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Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
"The following reviews are from owners of the Roland F120. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "The keyboard action of the F120 seems better than the Yamaha"

I went to my local music shop and fell in love with the Roland F120. I decided to restart learning the piano and… well it's almost Christmas !
I also put a low bid in for a DGX 640 on eBay. My study now has two great keyboards set up in it, after some fairly serious rearranging !
I'd say they are a great couple. The superb piano sound and fantastic ivory touch of the Roland with the bells and whistles of the DGX !

If im being critical I would say that some times the Roland sounds a little muted, but that may be because it's against a wall. It sounded slightly more 'lively' in the shop, adjusting the key touch largely improves this.

Well I'm also learning to use Logic Pro on my Mac so that's quite a long term commitment to music really .

The keyboard action of the F120 seems better than the Yamaha (heavier and much more refined) .
The next model up (120R) costs more than I Paid for both BTW.

Review by Simon Parker, New Milton, UK (19/11/2012)

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2) "A good deal all round"

Only had the piano a few days but it was fairly easy to assemble. It looks lovely, seems well constructed and can't fault the sound or playability. (I'm not as young as I used to be and can't hear the top four notes but my wife can!) The piano stool is a good match and is comfortable. A good deal all round. Thank you.
Review by Rex Wedgwood, Weymouth UK (19/11/2012)

3) "I have set it up and it is wonderful"

Hi Graham
A big thank you for confirming that the piano I thought I wanted, was the correct one and I would not be disappointed. The Roland F120 was delivered as arranged. I have set it up and it is wonderful.
Your staff dealing with my payment, were extremely helpful. I would recommend using UK Piano's as a trustworthy and experienced company to deal with.

Review by Charlotte Trower, Saffron Walden (22/10/2013)

4) "I really love the sound of the Roland F120"

My review for my new piano, the Roland F120.

Buying it was easy and someone phoned me up a couple of hours later to arrange delivery. It arrived the next day. No problems, no hassle.
The piano arrived intact and everything was accounted for. The first thing opened was the piano bench, the padded seat of which unfortunately got cut by my husband being over enthusiastic with a pair of scissors.
One strip of black masking tape later the bench is assembled and adjusted (I'm a tad short so its nice to be able to adjust it).

The piano its self went together with the usual scratching of head by other half whilst I made a brilliant cup of tea. It took me about half an hour to get used to the different feeling of the keys and the action.

The ivory touch is a bit weird to start with but now I can appreciate the extra grip. If you are playing without headphones make sure the piano is pulled away from the wall leaving a bit of a gap as the speakers
underneath definitely sound better. The volume is adjustable and I was happy with it less than half way. I really love the sound of the Roland F120 and the response from the keys.

Hopefully I will be playing this beast for many happy years to come.

Review by Jane Salt, Lochearnhead (31/10/2013)

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