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Yamaha CLP545 Clavinova Digital Piano

Yamaha CLP545

Yamaha CLP545 Read Customer Reviews

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–> Includes: adjustable stool, headphones, and piano music




Discontinued in March 2017, new model is Yamaha CLP645


All Colours:

Yamaha CLP545 in dark rosewood
Dark Rosewood

Yamaha CLP545 in black walnut
Black Walnut

Yamaha CLP545 in mahogany

Yamaha CLP545 in white

Yamaha CLP545 in white ash
White Ash

Yamaha CLP545 in polished ebony
Polished Ebony


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Bench (adjustable height, fold-away)
Headphones (specific for digital pianos)

tick Book of 50 Classical Pieces (Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin…)
tick FREE UK and Ireland Delivery (we deliver anywhere in the UK and Ireland for free)
tick FREE 5 Year UK and European Warranty (all parts and labour covered – a local Yamaha technician comes to your home for repairs anywhere in the UK and Europe)
tick 60 Day Trial Period (If it isn't as good as you expected, we collect the piano at our cost and give you a full refund)

tick Book of 50 Classical Pieces (Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin…)
tick Safe Shopping (UK Pianos are an authorised Yamaha main dealer, check here)
tick Peace of Mind (see reviews of UK Pianos shop on Trustpilot: the number 1 review site)
tick Owner's Manual (operating guide in English and other languages, assembly instructions, computer related operations, how to use MIDI/USB, Yamaha Music Soft Downloader and more)

The Howard Piano Score
How does this piano rate against other makes? What's its score out of 100?, check here

Yamaha CLP545 Reviews

1) "Thank you for the good choice made"

Hi Graham

The Yamaha CLP 545 piano arrived today and looks great. I am really pleased with it and wanted to thank you for the good choice made. Also big thanks to Dez, the guy who delivered and assembled it.
Excellent service, I would rate his job 5 stars.

Review by Prolet Vasileva (02/03/2015)

2) "Don't bother wasting time looking elsewhere, just buy from UK pianos if you want the best of everything!"

Web site informative and correct, free books excellent. All the CLP models available to try out in the shop, the two staff in the Enfield shop were very professional and skilled. Not pushy just leave you to it unless you want assistance of which is very helpful.
Best deals around! Free stool and headphones very good quality. 5yr guarantee. Delivery quick, amended order no trouble, delivery firm brought it up the stairs and it weighed near 100kg at no charge.

Tbh my frank advice to anyone considering buying is don't bother wasting time looking elsewhere just buy from UK pianos if you want the best of everything!

I have had lots of pianos before and am very impressed with this new clp 545. I was impressed with the clp 535 too . Best improvements for me are bosendorfer voicing, escapement very noticeable action improvement, the 300+ lessons are great and having the sheet music on iPad .
The electronic module simple , effective! impressive in use. Very impressed with UK pianos, also impressed with Yamaha clp range. Didn't realise how good the clavinova clp,s have got.

Review by Paul Putman, Buntingford, Herts. (15/08/2014)

3) "Free 3-day delivery to Europe – I can’t remember ever receiving better service"

We had been considering buying a digital piano for some time, but found it difficult to get unbiased advice – until we discovered UK Pianos.
The website was full of very helpful – and, it seems to me, impartial, comments a very wide range of instruments they sell.
This helped to narrow the choice, but I still felt I needed more help so I phoned.

UK Pianos listed to my needs, then explained the compromises and benefits associated with the models we were considering.
We settled on one in the middle of our price range and placed an order.

My wife is absolutely delighted with the instrument and I’d like to thank you and your team for a very personal and knowledgeable level of service.

Even though we live in mainland Europe, there was no additional delivery charge and the piano arrived within 3 working days of placing the order.

I can’t remember ever receiving better service, and I have no hesitation in giving UK Pianos my full recommendation.

Thanks for all the buying advice – I’ll be recommending you for years to come.

Review by Brian House, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire (04/09/2014)

4) "It really does make a difference when quality of service extends all the way to delivery"

Dear Graham

Thank you very much for arranging the exchange of pianos on Saturday (the Yamaha CLP 545 for the Roland F130R).
I would also like to compliment your driver.  
I really only needed his help in getting the piano up the stairs and into the flat, lifting the keyboard onto the pedestal and moving it against the wall, but he insisted on doing all the assembly work himself as well, even so far as attaching the headphone hanger!  

It really does make a difference when quality of service extends all the way to delivery.

The Yamaha certainly looks and sounds and feels much closer to a real piano than the Roland

However, the first thing I noticed, before turning it on, was that the keys make a slight plasticky/scrunchy noise when depressed, which I couldn’t help noticing since the keystroke on the much cheaper Roland, for all its other limitations, was absolutely silent.

Review by Ali Pooya, London NW11 (01/10/2014)

5) "The clp545 was suitable and cheaper than clp575. I appreciated your honesty"

Dear Graham,

I found your 'Howard Score Chart' very helpful indeed.
My wife was clear that she wanted a traditional upright piano. I was not keen. I prefer the digital alternatives because you can have more fun with them.
My task was to find a digital piano which had an authentic feel and sound to a real piano. Your chart helped narrow down the options to two or three and the prices clearly enabled me to decide which of the three was most suitable in terms of value for money.

We narrowed the options down to a CLP545 & 575.
I then came to see you in the shop. You explained the main difference between the two and assured me I wasn't really trading quality with the 545.
The only difference being the sound due to a further speaker beneath the clp575 main unit. For my purpose, the clp545 was suitable and a few hundred cheaper.
I appreciated your honesty.

My wife is delighted with her Yamaha CLP545 and for the price point so am I. Certainly not an entry level piece of kit but worth the investment which could take my family (commitment permitting!) to grade 8. A fine achievement should any of them ever manage it ! lol

Thanks Graham. I would be happy to recommend your services to new customers. I know they won't be pushed but will receive the guidance required to make an intelligent, well informed & logical purchase to meet their respective needs. Your score chart will not only save them a lot of time but quite possibly prevent them making a wrong decision. No one can vet every piano as you have done. They'd probably go bonkers by piano 15 !!!

Kindest regards to you and your staff.

Review by Geoff Abrahams, North West London (30/12/2014)

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Graham Howard editor"The CLP545 is a brand new model in the range",

Graham Howard, piano adviser, email:


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Main Features

34 voices (different sounds)
NWX (Natural Wood X) keyboard with imitation ivory key tops and escapement
Headphone connections x 2
Speakers (25 watts + 25 watts + 25 watts + 25 watts) = total 100 watts
256 note polyphony
Sliding key cover
Record and play back (built-in 16 track recorder)
303 lesson songs
USB to host
Stereophonic optimiser
Acoustic optimiser
Intelligent acoustic control
iPad, iPhone and iPod connectivity through Yamaha Keyboard Apps

Width 146.1cm (57-1/2 inches)
Depth 45.9cm (18-1/16 inches)
Height 92.7cm (36-1/2 inches)
Weight 61.5kg (135lbs., 9oz)

See all features and specifications.


Free delivery anywhere in the UK and most of Europe.


This piano come flat-packed in one large box. But it's easy to assemble. The keyboard, pedals, electronics and cables are all fixed in – you only have to assemble the base. There are four screws that fix the base to the main keyboard section and some more screws to attach the base and back board. The screw holes are already pre-drilled. We do advise two people to lift the keyboard section on to the base.

If you would like us to assemble the piano for you and take the packaging away, then please call 020 8367 2080 for a quote.

UK Pianos Shop Yamaha CLP545 on display in our piano showroom Enfield Free parking (8 spaces on forecourt)

Come and try the Yamaha CLP535 in our North London piano showroom.

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Questions and Comments (email your questions to
Or call UK Pianos for advice on 020 8367 2080.

"Where is the Yamaha CLP545 made?"

Hi Graham,

Thanks for the bible and all that it contains. I found it very informative.

I have a few questions:
– Your number 1 rated piano, the Yamaha CLP545, could you inform me as to where it may happen to be manufactured?
– Basically, we are looking for something for our teenage daughter,  who is going to start taking piano lessons in school next year. So it should sound and feel as much as possible like a real piano. Til now she has self learned on a cheap Yamaha keyboard (bought  at local electronics shop).
– In addition, we would prefer to get something produced locally in Europe or the USA.If that is at all possible these days!
– Lastly, do you ship to Switzerland?

Well! That's about it. Thanks for asking and hope I haven't overwhelmed you.

Best Regards,


Reply/ Hi Robert

The CLP545 is made in Indonesia, as are other
major brands such as Roland and Kawai.

There is nothing made in Europe or the USA that’s
any good… this I because all major manufacturers
moved to the Far East to cut costs in order to compete
with each other!… Once one of them moved…
then one by one they followed suit.

I love playing the CLP545. It has a really responsive
key touch and authentic tone.
There’s nothing that beats this piano for the price.

We deliver to Switzerland.

Kind regards,
Graham Howard

"A Yamaha CLP545 is going to suit me better than a Kawai"

I found your ranking system very helpful.
I generally like to shop locally but the music shop where I live (Kingston upon Thames) only stocks Kawai and thanks to your efforts I'm thinking a Yamaha CLP545 is going to suit me best although I still need to do a comparision with other pianos at a similar price.
I'll be very happy to give the business to you although I probably won't be getting it until September as I have a (big) birthday then and having organised a party am asking for contributions towards the piano as a present.
Thanks again for your help.


Reply/ Hi Annie

I haven’t played a nicer piano than the CLP545
around its price point…

And there’s certainly nothing in the Kawai range
than comes close.

Please get in touch with us nearer to September.

And thanks for offering us the business!
I really appreciate it.

Kind regards,
Graham Howard

"Do you deliver to Paris?"

I’m interested in getting a Yamaha CLP-545 in polished black. 
Can you confirm what delivery arrangements are – I live in a
3rd floor apartment in Paris.
Thanks Jamie

Reply/ Hi Jamie
Delivery to Paris is free, but only to the ground floor.
You’d need to get a friend help you carry it up.
It comes in one large box, but is separated into 5 pieces…
so should be easily manageable.
We have one in stock.
You can order over the phone on 020 8367 2080 or online here.
Please let me know if you have more questions.
Kind regards,
Graham Howard

"What is the cabinet made of?"

Hi, I am considering buying a Yamaha CLP 545 and I have a question re the ‘white ash’ colour. What is the cabinet made of? Is what looks like woodgrain in the picture real or a wood effect


Siabhra Durcan

Answer/ Hi Siabhra

All digital piano cabinets are made of strong mdf wood.
On top of the wood is pvc with an imitation wood effect.

Kind regards,
Graham Howard

Hello Graham
First of all, thank you very much for a detailed instruction on pianos. My boyfriend was delighted, he understood everything even though he knows nothing about pianos. He said he needs people like you working in his company, tax advisory, who would be able to explain technical problems in a way understandable to all.
I finally chose Clavinova 545, just following your advice on the best piano quality-price.
Because I live in The Hague, Netherlands, I chose Thomann. The delivery is free, however it only includes delivery to the door. That is unfortunate, as I have stairs and I don't have any instruments, like screwdrivers. So I am waiting for a handyman to assemble it.

Thanks a lot again,


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