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Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

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"The following reviews are from owners of the Yamaha CLP480. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "I have done at least 3-4 hours practice every day, even getting up early before work. Hugely enjoyable"

I have not played in 20 years, but having bought the Yamaha CLP480 in rosewood I started learning a new piece: Chopin's Heroic Polonaise, I attach some video for your entertainment. I found it very useful to record with a laptop, using the in-built webcam, and the sound connected from the piano. This really helps to focus on improving, and it is good to look back and see how one has progressed.
So far I noted to myself:
(1) Sometimes I wanted a greater range in volume, it is difficult to create a large contrast in volume; the loudest was not loud enough and the quietest was not quiet enough. But generally, this is a small complaint. Maybe I need to turn the piano volume up and not use headphones to get a better feel of contrast.

(2) Occasionally I am accidentally hitting the buttons above the keys, this happens when playing difficult chords, such as in Chopin; this results in playing a song, or pressing the record button, or changing the piano volume, or splitting the piano into 2 instruments.

(3) The first time I used the headphones I spent 5 minutes trying to get them to work, until I realized that they were indeed working and I was hearing through the headphones, not the piano; I was impressed by that. Using headphones is definitely better for hearing a clearer sound and you do not need to worry about upsetting the neighbours. Though I am concerned about damage to my ears, as they ache after and hour, I need to watch the volume and not play for too long.

(4) I had trouble recording on my laptop, the sound is always too loud and distorted, one solution is to turn down the piano audio, but then you cannot hear yourself play. In the attached video, you will notice the audio is a little distorted, I have not perfected this. I could turn the piano volume down and use the headphones connected to my laptop to hear myself. I will look for ways to fix this problem.

(5) I have not experimented with the sounds other than the grand piano, to me that is already enough fun. Though I have already ordered a Mozart Piano Concerto Minus One (orchestra only) and can't wait to try that using the piano USB to play the minus one.

(6) In one week of owning my new piano, I have done at least 3-4 hours practice every day, even getting up early before work. Hugely enjoyable.

(7) Without headphones, I noticed that the keys made a lot of noise as they were being pressed and released, I found this a little off-putting. I can't remember how much noise the keys or a real piano make, maybe they make the same amount of noise. I have spent almost all my time using the headphones.

(8) Buying the Yamaha CLP480 and playing for the first time in 20 years has been a total joy. Now I want to learn, improve and be better than I ever was before. The Yamaha is certainly maintaining my interest in this goal.

Review by: Paul (01/02/2011)

2) "This is the first digital piano that responds as I find acceptable"

Dear Graham,
Based upon a study of your Digital Piano Guide, I decided to purchase the CLP480PE.
Now, having had time to make an evaluation, I must say that I am delighted with my CLP480 in almost all respects.
Being much more responsive than both my Yamaha grand and my now rather dated Roland HP107, It has enabled
me to re-evaluate my technique to a large extent.
The general impression is that of playing a concert grand. Of the many pianos I have played and owned,
this is the first that responds as I find acceptable. The nearest was a Grotrian Steinweg which
unfortunately suffered a cracked frame and very sadly had to be scrapped.
If I have any adverse comment, although the tone in the bass and middle are superb, I would personally
prefer a slightly more bell-like treble section.
Review by Laurie Bridges (26/04/2012)

3) "The sound and grand piano action were one of the best in this price range"

Hi Graham

We chose the CLP480 because the sound and grand piano action were one of the best in this price range, yet it also included a good range of voices. Also, 256 polyphony, 5 level samples, soundboard speaker, USB to computer, string and damper resonance, midi thru, tri-amp, good warranty, etc. Basically with a good set of headphones and a computer this was the most exciting, least compromising option for us with a 7 year old and adults to learn on and enjoy. Wife was also intend on having a furniture piece, thus the ebony cabinet.

We also considered Kawai CA-95 or CL-10 as well as Roland LX-15 and HP-507.

Thanks for your help!

Review by John Anderson, Santa Rosa, Californial, USA (30/05/2013)

4) "The piano feels and sounds wonderful"

Hello Graham,
Just a brief note to say how absolutely delighted I am with the Yamaha CLP480 that I bought from you, delivered last Saturday.
Your delivery guys were excellent; although they were slightly late arriving here, they went to a lot of extra trouble:  having assembled the piano it was found that the sustaining pedal wasn't working!

Very odd indeed on a brand new piano… it turned out that the 'socket' under the back cover where the pedal lead plugs in was actually damaged, causing the connecting pins not to fully go into the holes.
One of your chaps, painstakingly using a small screwdriver, kept prising about in the socket  – trial and error really – for about 25 minutes, until he finally achieved success.  
The piano feels and sounds wonderful, I'm happy to say.  So far I have found that the best setting for me and for the classical repertoire that I play is 'Grand piano 1' / 'heavy' and with the brilliance on 'bright 1'  and the master volume at about '2.30pm'. It's thrilling to be able to play a dynamic range from 'pppp' to 'ffff'!
I'm really glad that I came to your shop first before buying, and it was good to meet you.
Very best wishes,
Review by Tony Halstead, Etchinghill,

5) "I am not disappointed that I went up to the CLP480"

I tossed up replacing a 20-year old CLP760 (6 speakers, boxed) with a CLP470 (4 speakers, boxed) or CLP480 (8 speakers). I am not disappointed that I went up to the CLP480. The touch is excellent and there are a wide range of quality sounds which I am enjoying, although some of the mid treble piano sounds may be a little dull. I prefer the piano sounds better without reverb on. I was surprised at how well the old piano held up in comparison to the 480, especially in the Grand Piano 1 sound. I miss some of the other older sounds too.

Review by David Thompson, Australia (12/11/2013)

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