learning French, for instance, you would need to listen and speak it, and the more you speak – the more you imitate native speakers, the more fluent you'd become.

The same is true if you want to learn to play the piano. The more you listen and play in time with professional pianists, the more professional you will become. That partly explains how Ruth Searle developed Rocket Piano – the Ultimate Piano Learning Kit.

Originally Ruth created three books which contain step-by-step lessons, including numerous sound files, taking people on a journey from beginner to advanced in their piano playing skill, by fast-tracking their piano playing, while covering every aspect involved in learning to play piano.

Hi Graham
We also purchased Rocket Piano as per your recommendation at the 50% sale price (even though I thought the offer may be a gimmick, at £10 who can afford not to try it!!!). I was impressed with the amount of content for such low outlay – great value for money.
With the aid of my son's Grade 1 books (before obtaining the Rocket Piano), I have already learned to play 2 simple tunes (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Frere Jacques), and am eager to progress. It's a great feeling even being able to play such a tiny bit, and look forward to slowly improving. Thanks for your help and advice via your website. Just what I needed to kick me off in progressing my (and my family's) new interest. (My son is primarily learning to play violin at school, and is improving quickly.)
Trevor Buck

I was looking at mr ronmusic from rocket piano but on trying to email ronmusic it came back with an error “email not valid” and I have emailed rocket piano 3 days ago and had no reply. Did you personally check out this course and do they still exist? I could do with a beginners and onward course, not professional. I have tried music teachers but they tend to stick to what goes with exams.

Hi Charles

I have sent an email to my friend John at Rocket Piano letting him know the problems you have had. He should be in touch with you shortly. I have personally checked out this course. I bought it myself last year and went through and tested each page. It is the best piano course I have ever seen BY FAR.

Regards, Graham Howard, UK Pianos

What customers say…



"Due to your recommendations I bought Ruth Searle's piano course"

Hi Graham

"Although I love listening to music I don't have any musical skills but really would like to learn to play, just for my own enjoyment, even though I'm an old codger. I found your free course whetted my appetite – so much so, that I went out and bought Ruth Searle's Rocket Piano course.

Hopefully I will be able to devote enough time to it. Nearly
all of my skills have been self taught so I'm sure with your free course and Ruth Searle's Rocket piano course I might hopefully achieve a smattering in this field."

Many thanks
































"Thanks for your valuable assistance. I think that I am off to a good start"

"Hi Graham,

I have just signed up with Ruth Searle's six part "Rocket Piano" course (thanks for the introduction). I have rather hit a wall at his lesson 3 but am determined to pick myself up to face the next one! I did find the "Jayde Musica" music theory game excellent and just what I wanted to become familiar with the notes on the staff.

All the best, Graham and thanks again for your valuable assistance. I think that I am off to a good start."

Regards, Mike





























"I will not give up so easy like many other people do"

My comments about Ruth's piano lessons.  It is very good, can follow this, but need more time, working on part 3 so far, thought part 4 is a bit too early. 


It needs to sink in first – have been porly anyway with this cold, am on the mend and playing again.


I can already play with two hands, but find the lessons very useful, lots of things I should know and do, so I am having a go at this. 


I needed my husband to explain what is 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, I think I got it, but again, needs to sink in and register it in my mind before I move on.


Cannot wait to play classical music.


Thank you for all these information you are sending me and have sent me.  I will not give up so easy like many other people do, I just keep going and learn as much as I can.








































"Thank you for starting me on a journey"


Thank you for the course, which I am now using. You will be pleased to learn that you have inspired me to start Rocket Piano. As I write, the download of book 1 is coming on fine.

Thank you for starting me on a journey.



















"You explain things very clearly"

Hello Ruth:

I am very grateful to you for your piano lessons. You explain things very clearly.


I had an acoustic piano some years ago but I sold it because of my many changemens of home. Now I am looking for a digital piano. You can play it by using headphones. Some days ago I ordered a Kawai ES-4 at Thomann Musikhaus but they have no stock at this moment.


I think next week I'll be able to find someone among Barcelona's shops. So I am sorry tha I can't practice yet. Otherwise, I had worked on some primary books as I had my acoustic piano. I can read music at a low level.


I plays recorder flute too at a bit more advanced level.
Music is also my passion; it is my religion.


I wish to get the capacity of playing by hearth, without reading. It must be wonderful.


Jayde Musica is very good for exercising notes reading. I usually play a while every day. Thanks too for it.


Best regards,

Maria Assumpta Santapau










































“Hi Ruth, just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying learning to play the piano with your Rocket Piano course. I always wanted to play the piano and now believe I will be able to” C. Smith, Golders Green















“It's just like having you sit next to me, teaching me. I’ve found that it just takes practice and I really can play exactly what you’re teaching me. Thank you very much for this course.” Wendy Bailes, Southampton, UK















"Thank you for the mini course and for your advice"


Hello Graham ,
Thank you for the mini course and for your advice . I have ordered ,and await delivery of ,Ruth Searle's Rocket Piano course . I do hope it will assist me to learn to play the keyboard properly.


Hopefully I will remember to avail you of my progress .

Kindest Regards, Jim



















"The lessons that provided by you are great"


Hi Graham
The lessons that provided by you are great.  I have gained the basic of piano playing
from your course.  I have also signed up the Rocket Piano course which is recommended by you. 
Thanks for your guidance that I learn a new knowledge in music that I have not thought I can before.
I am looking forward for you up-coming report.
Really appreciate.  :>
Have a good day.

































"I have purchased the Rocket course and I am delighted with the quality."


Yours painfully slowly,















I have already ordered the Rocket Piano and was already with me, and I believe it would be great help and good for me as a new learner



Isa Chan 



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