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Winchester WDP60 Review

The keys are a little heavy on the initial push down


Sounds purer/cleaner than most digital pianos


Sound is forced and jumps out at you (listen to demo songs and you will here it)


Sounds – can’t combine, no variations???


Vibraphone – not realistic, buzzing sounds on notes. Bottom 2 octaves sound poor – strange sounds/overtones


Organ – OK


Strings – nothing special


Brass – nothing like it! Boomy and completely unrealistic


Percussion – all the sounds covered, but no way of knowing which sound is which


GM voice – bad saxophone


Annoying 2 track recorder. Can’t get 2 to work. Light comes on and off – very bad.




Good Points


Sliding key cover


Long music desk


Grand piano has variations, i.e. harpsichord. Each sound has many variations


Metronome – OK


3 pedals


Soft pedal is a very good response


Repetition is similar to Roland and Yamaha but not as consistent


Too much touch sensitivity. Loud to soft – BUT – notes tend to stand out too much if played on the heavy side. Accented etc.


Key noise fairly low when sound is turned off


Bad Points


Nice to have these extra sounds, but could be a lot better


Touch weight (Funny. Doesn’t work well)


Reverb comes on automatically (not good)


Last octave is a little flat


Reliability. 2 brand new Winchester pianos were tested and both had problems: Pedals working intermittently, and no sound on piano when turned on.


Value for money: 5/10


Total score (out of 100): 57




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