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Roland HP305
Roland HP305 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
"The following reviews are from owners of the Roland HP305. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "It is 'almost' the same piano as the DP990 with the same control panel"

First I started to look at internet and made a shortlist.
Rather fast I liked Roland the most.
After that I analyzed the spec of all types.
And I found your book " 7 ways…" which was very helpful.
I did not have a budget but wanted to use my common sense and would not go straight away for the best/most expensive one.
I use it just private in home.
From paper I choose the DP990F for the price of € 1.799,99
Then I did go to a shop to play on it.
I liked it very much but then something happened to me.
Looking around and playing on other types, I fell in love with the ivory feel keys.
I decided not to buy a piano at that moment but would study some more specs.
The DP990RF has ivory keys but is in black polished ebony, which I don´t like. Price € 2.499,00
Then I find the HP 307 the "flag ship" as Roland calls it. Price 2,799,00
I liked it very much but analyzed if I need all the features just for a piano at home.
I compared it with the HP 305 which had a price of € 1.999,00
Then I compared the specs of the HP305 with the DP990F.
Because in the first place my choice was the DP990F I decided that the HP305 must almost have the same specs as the DP990F. And yes it was.
It is "almost" the same piano with the same control panel.
That means that if I want a DP990F with ivory feel keys, for just € 200,00 extra you find it in a HP305.
So, I bought a HP305 which will be delivered this afternoon.

Review by Will, Holland (13/08/2010)

2) "Judging from the other reviews the Roland sound is something you either love or hate"

Having read site I planned to go to the most convenient shop and choose between some of the Yamaha Clavinovas as they had the best recommendations. However in the shop I was offered the chance to play two Clavinovas and two Rolands. I was surprised to find that I much preferred the Roland sound, which I felt was much more like an acoustic, than the Yamaha Clavinovas which sounded very flat and lifeless. My wife who was there with me was of the same opinion. Judging from the other reviews the Roland sound is something you either love or hate and I really like it.

Having now played it for a week I can give a more complete review. The bass and middle octaves of the piano are very rich and mellow, and to me very like an acoustic although the upper registers are a bit weaker. I do not find the top 5 notes as weak as one of the other reviewers, only the top note is drum-like with no real vibration, but the top octave is not as strong as I would like. Other reviewers have commented on the keyboard being too light but I find this a very positive aspect of the keyboard it is a huge improvement on my acoustic in some of the faster passages. One other negative comment I have seen is that the keyboard is clunky. Perhaps the reviewer is used to playing better pianos than I am because although you can certainly hear the thud of the keys when the sound is off it is a lot less noisy than my acoustic.

Overall I am really pleased with the piano and I would recommend anyone buying a digital piano to try a Roland before making a final decision.

Review by David Joynson, St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK (22/02/2011)

3) "Impartial, advice with clarity, to support us with our family investment"


At the outset, there were so many things to learn before we could even begin to make a decision about which digital piano would be right for our family.

UK Pianos played such a huge role in helping us to first understand the differences and features each had to offer, and ultimately influenced us with our final decision.

We purchased a Roland HP305 in April and still feel it was 'the best thing we have ever purchased'. We have no regrets other than we were unable to purchase through UK Pianos as we are located in Canada. We appreciate all the advice and information. Thank you!

Review by Catherine, Canada (26/01/2013)

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