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Suzuki Digital Pianos

If you are on a tight budget and you want a digital piano that has some extra sounds and basic functions, then the Suzuki digital piano would be worth considering. (You also get a free piano stool with every Suzuki).

Suzuki are more known for musical instruments such as: violins, bows, guitars, recorders and harmonicas, but they are also producing a small range of digital pianos. The Suzuki digital pianos don't have the best sound, but they are certainly worth considering if you are new to the piano and are just starting lessons.

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Graham Howard editor
"The most important thing you need from a digital piano when you're learning is a realistic touch. A good piano sound and a minimum of 4 touch sensitivity levels (pp, mp, mf and f) are also important. Other factors such as: dimensions, weight, colour, 'bells and whistles', shouldn't really be a deciding factor in your purchase",
Graham Howard, Piano Advisor and Author

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Should I Buy a Digital Piano or an Upright Piano?

Suzuki Digital Pianos

The Suzuki digital pianos are a budget line but they can save you money.

Suzuki SS100 Digital Piano

Suzuki SS100      Price £699

Basic, compact digital piano. Ideal for beginners. At this price, it is fantastic value for money and most piano teachers we know recommend this up to grade 5. Read more



Suzuki HP97 Digital Piano

Suzuki HP97  

Price £699

The beautiful new HP-97's dynamic looking cabinet offers elegance to any home at an affordable price. With a stronger cabinet than the SS100 and larger speakers, the Suzuki HP97 gives a clear and stronger sound. Read more



Suzuki HP175 Digital Piano

Suzuki HP175    

Price £799

 Suzuki brings you all the performance features you want in a home digital ensemble piano, at the lowest price of any manufacturer. Read more



Suzuki HP275 Digital Piano

Suzuki HP275       

Price £899

If you're into composing, the new Suzuki HP-275e digital piano is your choice for it's ease of use and affordability. Read more

Suzuki HP300 Digital Piano

Suzuki HP300 

Price £1,499 

The beautiful traditional styling of the HP-300 EX Composer Ensemble hides the awesome power that lies within. This digital piano is great value for money. Read more

Broadway EZ101





>>> Compare with Broadway EZ101


Links to other Suzuki websites:

Suzuki Digital Pianos UK Supplier

Suzuki Digital Pianos UK

Questions and Comments

I currently have a Suzuki HP-10 digital piano. On playing a test piece prior to purchasing the instrument I noted that the keyboard touch was “heavier”
than that of the upright mechanical piano it was intended to replace. By “heavier” I mean that there is more resistance from the keys when they are
depressed, there is also a lack of response on depressing the keys compared with the upright .

I was advised at the time that there were settings which provided for adjusting the touch – but unfortunately I did not try these settings before the
piano was delivered.

The instruction manual advises that one of the Function Controls is that relating to Touch Sensitivity. Four settings are available – Fixed, Soft,
Normal and Hard – designed to suit various styles of playing.

These so called touch settings result in an altered sound/tone output, but the physical resistance of the keys and the lack of response are not affected.

I took up this matter with the retailer and was advised that in time I woul d eventually get used to the difference. This has not been the case, with the
result that  my wife and myself no longer enjoy playing the piano.

My son also owns a digital piano (of a different make) and I find that the keyboard is so much “lighter” and certainly more responsive.

My wife’s daughter-in-law visited recently, tried the piano and (without being prompted) commented that she found it “rather heavy going” and that the
keyboard was not responsive. She also changed the “touch settings” as recommended by the manual, and commented that the changes made no difference to
the “feel” of the keyboard.


Check out the resources below for other digital pianos similar to Suzuki.

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