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Yamaha CLP440

Yamaha CLP440

Yamaha CLP440 polished ebony

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 Availability: Discontinued March 2014 – Replaced by new model Yamaha CLP545

 Colour: Polished Ebony   |   Item Code: CLP-440

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Other Colours
(Free matching Yamaha piano stool, headphones and piano music included)

Yamaha CLP430 black walnut
Black Walnut

Now CLP545B

Yamaha CLP430 mahogany

Now CLP545M

Yamaha CLP430 in cherry

Now CLP545C

Yamaha CLP430 in white

Now CLP545WH

Yamaha CLP430 polished ebony
Pol. Ebony

Now CLP545PE









Availability: Discontinued March 2014 – Replaced by new model Yamaha CLP545

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 Book of 50 Classical Piano Pieces (Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin…)

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Graham Howard editor


Graham Howard, piano advisor:

"If you've been considering the CLP430, then you should definitely try out the CLP440… the CLP440 has a heavier, more balanced key touch. It can more easily be controlled when playing technical pieces. And the smoothness of the imitation ivory key tops makes it feel just like an old-fashioned Bechstein piano. I love it.

What's more, the CLP440 has larger speakers… this gives the sound more depth and resonance: the notes speak cleaner and ring clearer (that's a tongue twister)… Anyway, Please try out the CLP440 before deciding. It'll take you to a higher level and you won't regret choosing it", Graham Howard

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The piano comes flat-packed and is easy to assemble (instructions in English provided). The keyboard, electronics and cables are all fixed in – all you need to do is assemble the base. There are four screws that fix the base to the keyboard, four to fix the base together and a few smaller screws to fit the back board. The screw holes are already made and no gluing is required. Even the screw driver is provided! We do advise two people to do the job though – purely because of the keyboard's weight – It's heavy and safer to have a helping hand when lifting it on to the base.

If you would like us to assemble the piano then please call 020 8367 2080.

Customer Comments

Hi Graham

"Received the Yamaha clavinova clp 440 on Friday as promised
Thank you very much.
It was easy to assemble as you suggested and looks and sounds great, my daughter is delighted."









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UK Piano Shop in Enfield, North LondonYamaha CLP440 on display in our showroom  Plenty of parking (8 spaces on our forecourt)

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FREE - Yamaha Piano Stool
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Digital Piano Headphones
FREE Skytech deluxe digital piano headphones (worth £39.99)

FREE Piano Pieces
FREE 50 greats for the piano — View list of pieces here

You get a 5 year UK and Europe 'at-your-home', parts and labour warranty.
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Yamaha CLP440 Reviews

1) "CLP440 has an even touch"

"I tried an excellent digital piano today: CLP440. The piano button number one is good with three levels of touch and 3 levels of brightness in tone. The touch is dead even. Price 2000-2300 euros."

Review by Nicholas Johnson, Paris, France (26/09/2011)

2) "Playing the Clavinova was a much better experience"

Yamaha CLP440 and Roland HP307 Comparison

Hi, Graham Howard
First of all, thanks a lot for sharing your
book. It was really helpful to decide which digital piano I would buy.
And you were right – the digital piano´s world has many strange (and sometimes unnecessary) words that just make us confused !
I saw (and played) two digital pianos (Roland HP-307 and Yamaha CLP-440) here in Brazil.
Here are my considerations:
The HP-307 was pricier than Yamaha CLP-440, but to be honest, I thought the touch of clavinova´s keyboard more natural and it was easier to play dynamics (e.g., "ppp").
The sound of Clavinova was warmier (Roland sounded "hammered" in my opinion). Besides, I thought CLP-440 have also many features of HP-307 (e.g., brilliance, reverb, two voices, half pedal, etc) and it was cheaper. I didn´t care about having many instrument sounds – I just wanted a good PIANO. Another interesting thing was the .WAV format from Clavinova´s recordings (Roland uses the MIDI format).
On the other hand, I didn´t like the speakers from both pianos (and Clavinova has two 40W speakers !). In my opinion, the sound from speakers is very stuffy (even using maximum brilliance) and unreal (is there something we can do to improve the sound from speakers ?). Using headphones (I bought a KOSS porta pro), the sound improved. And today, I recorded some songs in the USB and the sound was perfect !
So, in the beginnings, I was intended to buy a Roland, considering all the reviews and movies I had seen and the "power" of that brand. But when I played both, playing the Clavinova CLP440 was a much better experience. I was really surprised but in doubt yet !! So, I asked your book (and you also seem to consider Yamaha 440 a good piano !), read some more reviews, played a bit more and decided for Clavinova.
Then, this was my experience. I hope I had made a right decision.
Again, thanks for sharing your book. It was really useful to my decision !

Hugs from Brazil ! 🙂

Review by Egberto, Londrina, Brazil (04/10/2011)

3) "I can play easy pieces and it is a delight"

I have been researching during the last months for a good piano for my twin boys. They are 5 and they have had formal music education for the past 4 months.
As someone with musical education (Spanish classical guitar) I find very important to start playing the right instrument. For us, this translates into finding a piano which offers good quality overall.

Because an upright piano has some disadvantages such as a delicate and constant care to keep it in its best shape, I opted to start with a digital one which includes many advantages for an early stage student, some of them so simple but useful like the fact the you can choose the volume according to your needs (neighbors, playing late at night, etc).

To my personal experience, the right instrument is essential to keep the child interest up and therefore to achieve a successful music learning.

After the above mentioned research I had two pianos in the top of my list: Yamaha 430 CLP and 440 CLP. There is a quite noticeable difference in price between them and I needed some piano expert opinion to justify it. For this reason I contacted Graham Howard at who kindly offered his advice which was decisive to make the final choice: Yamaha 440 CLP (Rosewood)

I have to say that the piano -besides being a beautiful pice of furniture (looks very solid and nice colour)- it has a indeed beautiful touch.
I can play easy pieces and it is a delight. So real, and so melodic. The weight of the keys is very natural. It is not a piano with lots of electronic features or gadgets. I find that it is a piano that tries to mimic as much as possible an upright/grand piano and that it concentrates mainly in the sound and in the touch. Just perfect to learn to play and just perfect as the precursor of a future upright piano.

All in all, we are all very happy with our new family member who has become our focal point since the first day it arrived.

Review by Judith, London, UK (13/01/2012)

4) "Most resourceful piano information website"

When I was searching for the RIGHT digital piano for my son I was bombarded with so much information about various models and different makes, I literally hit the wall with overdose of information, but nothing substantial enough to help to make me make the right decision; until I stumbled upon ''.

My sincerest thanks to Mr. Graham Howard and the valuable literature he keeps churning out, my most favorite being a comparative analyses between various models. Now I am the proud owner of Yamaha Clavinova CLP 440.

This guy is really good 🙂

Sajid Waikhom Yamaha CLP440 Review
Review by Sajid Wakhom (25/03/2013)

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Questions and Comments (Email your questions to
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"Wise advice that came from the heart"

I'm a piano teacher in Cornwall whose Old Style Clavinova needed upgrading. I found Graham's advice extremely clear and after carefully considering his reviews and my personal budget, I have been delighted with my new purchase: a Clavinova CLP 440.

I'm very grateful for this free advice that he has so thoughtfully put on the web.”

Rachael Budd

"How different are digital pianos to the real thing?"


First of all, thank you so much for helping so many people with their piano decisions. I have read many of your questions and responses, and you are always insightful, direct, and to the point. No matter what price range or short list people have, you always work with what you are presented with to give your best opinion.

My question is that my local Yamaha dealer has the newer 400 series Clavinovas, but also has a couple of the older 300 series left at lower prices. From everything I've seen on your site, you strongly recommend the 340 over the 370. I've looked at the features chart and also see (like you) that the only difference is the keys. But what about the difference between the 340 and 440? Are any of the improvements from the 300 series to the 400 series meaningful or just Yamaha hype? I am lucky enough that within these models, price is not an issue. I just want the best sounding piano for the money.

Thanks again for your generous help to others around the world.

Chicago, IL, USA

Reply/ Hi Bob

Very kind words. Thank you!

The difference between the CLP340 and
CLP440 is only slight…

The only thing you might notice is the
slightly smoother, more responsive keys.

Of course the speaker output and sampling
is the same. No improvements there.

If you can get a good price for the CLP340
then go for that, You could save quite a
bit of money.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

We bought a Yamaha CLP440 and was very pleased with your service.
Your deliverers/installers were excellent.

Sue from Viking School, Ealing (26/03/2013)

For these who fear about the assembling, I can mention that we did it together
my husband and I and it took less than half an hour. Mounting is very simple
and there are only 5 pieces to easily screw together.


Hi Graham Howard

Many thanks for your interest and commitment about people making the right choice when buying elecronic pianos! We did download your piano book, studied it carefully before we went to our local piano dealer for testing sound and feeling. In our flat in a town in the middle of Sweden, where we live october to april, we have an acoustic piano; both my husband and I use it. We have for a long time missed not having an instrument in our summerhouse, where we live five month of the year. You cannot leave an acoustic piano during the winter in a house in the north of Sweden, even if we keep the temperatur at c:a 8°C indoor. We did not want a key-board and we thought that a good electronic piano would cost a fortune. But with all your advices i mind we bought a Yamaha CLP440 and we are really happy with it! In fact we both like it better than our acoustic one, even if that one is very good. You have helpt us a lot!

Now we wish you a good summer!


Hi Graham

Just writing to let you know We bought our piano from the UK key Player (used to be Edinburgh Organ shop).

We bought a Yamaha CLP 440 and your advice was invaluable in helping us choose the right piano for our
family. Our daughter is so pleased she has started practising again!

While we would have been happy to look at ordering a piano from you, we live in the far north of
Scotland, so Edinburgh was a slightly closer option!

Your advice was instrumental in helping us to make a decision about what would suit us (and our budget)
and we are delighted with our choice. Thanks for your help.

Kind regards

Lynne & Tony Scott

Dear Howard

Thank you so much for all the helpful advice you provide. I bought my wife a Yamaha CLP 440, and she is delighted with it.

Robert Ide

"Good Samaritan"
Graham Howard of UK Pianos is from that rare breed of gentle people who are passionate about what they do, and freely , I stress freely gives advice to anyone, regardless of whether you are purchasing an instrument from UK pianos or not. Graham takes the time to reply to every email usually the same day or the very next day.

To illustrate, I saw two ex-display models online from other vendors, and emailed Graham for advice ….(a bit cheeky I know)…….without hesitation he immediately advised me on which one to purchase and what to look out for if it was a customer  return.

Unbelievable! which shop or salesperson would take the time to do that knowing they will not make the sale?
None that I know of, only Graham Howard of UK Pianos

Many thanks Graham. God Bless.
Your sincerely
Vishnu Ramoutar

"Excellent weighted method of grading digital pianos"

My son decided to switch from keyboard to piano after finishing grade 4.  Here in Chennai we don't have a western classical music culture.  His teacher, the Yamaha show room all gave conflicting advise on what to buy and how much is essential to spend.  You resolved the differences with your excellent weighted method of grading digital pianos. You think like an engineer and a musician, not a businessman.  I understood the confusing terminology in choosing digital pianos only after looking at your site.

We finally settled on a Yamaha CLP440.  My son is thrilled. Thanks,

Kanakapriya, Chennai, India (25/03/2013)


I was thinking about a Yamaha Clavinova 440 for me and my wife to play occasionally and my son to learn on, but then I've just come across a second hand Kawai CA5 (Polished black colour) from a neighbor of my parents. It's 4 years old but in perfect condition and has only been played 10 times by a middle aged woman who bought it with the intention of learning but never got round to it! It was purchased for £1800 and she wants £850 for it, although i would offer less.

Do you think it's a good option? What do you think it's worth?

Many thanks in advance?


Reply/ Hi Matt

The Kawai CA5 is not as good as the current
models. The sound is quite metallic and the
key touch is very soft and a bit noisy.

If you go for a Kawai then it would be best
to get a brand new one. Something like
the CA65 would be OK.

The Yamaha CLP440 is a far better piano.
It sounds and feels much more like a real
piano. Your wife would enjoy learning on
this piano so much more. It would also take
her to a higher level.

Will you buy a piano from us, Matt?

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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