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Hello – My name is Graham Howard. I’m the editor of and the writer of the UK Pianos newsletter.

I have been involved in the piano trade for more than 25 years and have played piano for over 38 years. If you sign up for my newsletter you’ll get piano information, tips and secrets that you won’t find anywhere else.

So if you’re in the process of buying a piano – I’ll let you know the best places to buy from, the places to avoid, and which pianos are value for money.

If you want to sell a piano, I’ll show you where to sell it, and how to get it valued.

If you’re just interested in pianos generally, you’ll be receiving information that’s up-to-date, original and often controversial.

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Here’s a brief run down on some of the stuff you’ll be getting in the UK Pianos newsletter:

  • Advice on buying pianos
  • How to value your piano
  • Where the best places are to sell your piano
  • Find out which pianos are best to learn on (upright, grand or digital)
  • The advantages and disadvantages of having private piano lessons or online lessons
  • Where to get the best piano deals
  • Reviews of upright, grand, digital pianos and keyboards
  • What to beware of when shopping for pianos
  • Tips on how to move pianos SAFELY so you don’t damage your floor, furniture, OR WORSE your back
  • Piano playing tips and secrets
  • Online piano lesson reviews
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  • And much, much more…

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What Our Newsletter Readers Say…

“You are very honest and obviously know your stuff”

Hi Graham,

“You are very honest and obviously know your stuff, so an honest approach will always be preferred by readers, controversial or not.

I don’t intend to buy a digital piano at the moment, but I’m sure your article would be something I’d look at seriously if I did decide to. I’d rather go to buy one armed with a good idea of what I’m looking at than going in completely blind and having to play all the rubbish ones to find out !!”

Mat H









“I purchased a Yamaha digital piano after receiving your information”


“Just wanted to say thank you. I purchased a Yamaha digital piano after receiving your information about the quality of digital pianos currently on the market. In the past I’ve rented acoustic baby grand pianos but currently do not have the space in my home. I ended up purchasing the Yamaha YDP223 for around $1500 and couldn’t be happier. Thank you again (I almost bought a Suzuki).”
David Leask











“I have found the information very useful”


Good morning


“Many thanks for the emails.
I have found the information very useful as I had no idea about music and notes and instruments.

I had ordered a Yamaha PE 230 for my family as X-mass present. This is to be delivered this week. Therefore I had no chance to practice anything yet. Though I will keep your emails and use then in a good time.”


Merry x mass to you

Regards from Germany,
A. Sarraf









“Thank You For Your Emails”

“I signed up to your newsletter by chance and out of curiosity. If I can learn anything new, I am always half-game, but rarely follow up as I am incredibly busy making ends meet.

So thank you for your mails, I hope you are very happy and enjoy what you get up to, and make ends meet too! It always helps.”

Cheers, Balbeer









“Hiya Graham,
I am just writing to thank you. I have a keyboard as I live in what you call a condo so uprights cannot be brought here, and I have all the basic books on piano. Thankyou for sending the mails.”

best wishes,







“Thanks for the information – it is very helpful to me… I am about to take my Grade 4 Piano Exam this December…”
Gemma Liu





“I’d just like to say thank you for the E-mails you’ve been sending me. Some of them were really helpful and informative.”

Many Thanks,







Graham, I found your emails very helpful – and will aim to re-read and re-read them because there is a lot of information in them.
I got up to about grade-4 standard 10 years ago back in my 30s – and drifted through the difficult and tuneless cul-de-sac that is jazz, because that is what I thought people did when they learned piano – and jazz piano was heavily marketed at the time (the curse of Charlie Beale). God knows why – as the basic tunes from the 30s, 40s and 50s are dire schmaltz and the improvisation that goes with them just sounds like speeded-up technical exercises (Peterson, Bill Evans, etc), WHICH AIN’T MUSIC!!
. . . Needless to say, I got bored and gave up.
My aim with the piano now is to master my favourite pop songs (Hey Jude, Say A Little Prayer, Forever In Blue Jeans, Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, etc, etc, etc) – from M-Notes, etc – probably learning them off by heart as I read (generally) and sight-read (particularly) very slowly – and it has great show-off value!
Is there any point in drilling oneself through arpeggios in all the keys when you can do this in a song you love (eg, Kate Bush, The Man With The Child In His Eyes) – ditto rote-ing through chord-inversions and all the weirdo ‘extensions’, when you can get this in its place, say, in a Bacharach song, and it’s music too! And, anyway, I only want to play in C (the key I sing in when I play guitar) or G. Possibly, F, if I feel generous to the tune-hack, sorry, ‘composer’.
I have a narrow vision – and am wary of going through books which have, necessarily, a broader appeal. Is the course you recommend suitable for my needs – or am I just better off ploughing painstakingly through my downloaded pop arrangements?
The only book I thought of getting recently was one about reading from a lead sheet – as a way of reverse engineering the mechanics of the songs I love.
I wish I knew what you said in your course – particularly the material on chords – 10 years ago, and maybe I wouldn’t have got ‘lost’. But you also need a vision of what music you want to play as the vast majority of it is either phoney or pseudo – or both.

Tom O’Riordan