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Thomann DP50 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
"The following reviews are from owners of the Thomann DP50. The most
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1) "I think I made a huge mistake!"

I just received my thomann dp 50 white(set). It is gorgeous. All my friends like it and think that gives more style to the room but i think i made a huge mistake.

My previous yamaha ydp140 was far superior to the thomann. I knew from the beghining that yamaha is better, but i thought that it will be like trading an AUDI for a VW.
In reality is more like trading a JAGUAR for an OPEL. It doesn't sound like a piano. The recorded sounds are far from the real thing(yamaha…5 stars for recorded sounds).

The keys are very noisy and do not maintain the same distance between them( or level). it is obvious if you are looking from a side. The sustain pedal is not gradueted.
the sustained notes are too long and there is an annoying buzz that acompanies every note. That annoying buzz builds up very loud if you play whith the sustain pedal
pressed. On the harpsicord you shouldn't have touch control, and the list goes on an on.

One mounth ago i played the piano every night. Now , i don't feel like it. It doesn't give you that joy, no attraction, no soul. It is just another piece of furniture in my house.
I don't recomand it to nobody because if you don't love the way it sounds, it feels,you won't love it and that will damage your study.

Review by Sirbuo Marian (27/04/2011)

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