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When Do You Stop Being A Beginner?

You've been playing for a while now, you've learned the basics, you can probably play the odd tune or two. But when do you stop being a beginner?

I am not sure if you've thought about this or not, but I've been asked this question many times. Here is my view.

~ The scientific version ~

If you can play a piece of music without mistakes, at the correct tempo, with both hands together and the left hand part requires the use of at least three fingers then you are no longer a beginner.

~ Easy way to measure ~

If you have passed grade 1 piano then you are no longer a beginner.

~ Sight reading test ~

If you can play ANY piece of music – no matter how simple – perfectly first time then you are no longer a beginner.

~ Playing beginner or easy piano books ~

If you can pick up any titled beginner or easy piano book and be able to play all the tunes without much practice then you are not a beginner.

~ Can you play any of these pieces perfectly? ~

– Marche Anh 122
– Musette Anh 126
– Prelude BWV 939
– Notebook for Anna Magdalene
– Minuet Anh 114, 115, 116, 120, 121, 131, 132

If you can play any of the above piano pieces – even with practice – then you are not a beginner.

And Finally…

~ Your state of mind ~

A beginner can ALWAYS be a beginner if the state of mind allows it. What I am saying is that it just takes practice and a little confidence to break free of this label. So keep up with the practice and you will be moving up to the intermediate level – if you haven't already – very soon.

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