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Roland FP-7F

Roland FP-7FRead Reviews(read customer reviews)

Colour: Black

FP-7F was discontinued April 2013 , Replaced by FP-80

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Other Colours

Roland FP-4F WhiteFP-7F White

Discontinued April 2013 , Replaced by FP-80



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Roland FP7F digital piano with speakers, 88 keys (PHA III), SuperNatural Audio Engine, 128 voices, 351 tones, compatible with GM2 system, GS and XG lite, build-in Audio Looper, WAV/SMF playback, 1/4" output jacks (left/mono and right), 1/4" input jacks (left/mono and right), 2x stereo 1/4" headphone jacks, Mix-In, USB (MIDI) and USB host connectors, MIDI connectors (in/out), pedal jacks (damper, soft, sostenuto), includes sustain pedal, Dimensions: 1346 x 369 x 137mm (WxDxH), Weight: 24 kg, colour: black


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Roland FP-7F Reviews

1) "The FP7F is probably a bit heavy for gigging"

I am very pleased with the FP7F. Sound and action about as good as it gets.
Nice speakers.Not really sure how useful the "session partner" is.
I would have preferred some nice auto-accompaniments instead (just sold
my Tyros 3 to return to a proper piano….sorry Tyros !).

I had a Yamaha P80 before and still think these are really good for the
price (about £300 second hand).To be honest,if a mint P80 had come up first,
I would have gone for it but I thought it time to have a new piano.

The FP7F is probably a bit heavy for gigging so I bet I buy a P80 as well
when one comes up….almost as good as the Roland for a fifth of the price.

Apparently some P80 keys kept breaking but Yamaha will replace free (?)
if you ask nicely. That's the rumour, anyway.

Review by John Beever, Worthing, UK (30/12/2011)

2) "Lacking in punch"

The FP-7F is lacking in punch (power).  An upgrade in the output would greatly
enhance its attractiveness.  I also feel it is time that a dust cover of some
kind be provided as part of the package. I personally would not have objected
to paying a bit more for those features. Perhaps they both can be addded as
an option to the basic unit.

Review by Pat Callender (12/01/2012)

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Hi Graham

I have read your piano guide leaflet and it is brilliant so informative.
I am now in a quandery. Yamaha P155 Roland FP-4F or Roland FP-7F I just can’t decide…
Any help gratefully received.


Reply/ Hi Maggie

Well, the main reason the FP-7F is priced higher
than the FP-4F is due to its superior key touch. 
It feels firmer and slightly more responsive.

Other than that, the differences are only slight.

So if key touch is a major factor for you then
I recommend going for the FP-7F… you'll
enjoy playing it so much more.

Between the Roland FP-4F and Yamaha P155 I
give the edge to the Roland. This is mainly because
of the piano sound. It just sounds rounder, and
slightly less bright than the Yamaha.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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