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Roland F20 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

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"The following reviews are from owners of the Roland F20. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "It sounds great"

I have purchased a digital Piano. I bought a Roland F20 last friday from Andertons Music in Guildford. I was originally going to buy a Yamaha P105, but Andertons suggested I go for the Roland instead, as he thought the weighted keys were more authentic than the Yamaha keys. The Roland also came with a five year guarantee as standard.

So far I am very happy with it. I am a complete novice, but find the Roland manual and associated buttons easy to understand. It sounds great, and from what I can recall from tinkering on a real piano, the key action feels very nice.

I have a lot to learn on the playing front, and have signed up for Piano Marvel and Playground Sessions. Because of my work schedule, I don’t think I will be able to have face to face lessons.

Review by Russell Gaper, Guildford (05/01/2014)

2) "I am extremely satisfied with the instrument"

Hi Howard,

I have already bought the F20, from a private, a few weeks ago, after investigating your reports in detail.
I would have certainly bought it from you, however I found a private who wanted to sell it at a good price as he needed the money and the instrument was still under guarantee, so I just could not pass it up as money is extremely tight, and I really wanted the best instrument I could get.

However, even though I didn't buy the F20 from you, I wrote on forums about the F20 and am mentioning UK Pianos everytime I can, directing all the people I can, to your website. I show them your reviews and I even wrote this in an amazon review. You people deserve all the publicity and if I had not found the F20 privately, I would certainly have bought it from you.

I am extremely satisfied with the instrument, it is exactly as you described it. I tried the Casio PX350 (but not the Kawai) before getting the F20, and it compared -exactly- as in your report, i.e. a decent serious instrument but not nearly as good as the F20,  the Casio just feels cheaper.

There's another website, AZ Pianos, who partially recommend the F20 but they fully recommend the PX350, which is ridiculous, or the Kawai.
I completely disagree with their review of  the F20, they write that the keybed is 'sluggish' and the sound not that good, which is ridiculous, as the F20 is quite a few degrees superior to the Casio for  both for sound and keybed quality.  I am a pianist at about grade 7 and even though I play real pianos only occasionally, I can recognize a quality instrument when I play it.

I think the AZ Pianos guys don't know what they talk about. Had I chosen the Casio over the F20 because of their lame recommendations, and then tried an F20,  I would actually have been sorry.
Your reviews instead I found to be really accurate, so from now on I won't even bother to look at any others.

In my mind, I still bought the keyboard from you, so this is what I tell people 🙂  I know they will not regret it in the least.

Review by Salvo (11/02/2014)

3) "Good choice for my son"

Roland F-20 piano was a present for my son's 21st.
Good choice for his standard. Good info on the UK Pianos website.
Delivery arrived on time at my place of work as arranged.

Review by Mark Gardiner, Watford, Herts. (12/06/2014)

4) "My first impressions are I love it"

Hi Graham

I chose the Roland F20. It arrived on saturday as agreed and my first impressions are I love it.

I would just like to thank you and your staff for all the help and advice I received.
It was like a mine field  of info out there and as a total beginner with little knowledge and little time to shop around
it was very daunting task trying to find the right instrument and look after the hard earned pennies.
Your advice helped me greatly.
I would recommend  any one who is in two minds about purchasing a piano or keyboard to read your piano bible and would
have no hesitation of recommending your service to them.

Thanks again

Review by Christine Stalker, Liverpool (20/12/2014)

5) "I'm very impressed with it"

Hi Afsana,

The piano was delivered yesterday in the timeframe you said. It's working wonderfully, I'm very impressed with it.

Thank you again for letting me try it out at the shop.

Have a good weekend.

Review by Ivan Maeder (21/02/2015)

6) "I absolutely love the Roland F-20"

I bought the Roland F-20 today and absolutely love it. Thanks a lot for all the info available on your website.
It was very very helpful to make a good decision on which piano to buy.
I went down to the uk pianos store and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

Review by Stefano Speroni, West Molesey, Surrey (10/06/2015)

7) "We are really enjoying playing it"

Hi Graham,
It was a good gesture of you to provide details of other stores.
And since you had provided all the details to help us, 
I have already procured the Roland F-20 CB from UK Pianos.

We are really enjoying playing it.
Review by Sam Georgy, Ware, Hertfordshire (04/07/2015)

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