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Yamaha CLP430

Yamaha CLP430


Yamaha CLP430 Dark Rosewood

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Availability: Discontinued March 2014 – Replaced by new model Yamaha CLP535.

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 Colour: Dark Rosewood   |   Item Code: CLP-430R

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Other Colours
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Yamaha CLP430 black walnut
Black Walnut

Yamaha CLP430 mahogany


Yamaha CLP430 in cherry


Yamaha CLP430 in whiteWhite


Yamaha CLP430 polished ebony
Polish Ebony










Availability: Discontinued March 2014 – Replaced by new model Yamaha CLP535.

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Graham Howard editor

"The CLP430 is the best piano I've played at the £1500 price point. Comparing with similar priced pianos from Roland and Kawai the Yamaha CLP430 excels in both key touch and sound. The keys have slightly more resistance to them, and they feel firmer under the fingers. Also, the tone is clearer and more resonant. I highly recommend the Yamaha CLP430", Graham Howard, piano advisor:

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The piano comes flat-packed and is easy to assemble (instructions in English provided). The keyboard, electronics and cables are all fixed in – all you need to do is assemble the base. There are four screws that fix the base to the keyboard, four to fix the base together and a few smaller screws to fit the back board. The screw holes are already made and no gluing is required. Even the screw driver is provided! We do advise two people to do the job though – purely because of the keyboard's weight – It's heavy and safer to have a helping hand when lifting it on to the base.

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FREE - Yamaha Piano Stool
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FREE Piano Pieces
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Yamaha CLP430 Reviews

1) "So far, my son likes his CLP430 a lot"

Hi Graham,

First, thanks for the use of your guide to digital pianos. It was quite useful and timely. We looked at it to assist our son, Allen, a recent college graduate now living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (we're in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area).

First some background: Allen is a talented, classically trained pianist for whom we have already procured (about 6 years ago) a fully restored, 7-foot Steinway B grand piano. The problem, however, is that, as a recent college graduate renting an apartment far from home, he has no place for this piano. In fact, it will probably be 5 to 10 years before he's settled into a place where he can have this wonderful instrument. Consequently, he was looking for a digital piano with good action and sound so he can continue to play and avoid those bad habits that develop with instruments of lesser mechanical and sound quality. He wasn't looking for a lot of bells and whistles.

That said, here's what he selected:

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-430.

Purchased new from the Yamaha dealer in the Philadelphia area (don't recall the name – along the Main Line going northwest out of the city)

He paid around $3,000 with taxes, delivery, etc., and it included a non-adjustable bench. (His pampered rear end will have to wait until he gets his fully-adjustable, leather-upholstered bench currently with the B.)

Main reason he chose the clp430 is described above. Additional thoughts: We also discussed the Yamaha stage pianos (CP1 & CP5). The CP5 looked to be the real value proposition for his needs, except he would then have to separately purchase a stand, bench, and speakers. So, all in all, it would have cost a fair amount more than the Clavinova. And since he just wanted something for his apartment – not something movable for traveling performances – the CLP430 Clavinova better suited his needs. Further, as he sees it, this instrument is a "bridge" for just a few years until he gets the B. Also, he concurred with your recommendation to buy new so as to have a warranty for a few years, as this would cover most of the time he anticipates using the Yamaha before transitioning back to the B.

He's had the Yamaha 430 a little less than a week, and, so far, likes it a lot. It will be interesting to hear his comparison when he comes home and plays the Steinway over Christmas. At least I'm looking forward to him having "brushed off the rust" and getting back to his old, higher-than-average level of performance.

Again, thanks for the guide. Allen said he performed some of your recommended tests when checking the CLP430, and that those tests were both useful and informative.

Review by Ken (and Sherry) Roth, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (17/12/2011)

2) "The sound is good, but I expected a bit more with the amount of money I paid"

I bought the Yamaha CLP-430 Digital piano almost a month ago .

Here is my review:
Looks: First of all the piano looks great in my bedroom . It lights the space up and it is difinetly something to show off even for people who are not into the piano . ( I got the Black color by the way ).
Feel and touch : The keys feel very realistic and sensitive to the touch. The clp430 imitates the touch of a real piano nicely. Although i have to say here that its noticably imperfect. Still i think its good for its value of money.
Sound: Now to the most important. I have been trying to play in all four Grand Piano sounds . First the all sound
different and relastic . But when i am not wearing the headset and the voume is turned up to more than half the maximum the sound quality isnt that great . Especially when i hold the sustain pedal down . Its just becomes too dense and a bit noisy . Now according to the manual you can tune down that sustain pedal resonance feature , which i have tried with no success . I am sure i got the correct function number and all but still it sounds exactly the same .

So to sum on that , The sound is good , definitely good enough to be beautiful , but i expected a bit more from the Yamaha 430 with the amount of money i paid , and the sound is clearer when you plug in the headset.
Features: Well to be honest here , i dont tamper much with the all the options and gadgets , but i have tried
all the different sounds and they all sound good to me ( espicially the choir sound , that was a nice addition ) .
Mainly i use the metronome for practice, which is not that big a deal . I tried to adjust the briliance ,
reverb and all that . It does add some nice colors to the sound , but i could live without them.

Review by Wahid Al-Shalabi (10/03/2012)

3) "Excellent customer service"

Hi Graham

Thank you for the valuable advice regarding the purchase of a suitable piano. As a total beginner, I had to do some research about which piano to go for and why and so on.
I then came across UK Pianos website which I found extremely helpful and full of information and answers for whatever question I had about pianos. Hence I made my decision and purchased a Yamaha CLP430 Clavinova. I was really happy with the options available on the website and with the excellent customer service. Thank you.

Review by Ali (02/07/2013)

4) "Great delivery service"

Hi – I took delivery of my new clp430 from you guys today… Great delivery service – on time and helpful

Review by Esther Priestley, St.Albans, Herts. (19/04/2013)

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"How different are digital pianos to the real thing?"

Hello Graham,

I have read through your "7 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Digital Piano",
I am 67 years old and have played a piano for all but 5 of those years. I took the Associated Board examinations to Grade 7 in my teans, and have gone on to play much more difficult concert show pieces- Rachmaninov Preludes, Concerto's 2and 3, Brahms No.1, Chopin Revolutiony and other Studies, Clair de Lune., Listz, Beethoven etc. My current piano is an Eavestaff Mini-Grand. which is very good for my dining room.
I am interested in purchasing one of the latest new Yamaha Clavinovas CLP 430 or 440, but need to know how different the "feel and the whole experience" of playing these electric pianos is to the real thing. I want the silence facility to be able to sort out and practice the difficult music I am still wanting to play without disturbing my family.
I have the opportunity of trying a Clavinova out at my local piano shop but you really need some time to fully assess the merits of them against the real thing.
Can you throw any light on my above quandery?
Thanks and Regards,

Reply/ Hi Geoffrey.

Yamaha offer some of the finest digital pianos.
Choosing one from their Clavinova range is
certainly the best option for you…

You might get on OK with either the CLP430
or CLP440, but you’ll find the key touch of the
CLP470 closer to your grand piano.

The CLP470 has a slightly weightier feel to the
keys; a little more solid – this is due to its
superior key action.

The sound is also richer and more vibrant. The
large additional speaker box is to thank for
this extra oomph.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

My CLP430 has arrived and I'm thrilled with it. Absolutely wonderful.
Very good recommendation, thank you.

Carolyn Moulton, Topcroft, Bungay, Suffolk (30/04/2013)

"Am I spending too much for my purposes?"

Hi Howard,

Basically, I am considering purchasing a Clavinova CLP430. It more than ticks all the boxes for me which is great but am just a but concerned I might be spending a lot more than I really need to for my purposes……..

I played classical piano to grade 8 level as a second instrument at uni but haven't played any piano since leaving (15 yrs ago!) Looking to buy a digital piano to get me back into my playing for pleasure purposes only, also hoping my 2 year old will develop an interest if she sees me playing and we have a piano in the house. Lastly, ideally I would like something which looks fairly traditional rather than organ like, if you know what I mean!

Would be interested and grateful to hear your thoughts.

Many thanks.

Best regards, Dawn

Reply/ Hi Dawn

The CLP430 is an excellent choice.
There’s nothing else out there anywhere near
as good for the price.

The CLP430 has a nice, fully-weighted key touch
that feels close to a real piano.

The tone is also realistic.

Seeing as you previously reached grade 8, you
really need something of this quality to get
you back to a high standard again.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

"I would have been suckered into their con without you"

Hi Graham,

just to thank you for your great advice! I was about to purchase a Yamaha CLP-270 but having read through your advice, I realised that spending £1000 less on the CLP-430 gave me pretty much the same piano without the unnecessary wooden bits. I would have been suckered into their con without you. Once again, thank you!

Nic Turgut-Cox, London

"The CLP430, I believe, would give my son enough of a range to keep him happy"

It has taken some time but I think we are close to making a decision now.
I have really only considered the Yamaha Clavinova but have been switching between the CLP 440 and CLP 430.
I think the 430 would serve the purpose. The main difference seems to be the wooden keys, which I have read
can be more of a problem, due to shrinking and expanding with variations in temperature.
I learnt to play as a youngster and want to 'get back into it', same applies to my daughter and my son is self taught and would like the 'all singing all dancing' version of anything. The 430, I believe, would give him enough of a range to keep him happy.

"Will the CLP430 be good enough for my son?"

Hi Graham,
Thank you very much for your ebook. I gained lots of knowledge from it.

My son is going to start his piano lessons very soon. He is six and half years old.
I plan to buy a digital piano since we leave in an apartment. I was introduced Yamaha CLP430, which is a very good choice; but it lists in 17th place in your list of over 1,000 product line. CLP470 seems very good in terms of sound and touch, it ranks 3rd place in your list; but costs about 1,000 more than CLP430 and weighs about 30 pound more.

I tried both CLP430 and CLP470 in a store before I found out your website and read your book, did find/feel a little difference in touching. I'd like to know if CLP430 is good enough for my son, or CLP470 might help him plan piano better now and in the future.

Thanks for your help!

Reply/ Hi Yaping

Well, the CLP430 would me more than adequate
for your son to learn and progress on…

The key touch is fully-weighted, which is the
most important thing, and the sound is realistic.

Of course, the CLP470 has an even nicer key touch
and sound, but this isn’t required until the higher
piano grades. Say from grade 6 upwards.

As a compromise you might consider going for
the CLP440. This would certainly see him through
to grade 8.

You can see the CLP440 here:

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

"We decided to exchange the CLP430 for the CLP470"

Within 7 days after purchased Yamaha CLP 430, we decided to exchange it with CLP470 for much better keyboards performance. I had 7+ years of taking piano lessons in the childhood and grew up with a Yamaha acoustic piano. CLP 470's keys are much closer to what I am used to (with acoustic piano) and they also make the playing performance better by reducing errors, compared to 430. 470 keys make my hands less fatigue and overall, a lot easier to play.


Very helpful information and prompt replies. Cant ask for more.

Alison from Taunton, Somerset

"I am delighted with the piano"

Hi Graham,
I am happy to tell you that earlier this year I bought a Yamaha CLP430 from UK Pianos
I bought this model on your recommendation after reading your publication "7 things you should know…"
I wanted to return to the piano after many years absence and although I did fancy an electric piano, I had no idea what to buy until I stumbled upon your website.
Your publication is brilliant and I am delighted with the piano
Many thanks,
Mike Watson

"I really need is expert advise"

I'm looking for advise, I am current considering the Yamaha CLP 430 for my 13 year old son, who is at grade 2.
I have read some conflicting reports on the internet but what I really need is expert advise, I believe this to be the next step on his progression but also suitable for next 10 years. Can you please advise if this is suitable or if I should go for the next model up the 440?

I feel the 430 is more than suitable but I need an expert to give me peace of mind over the minority of negative comments on the internet?.
I look forward to your response.

Reply/ Hi Steve

The CLP430 is a good choice for your son to
learn and progress on.

It has a fully-weighted key touch and a good
piano sound. These are the most important things.

The CLP440 does have a richer, more resonant
piano sound. And the key touch is slightly weightier
and feels smoother under the fingers. But this
really wouldn’t make any difference to anybody
that’s at grade 2 level.

When he gets to grade 6 or 7 then you might
consider upgrading to the latest model then.
But this isn’t essential. The CLP430 would
still be OK for these grades.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

"CLP330 and CLP430 Differences"


I know you have a bunch off emails to read and reply, so I'll make it as short as possible.
I am from Iran and after reading your piano reviews at your site, I decided to buy a CLP 430.
Unfortunately Yamaha's representative here in Iran doesn't have it yet, they suggested me
CLP 330 instead. Although they told me they will have CLP 430 within a month, which I doubt
about(here a month could be a year!!!), I'm thinking maybe there is no major difference between two.
I will be more than happy if I have your suggestion on it, I mean is it really worth to wait a month
or a lot more to have the new model?


Reply/ Hi Mehdi

The difference between the CLP430 and CLP330
is really only slight. The CLP430 sounds a little
more resonant.

If you can save some money and a bit of time then
why not go for the CLP330?

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Hi Graham,
I have recently downloaded your digital piano guide – thank you for explaining everything so clearly, it has helped to narrow my options down.
I am an adult beginner and wondering which instrument to buy. I play flute to grade V standard and ideally want to purchase an instrument (max £1500) that will take me to this standard on piano. I have a slight hesitation in that it is an expensive outlay for an instrument that I can't yet play.
I am currently interested in the Yamaha 430 or classenti CDP3 and was wondering which of these instruments would be most suitable or whether I am actually looking at instruments above the level I would need?

The rent to buy option with the classenti is attractive, is this an option with the yamaha?
Many thanks

Reply/ Hi Clare

The Yamaha CLP430 has a more responsive and
smoother feel to the keys than the Classenti CDP3.
So this would be a better piano for you for the price.

If you would prefer to rent, then the new Classenti
CDP3i is the one I recommend for you.
I realise the price of this is more, but it's
definitely worth it for the long term…

The CDP3i is an excellent piano. It has a newly developed
key action that feels like a grand piano… It's as responsive
as some of the more expensive Yamahas, and its
sound is full and resonant due to its large, forward-
facing speakers. I recommend this piano if you can
stretch to the price.

You can see it here:

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

I bought a Yamaha clp 430 2 weeks ago and I am very satisfy with it. One thing I couldn't find easily was to get
warranty extended for more than a year for piano purchased in UK sent across Europe. I would expect a company
the size of Yamaha to have extended coverage (even with additional subscription ) for worldwide or European warranty.


Dear Howard

I have just bought the Yamaha CLP 430 digital piano and i am in need of some advice .
See , i want to set up the different features and controls of the instrument to get as close as possible to the sound and feel of an acoustic piano .
So my questions are ,

1. What should be my setting for the key sensitivity (Light , Medium , Heavy).
2. To what should i set up the brilliance effect (Bright , normal , mellow).
3. Should i use the first or second grand piano sound as i practice .

If there are other things you would like to share – any advice – would be most valuable.
Thank you so much.

Best Regards, Wahid

Reply/ Hi Wahid

The most realistic key sensitivity setting is medium.

Brilliance is a personal choice. Normal will represent
a traditional acoustic piano; bright a Yamaha, Kawai
or Far Eastern made acoustic piano; mellow a piano
that has soft hammers or a less lively soundboard.

Personally I prefer the normal setting.

The first grand piano sound is the most realistic.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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