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Yamaha CLP440 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

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"The following reviews are from owners of the Yamaha CLP440. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) " I'm confident the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-440 is best value for money"

I really wish to contribute a small review here, it might sounds a little silly because I'm only getting
the Clavinova CLP-440 tomorrow, I'm so excited and it is a surprised gift for my wife! How could I
give a review without even receiving it yet? Actually it is more of taking this opportunity to thank
Graham Howard for the really valuable digital piano buying guides! Really thank you! I've made so
much readings and deciding if I should go for a digital or acoustic. With tight budget, I personally
really don't wish for a very old acoustic piano, or a very beginner new acoustic piano.

Further more, I've never been playing piano since more than 10 years (self learning) entirely because
of the utterly lack of privacy which has been restricting me to play piano and the practising, I rather
give it up.

The digital piano is a surprise gift to my wife actually, and I will now having great chance to play
with a piano again whenever I like in my own world!

I've made so much researches, and especially with Graham Howard's buying guides, I'm very
confident the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-440 is one of the best digital piano for the money it can get.

I've decided the CLP-440 rather than CLP-430 because I've done enough readings. I'm willing to
spend a little more for the 440 as so many claim it is worth the extra over the 430.

Graham Howard's buying guide tells everything about my decision! and I'm so confident I've
made a right choice in every ways.

Review by Y.W.Phang (16/01/2012)

2) "It looks very nice, exactly like an acoustic piano"

I like everything about it.
The only thing which I knew from beforehand is that the sound is not exactly as an acoustic piano.
But the difference is not so big that it makes it into a drawback for the CLP 340.

The touch and weight of the keys are not different to me.
And the computer facilities are very nice, specially that I can play right and left hands separately
when I practice.

It looks very nice, exactly like an acoustic piano and weighs less than a third of my previous
acoustic piano, which means i can bring it without problem when I move.

Review by Sven Hansson, Sweden (15/06/2011)

Where to buy?

3) "CLP-440 was a clear winner on touch and sound"

My children have been able to compare a Kawai CN33 with a Yamaha CLP-440 and preferred the touch of the Yamaha, and able in a separate dealership to compare the CLP-440 to cheaper Arius Yamahas and a Casio AP-620; no contest the CLP-440 was a clear winner on touch and sound, and had a solid non wobbly keyboard deck. I'm not a piano player, but I could feel a clear quality difference. The only problem is the measly low number of extra tones at 28 vs the other brands 'hundreds'
So if Roland didn't exist, I would probably be placing an order for a new Yamaha CLP-440. But I feel the need to look at Roland before committing.

Review by Sam (23/08/2011)

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4) " I am very pleased with it overall, particularly the keyboard, but I do miss the overtones of our old upright acoustic"

I have had the CLP440 R for two days I bought it mainly for the children to learn on, but my wife also plays, and I like to mess around with jazz . I am very pleased with it overall, particularly the keyboard, which really does have the piano feel. I think the sound is fine, but I do miss the overtones of our old upright acoustic, which made it feel more alive. Perhaps this is only an issue because I am used to essentially a honky-tonk piano, rather than a well-tempered grand. The demos sound impeccable, assuming they are midi files, then I imagine any shortcomings of the piano sound are more due to my deficiencies than the piano's.

There were a few downsides I did not anticipate:
1) it is very heavy in the box. I am tall and athletic, but my driver and i had to struggle to get the box safely off the lorry and into the house. I unpacked it on my own, but again, the weight (98kg) meant I was putting my back and shoulders at risk.
2)the voltage appears to be fixed at 220; it cannot be switched if we want to take the piano to the USA/Canada.
3)the metronome does not appear to be programmable; I would have expected it to have, like very other electronic metronome, stressed beats for the start of each measure. I need this to keep me honest when practicing.
4)as furniture, this is like an ikea piece; functional, well-designed, but a little cheap in appearance. The music stand for instance, reminds me of those old formica kitchen tables; particleboard with veneer tape on the sides.
5)the manual is functional, but it would be nice if there were more regarding the digital aspects, perhaps a website with resources and examples. It loks as though Yamaha has given up on the web services it had aimed at the Clavinova, and I saw no forum.

Review by John Knowles (10/10/2011)

5) "The sound is beautiful and the touch resistance is good"

We bought a Yamaha Clavinova CLP 440. Both players in my family think it is wonderful to play on, the sound is beautiful and the touch resistance is good, quite similar to our acoustic baby grand.
One small downside is that the keyboard can get a bit 'slippery' but that is a very small matter indeed. Playing with the headphones on is quite a novelty as the music is so crystal clear!

Review by Lena Vaukonen (14/11/2011)

6) "We are both very happy with the CLP440"

I live in Munich (Bavaria/Germany) in a 8-family house and my goal was to be able to play at night.
Also my 19-year old daughter loves to play the piano and she hardly ever comes home before 6pm.

So about 6 weeks ago, I went to the 3 leading piano/music shops in Munich to see whats there in digital pianos. (Price Range about 1500 €).
In one store, they were spezialized in Kawai digital pianos, but fortunately, they had the few digital pianos in the same room as the acoustic pianos they offered for rent, so we (a czech student was also trying the different pianos) could hear and feel the difference.
There was less difference between the digital pianos than between the "best" digital and the average acoustic piano.

In the second store, I was recommended a Kawai CA 13(?) which had a much piano-like feel, but no electronics to play with, even the voices were not displayed.

In the third store (just music) the employee just gave me earphones and let me try all the instruments.
There I endend up playing on the Yamaha CLP 430 for more than 30 minutes, just forgetting the time, so much I liked it.
But it was only available in bright colour (called cherry?) before christmas, so I postponed my decision.
3 weeks before christmas, I went to the city again, now with my daughter, to show her the instruments and the different colours, the piano should fit well into our living-room.
Again they told us this piano would be available only after march 2012, so we tried the CLP440. Which we liked very much also.

As we liked to have it here before X-mas, we ordered (2000€ including delivery), were connected to the man responsible for the delivery, and he said, the only chance to get it before X-mas was just the following day.

So we had it here two weeks ago, got it assembled within two hours, and use it since then.

We are both very happy with the CLP440. We use it mostly with earphones, so nobody can hear us playing. I appreciate very much the possibility to record what I play, especially to play 4-handed piano pieces "with myself"

I think only the "grand piano 1" voice really sounds like a piano, but I like the "grand piano 3" too, which sounds like a "Zither", which is used in bavarian music. Thats great for bavarian X-mas songs.

Also I like the furniture, we got our old (50 years) acoustic piano and our new digital piano in our small living room. First I was disappointed, it didn't sound like my old piano, which has a dark, full sound, but my acoustic piano already had some age problems, the pedal didn't work accurately any more, some keys couldn't be tuned/gave a snaring sound, …

I'm glad I can even use my digital piano with loudspeakers better than my acoustic piano, as ist sounds like music from the radio and does not affect the whole house (ceiling, …)

I can say that I do really practice now, as I can record the pieces and compare the different recordings. First I was astonished I vary so much in loudness, I was not sure. if that resulted from the dicrete digitalisation, but I think, I adapted a bad technique with my old piano and I'm improving since.

The Yamaha clp440 looks nice in our living room, we bought it in black (not the polished version).
So in all, I'm very happy with it, though, I think I would have also been with the lower model, which came about 1650€, but was
 only available in 2012. So after all, I paid the 350€ for having it before X-mas.

Dear Graham, I appreciate your page very much. I hope my review can also be usefull to other people.
I wish you happy holidays.

Review by Mechthild Kirchhoff, Munich, Germany (29/12/2011)

7) "Once we played and heard the Clavinova CLP440, we weren't happy with any other options"

I purchased a Yamaha Clavinova CLP 440. Purchased at a local music store in Walnut
Creek, CA for a very good price at $2,200. The piano is for my kids. My 9 year
old son has been playing for several years and my 7 year daughter is now excited
to start taking lessons.

Previously, my son was playing on a Casio keyboard and we wanted to get him a real
piano that would provide more sensitive touch and allow him to use pedals.
We were going back and forth between getting a used acoustic upright or an electric
piano. Once we saw the Clavinova, played it and heard it, we weren't happy with
any other options at that price range or lower. Plus, it has a pretty small
footprint and blends in well with the other furniture in the room.

The new piano will now force my son to drop some of his bad habits he was forming
with the keyboard and the lighter touch keys, and will help him work on focusing
more on the dynamics of the pieces he is playing. We're happy with the purchase.

Thank you for putting together your buying guide! Not knowing anything about
electric pianos before shopping for one, it was very helpful to have all of
this information in one place. The guide also helped provide us with more
peace of mind about our purchase decision.
Thanks again!
Review by Steve Milani, Walnut Creek, California, USA (19/01/2012)

8) "The choice was easy"

My Yamaha CLP440 clavinova piano just arrived today!
Thanks to your great piano guide our choice
was more easy. (sorry for my poor english)
The piano is for my daughter (15),
…may be later for me?
Our budget was about 1500 euro but
it ended up at 2059euro ,
we bought the Yamaha clp 440.
We did test many of them several times
in a very nice shop in Brussels,
piano’s Maene. They delivered and mounted it here
for free with 3 years warranty.
My daughter was playing since years on a casio
ctk 573 (200euro?), it was time for a big change!
Thank you again for your very useful advices.
Review by Etienne VanLierde, France (18/02/2012)

9) "I love this piano and I would recommend it to anyone"

Hi, Mr. Howard

I had really nice days when looking for my piano. I went to every piano store here in Bogotá (as you can know, there are few of them) and dream of those Steinway.
Then I played some Kawai and Yamaha (acoustic ones) and realized that it's hard to have a digital piano. However, regarding my needs, budget and possibilities I decided to buy the Yamaha CLP430. It's crazy, because I didn't find any store selling this one. So I wrote letters to the official dealers, then to Yamaha Japan and the answer was quite surprising: piano importations is delayed and there's no news of CLP's arrivals soon. But when I was quitting, and after playing some Casio, Roland, Kurzweil and Kawai (not the best of them), I re-read your guide and decided to wait my CLP. But last week I received a phone call from a vendor who offered me the CLP440 at a really cool price: 500 dollars under Yamaha official price in Colombia (final price: 1600 GBP, more or less).

He didn't have the piano in Bogotá, so I had to wait a couple of days. Finally I went to the store and saw my precious piano. Of course, the vendor was sincere and when I asked him wether he liked or not the piano, he just drove me to an old Yamaha Grand and told me that my CLP was good, but he never liked digital pianos.

Then I packed my piano again and drive a long road home. I have it 5 days ago. The life has changed. I love this piano and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a digital piano, even an acoustic nostalgic. Certainly I miss the harp and the chords, but when it's late and I don't want to bother my neighbors and my wife I just plug the headphones and keep playing 'till the sun rises again. The harmonics are well done, and some features that are missing in the CLP430 are really nice. I don't know yet the other voices. I just play it as a piano. And yes, the ivory-like keys and the sustain feature, as well as some technological tricks may be excessive. But it doesn't matter.

Thanks for your help and I hope you'll keep writing those amazing reviews.

Review by Santiago Zuluaga, Bogota, Colombia (27/02/2012)

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10) "The CLP440 just felt nicer to play"

I played the piano as I teenager and reached grade 5. I did not touch a keyboard again until last year (30 years later!!!). I joined a choir last year and thought it would be good to have a piano so I could practice some of the music I needed to learn.

I bought a second hand digital piano on ebay (a Yamaha which was about 10 years old). I slowly started to get back into playing music (and I mean very slowly!!). But over the last few months I felt I wasn't progressing much at all. Some of the keys on the Yamaha started to stick and the pedals didn't work. My husband who is a furniture maker said it must be like trying to make a fine piece of furniture without really good tools. One of our daughters has a Roland DP990 so I tried that and my playing seemed so much better.

So I agree with your article about second hand pianos they may not necessarily be the best option and could actually put you off playing.

OK so which piano to buy. I found your review extremely helpful. I liked the feel of the Roland but the keys are very noisy when the volume is turned down. Although my Yamaha is old I liked the sound. So I decided I would like to try a new Yamaha and considered the CLP 430 and CLP 440. This felt about the right price bracket for me. I went to Millers/Ken Stevens in Cambridge. The sales assistant was very helpful and let me try a number of pianos including Yamaha and Roland. She was not pushy in any way. Eventually I decided on the CLP 440. It just felt nicer to play and the sound seemed better than the CLP 430. I hope to keep this piano for many years so felt it was worth getting the CLP 440. My husband negotiated on the price so we ended up with a deal we were happy with. The piano is on order as they didn't have the colour I wanted in stock so hopefully I will be able to collect it in a few days.
Your review was very good and certainly helped me to make a decision.

Review by Kathryn (12/05/2012)

11) "CLP 440 seemed to have a better sound"

Dear Graham,

Thank you for the very helpful information on digital pianos. Based on your ranking, I was interested in Roland RP-301 for its good price, Yamaha CLP-430, and CLP 440. I finally decided on CLP 440 – 20% more expensive than CLP 430 – because the keys of CLP 430 were of shiny plastic material whereas CLP 440 had the natural bone colour which appealed to me more, CLP 440 seemed to have a better sound, and my wife preferred the colour of CLP 440 to CLP 430 that was available at the dealer. My 7 year old daughter takes courses and she teaches me the same at home with her organ which we both enjoy very much.

Review by Musa, Turkey (12/05/2012)

12) "Graham Howard and the salesperson advised me to go with the Yamaha"

The information provided by Graham firmed up my stance to go with a Yamaha and substantiated the advice of the sales person at the music store. Thank you Graham you really made it do much easier for me to decisively make this choice after dithering for so long of my 8 year old's first piano, as I wasn't sure how well I could trust that the sales person wasn't conflicted in his advice.

It's been a week and already we are so excited and he is really enjoying practicing. I can't thank you enough Graham!

Review by Lindi, Johannesburg, South Africa (06/07/2012)

13) "I've really enjoyed playing it all night"

I have the Yamaha CLP440 in the plain black (I couldn't rationalise the polished ebony price as gorgeous as it looked!)

I really love it, when at the shop I played both the clp430 and the clp440, and the clp440 had a much crisper clearer sound, and when compared to the 440 and played straight after, the 430 I thought sounded a little muffled. Luckily they 440 was on special, so I got it for $2599 (rrp up to $3699 in Australia) so I was very happy.

I've really enjoyed playing it all night, the only negitive I would say in that in the 16 lowest base keys, I play softer otherwise these notes just seem too loud and can overpower the treble.  Otherwise totally in love!

Review by Leah Padowitz, Australia (30/07/2012)

14) "I liked the CLP 440 better than the CLP 430"

I ended up purchasing the Yamaha CLP 440.  Graham Howard's advice was exceptionally useful and clear.  I originally was going with the base CLP 430 model because of the lower price.  When I went to the local Yamaha dealer to test them out side by side, I liked the CLP 440 better as it had the richer and more full bodied sound.

Review by Helen Wong (19/09/2012)

15) "The sound is very good"

I purchased a new Yamaha CLP 440PE in polished black for my son. It had received very good reviews and had all the features I wanted. The next step up became too expensive compared to what I gained in added features.

The piano looks very good, and from a pure "furniture point of view" it's a nice addition to our living room.
The varying weighting of the piano keyes are quite good and feels realistic (I grew up with an acoustic piano, so compared to that it's not bad at all).

The sound is very good, and it delivers strong crisp and clear piano tones in the middle/high octaves, and very convincing and strong/rich sound in the bass octaves. The Piano resonates nicely, and the speakers divide the sound between them corresponding to which part of the keyboard is played (just like an acoustic grand piano resonates stronger on the left side when playing bass notes contrary to playing in the high register.

The touch control is very sophisticated and convincing, both with regard to velocity, pressure, release and other input variations. You can adjust these and a lot of other settings concerning response and output sound.

We are quite happy with the purchase.

The reason we got the piano was a combination of me always wanting to buy one (grew up in a household with an acoustic piano and learned to play when I was a young boy), and the fact that my son has grown a keen interest in learning to play the piano.

I've always owned keyboards of varying quality (not the cheap toys, but not the top models either. mostly Rolands and Yamahas). But always missed a piano that both sounded convincingly like a piano, and last but not least FELT like a real piano. I knew my son would never master a piano if he had to practise on a keyboard at home, so that was in the end the main reason for buying one.

The reason we ended up with the Yamaha CLP 440PE, was partly because there were few other pianos (in that price range) that sounded and felt equally good (I haven't had the chance to try any of the highly revcommended Kawai's, but it was impractical to travel all the way south just to try one. The Yamaha met all the expectations I had to a digital piano. The alternative would be to buy a real acoustic piano, but that was just out of my price range now.

Review by Stale Rosland, Norway (24/09/2012)

16) "A wonderfully open and realistic piano sound!"

I am the happy owner of a Yamaha CLP-440. I read in some forums, some people are not happy with the sound of the instrument. Dull, feeling suffocated.
I would recommend them to use a softer grade of the tilt sensitivity, so sound is much more open. In addition, the use of the key cover part-time, because they can develop a superior sounding gap, which sounds more open to dry out.

Also, mix up 1 aa piano and piano sounds 3. The distinction made ??in sync octave, cut down the rates (1 85% 3 15%) of the Dual Detune function by 3 Slide up to 3.

The result is a wonderfully open and realistic piano sound! I wish you continued good experiment!
Review by Zoltan Balogh, Szeged, Hungary (12/10/2012)

17) "It's truly a gift from GOD the ALMIGHTY"

I have gotten the most wonderful instrument I have EVER had!! It's GLORIOUS and takes me to 207th HEAVEN when ever I play it!!

It's a Yamaha Clavinova CLP440, and has 4 concert grand piano sounds, piple organs, harpsichord, vibraphones, 2 electric pianos, a string sounds, and even CHOIR!! The action and sounds are just what I need, and there is a wonderful warrnety on it as well!!

I got it from Darrel's, in Nashua New Hampshire, and Adam, their son delivered it, and assembled it so beautifully for me!! It's truly a gift from GOD the ALMIGHTY!! I totally love it!!!!

Thank you for your programs, news letters, and inforation that you have been sending me all this time.

Love in GOD and Music!! – Bonnie Barish.

Review by Bonnie Barish, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (16/11/2012)

18) "There is a big echo coming from the piano"        

My main problem is the powerful voice, even when I put the powerful button on 4-5 level. Also a big echo coming from the piano ,so I tried to move it in the living room , put a carpet under it, And it helped a little but not enough.

I thought to connect to external speaker. I am considering buying a stage piano                        

Review by Adi (30/11/2012) 

19) "I’m thrilled with my purchase"

Hello, Graham. Thanks for your information about digital pianos, which I found to be quite helpful. It confirmed the brand that I wanted to buy (Yamaha) and I purchased a CLP 440PE, which was delivered last week. I had given my niece the family upright, apartment size Mason Risch piano, which had been in the family since 1930 and replaced it with this purchase. My wife and I are thinking of downsizing from our house into a smaller dwelling in the future, so this will make the transition easier.

I’m thrilled with my purchase, as it has the grand piano sound I wanted, as well as the touch of a real piano. When I was trying it out at the store, I had a chance to play one of the Yamaha 7’ grand pianos to compare and the sound was very similar.

Thanks again for your help,

Review by AL, Ontario, Canada (11/12/2012)

20) "I love this instrument, the price and performance is very good"

The Yamaha CLP 440 perfect enough for an average 20 to 24 square meters room. Well the sound fills the room, but the volume using the volume key, you should not be louder than 60%!

60% above the upper Octave jumps a voice over the others unpleasantly strong internal echoes due to pops.
Unfortunately, this natural, almost all the furniture box digital piano so. More space you have the option to load an external audio amplifier to switch to the instrument, the electronic aux out jacks.

The slide halfway position not only decorative, improving the acoustic characteristics.
If the weak man playing the piano with your finger, use a lighter tilt mode. The soft touch setting.

Every owner should experiment with musical instruments, which settings are optimal for his room!
I really love this instrument.
The bottom pedals cardboard over a 45-degree angle to the geometric form I set it down on the propagation of sound waves more intensively about the rules of the room space.

I love this instrument, the price and performance is very good. Of course, there are better, but a lot more money.

Big greetings to everyone!

Review by Balogh Zoltan, Szeged, Magyarorszag, Hungary (22/12/2012)

21) "I am so pleased I went for the clp 440, excellent quality, sound and key touch"

Hi Graham

Thank you very much for your advice.

I have fancied learning the piano for many years, firstly I started with a keyboard but for some reason I couldn't get away with it, perhaps this may have put me off a little but having visited a store in the North East it sparked off my interest again, and secondly it was the January sales too. 

So I had a little play in the shop and a chat with the salesman, initially I was quite taken with the Roland model with the larger screen and tutor so I could teach myself, however the cost was not what I had budgeted for (£4k+) and I had thought I could get good tutor apps on my iPad which could do he same.  It was then I did a little Internet research and found the uk pianos website, I have to say having read your guidance on what to look for and the terminology used I understood a lot more than I started, I visited the shop again and was there for 3 hours comparing a number of models, key touch, functionality, number of speakers etc etc. 

I have to say the shop concerned were really pushing Roland over Yamaha, but when it came down to it all things considered I had decided i liked the Yamaha CLP range (440), which so happens to be one of the top in your list. 

Being that this was to be a one-off purchase, I wanted the best I could afford at the time.  I had done some research and found that Bonners in Bournemouth were selling a Yamaha CLP 440 in satin black, it was advertised on the Internet as ex display but was in fact new, still in the box (apparently stores do advertise this way so as not to undercut the competition). 

I was slightly concerned about delivery to Northumberland, I had a preference for buying locally for a variety of reasons, delivery, ongoing support should anything go wrong, support of a local business etc.  At this point I knew what I wanted (CLP 440 satin black) where i wanted it from (Newcastle), and the price I wanted to pay ( price match with Bonners, saving approx £400), however having negotiated hard my local supplier (JG Windows) they were unable to honour their price match guarantee (they only had mahogany in stock at the sale price, the black would have had to be bought in from Yamaha), at this point they were also still pushing Roland which annoyed me intensely! 

In the end, I purchased from Bonners, over the Internet on Tuesday 1pm and it arrived 8.30am the next day with no issues at all, the piano arrived in a huge box, my husband and I assembled it in the spare bedroom (don't under estimate the weight of the keyboard section, it's mega mega heavy, certainly need 2 strong people!!!!!!). I am so so pleased that I went for the clp 440, excellent quality, sound, key touch, i cannot fault the service from Bonners, I have my iPad set up to use tutorials, formal lessons have also just commenced. 

Thank you once again for your guidance it has been invaluable for a novice in selecting the right piano.  I'm really enjoying it!

Review by Tracey Armstrong (17/01/2013)

Buy the CLP440 from UK Pianos — Call 020 8367 2080 to place an order. Price, pictures, information and specifications here





22) "I preferred the Yamaha"

Hi Graham,

I eventually choose the Yamaha CLP440 because I liked the sound and the keyboard action. I bought the piano locally, I tried out the Roland HP505 as well but as I say I preferred the Yamaha.

Thanks for all the help I got  from you and the your website, its a pity you where a bit too far away for me purchase from you as I don't have a car and I obviously need to try out the piano first.

Review by Alan Penns (20/03/2013)

23) "I would rate the Clavinova good value"

I eventually bought the Clavinova 440 . I am very pleased with the tone, I use it mainly as a piano but find the headphones and being able to adjust the sound level very useful as my house is open plan and other family members may be watching TV, I also use the demonstration feature as it shows me what I should aspire to when playing from the user manual.  I would rate the Clavinova good value.

Review by Patricia Bryant (26/03/2013)

24) "communications on the phone were reassuring, and the piano arrived within a week"

I used the UK Pianos website and downloaded the online guide about digital pianos, which I found very informative and helpful.
I was able to make an informed choice of piano and bought the Yamaha CLP440 in dark rosewoood as a result. communications on the phone were equally reassuring, and the piano arrived within a week, on the arranged day. Efficient, knowledgable service. Highly recommended.

Review by Margaret Bateson, Louth, Lincolnshire (27/03/2013)

25) "The touch is very close to the Yamaha grand piano"
As a beginner I find the Yamaha CLP 440 very good.  The touch is very close to the Yamaha grand piano and that helps me a lot as I learn on a grand piano at my teacher's place.  The recording function is useful in monitoring my progress while the metronome makes it easier for me to keep the correct timing.  Recognising the limitations of an electronic piano in comparison with acoustic ones, I would recommend the CLP 440 to those who want to buy a piano with a smaller budget.

Review by Ha Le (28/03/2013)

26) "Did I buy a good piano?"

I recently purchased a Yamaha clp 440 after seeing and hearing it in a shop. I bought it without doing any research and once I got home, started to get very nervous. Did I buy a good piano?

I got online and saw Graham's manual and after reading it, felt confident with my purchase. He explained what everything meant in simple terms and the reviews were very comforting.

I highly recommend you reading this before purchasing a piano.

Review by Melanie Kwok (25/03/2013)

27) "I'm thrilled with my purchase"

I live in Canada, near Toronto and came across Graham Howard's site when I was doing research for my new piano. I found his site and information invaluable and I'm thrilled with the purchase of my Yamaha CLP-440 Clavinova. Thank you.

Review by Al Switzer, Canada (03/04/2013)

28) "I absolutely love it"

Unfortunately, I don't own this piano, but I spent much time (hours, put together) playing it in a shop. I absolutely love it, but due to space constraints and portability will probably buy a P 155. If yamaha made a stage piano with the action and sound of CLP440, that would be the absolute winner for me.

Review by Tony (03/06/2013)

29) "Very pleased with my purchase"

Hi Graham,

I bought a Yamaha Clavinova CLP 440 from Park Pianos in Perth, Australia after reading your superb advice. I chose this over the CLP 430 which I originally intended to buy as when I compared the two in the shop the 440 had a
noticeable extra richness and depth to its sound.

I am just a beginner but have been very pleased with my purchase. I am fortunate to have a couple of friends who are very accomplished piano players and both of them have said how good the sound and feel of the 440 is. One of them who plays a lot of jazz piano said he really liked the sound of some of the electric piano voices too.

Many thanks for your brilliant advice Graham I am in your debt!

Review by Peter Barry, Perth, Australia (24/06/2013)

30) "We chose the CLP 440 because we like the tone"

Hi Graham
We bought the Yamaha CLP 440 today. It will likely be delivered tomorrow.

No real reason for the delay except that we have been busy with other obligations.

We only considered digital pianos as we live in an apartment and our considerations
included space requirements, weight (for relocating) and volume control (to keep
the neighbours happy).  

Our research, including your comments certainly helped us narrow down our search
in an efficient and fairly quick manner before we went out shopping.  

In the end we were only considering Roland and Yamaha when we started our physical
in store research. We decided quickly on the Yamaha. We chose the CLP 440 because
we like the sound or tone of this piano as well as or better than some others and
it has a nice touch or feel to the keys. There were lots of acoustic pianos in
the show room, and the 440 still sounded pretty good compared to them…
not the same and not better, but still more than adequate for our purposes.

Thanks for your help and your interest

Review by Wally Seipp (13/11/2013)

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