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 Roland HP506 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

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"The following reviews are from owners of the Roland HP506 digital pianol The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "Wanted Yamaha CLP575 but chose HP506"

Hi Graham,

Thankyou again for your most thorough and extremely helpful information in the digital piano bible. You empowered me to make an informed choice and steer away form the pseudo-knowledgeable salespeople.

I made a purchase last weekend.
I had the intention of the purchasing the Yamaha CLP 575.
I changed my purchase decision to the Roland HP506.
The salesman recommended both but told me he preferred the Roland sound and feel over the Yamaha, which I guess is a personal choice.
I am a novice and found both models to be quite similar in feel. Sound quality and performance is something I cannot yet accurately gauge but I am confident both will perform well.
The Roland was around $500 cheaper and in line with the CLP545 pricing.
I think its specs lie somewhere between the 2 Yamaha models.

The Yamaha warranty was 3 years and I was told only one person covered Western Australia, South Australia and NT.
He tried to up sell me to the HP508 which was a wonderful piano, but I simply couldn't afford the extra $1500.

The piano arrives tomorrow. My daughter and I are looking forward to our ongoing piano journey.

Review by Michael (19/12/2014)

2) "This is a wonderful piano"

Hi Graham
I have been playing a Yamaha Electone organ for many years but recently realized that every time I sat down to play I had the organ set for ‘Piano’, so it seemed right to think of getting a piano instead.  
But where to start looking!  

I searched many websites and found Graham Howard’s free Digital Piano Bible.  I cannot stress how helpful this was.  I printed the pages I wanted to keep and eventually was drawn to the Roland HP 506.  
I asked for Graham’s advice, having told him of my musical background, and he agreed that this would be a good piano for me.  I have had it now for a week.  
This is a wonderful piano plus…  Firstly, such a lovely sound and with so many features that will keep me on a learning curve for a long time.  
I particularly like that I can select and listen to a piece of music on the piano, then try to emulate it, or even play along with it! 

The accompanying book of 60 Classical Masterpieces is excellent.  

I can also record and listen to what I have played – a very useful feature.   The headphones are a must when it comes to that! 

There are so many features to this piano. 
I particularly like the built-in metronome, the fact that the pitch can be transposed, and that the piano can become two halves allowing for two players. 
I could go on and on.
Thank you, Graham, for pointing me in the right direction.   I am delighted with my purchase.
Yours appreciatively
Review by Jenny Murray, Auchterader, Perthshire, Scotland (14/04/2015)

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 Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
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