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Yamaha CP33 Reviews
Yamaha CP33 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

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"The following reviews are from owners of the Yamaha CP33. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "The simplicity of the interface is a big plus"

As a beginner since half a year using a borrowed Ensoniq ESQ1 (?) synth with no feeling at
all I decided to get something better. "Better" for me means something more forgiving, as the
synth action is sensitive for hitting slightly offthe key making me hit two notes at once. On a
normal piano the force needed to get sound makes me adjust and slide off the wrong key.

The action feels just right, but I think I read that it is supposed to be a heavier action than
average. The sounds are fine except for guitar (are they ever any good?). Sometimes I feel that
some of the sounds should be more responsive to what force I use. There are 3 levels and I guess
that I now understand what the number of levels can do to your ear even though I thought this was
only a selling point for experts.

The number of levels for the piano sounds are fine though so I wouldn't mention this unless asked
(as you now did). The "demo" button in the middle is very unnessesary. They could at least have an
alternative function for this one. The mixer is good to have (between layers).

I do miss AUX-in. Now I have to use a simple mixer to add drums as there is only a metronome
built in. Actually two or three AUX-in would be nice to connect MP3 player, guitar, microphone
using only my stereo as an amp. These practical cable reduction possibilities would mean more to me
than extra sound tweaks, built in recorder, or loads of sound.

I havn't used it for MIDI yet but I've read that this should be a good controller. Maybe I buy myself an
Ipad one day and try this out.

I use the piano to write songs. Not to become a new piano hero. The simplicity of the interface
is a big plus on this model as I don't want tech-stuff be in the way formy creativity.

Review by Erik De Pomian, Sweden (11/07/2011)

2) "The Grand piano sound on its own is worth the money for me"

Lovely piano sounds and realistic piano action. Other quite usable sounds also. Great price and feel of quality. The Grand piano sound on its own is worth the money for me. I am no genius player or expert on stage pianos but for me this has been a very successful purchase at a price far lower than I was originally expecting to have to pay.

 It may not be as new and have as many features as say a CP50 (which I was originally thinking of buying) but for me the CP33 should be fine for years to come (and its£500+ cheaper). Nice headphones really bring out the quality sound too (I bought some studio ones for£85 which sound amazing).

It also came with a decent stand & pedal and cubase software. I recommend. 🙂

Review by Ben Riche, London (09/01/2013)

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