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Yamaha DGX650 Reviews

1) "Great piano tone and key touch"

Here is my review of the Yamaha DGX 650.
I have had a Yamaha DGX 300 and a Yamaha PSR 8000 for a number of years. Now I wanted one instrument that could replace these. My choice was the Yamaha DGX 650. It has a piano sound and a key-touch that appears to me as good as the far more expensive digital pianos.
It seems to be one of the most versatile digital instruments Yamaha has made. Besides being a very good piano, it can be used as an arranger keyboard with up to 5 tracks, as a keyboard with mange good voices and styles. It can record and play SMF and Audio files. It has various helps to people who starts playing from scratch. Even the bass sound is surprising despised the relatively small loudspeakers.
Review by Poul Andersen, Denmark (19/09/2013)

2) "It was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience"

Hello Graham
I bought a Yamaha DGX 650 (which is most suitable for my purpose) from your shop on Saturday.
I was served by 2 female staff in the showroom who were extremely helpful and friendly. It was a very
pleasant and enjoyable experience. I only had a glance of you when you came down when you were showing
a lady a piano. I told the girls to give my compliments to you.
Thank you for everything
Review by Hla Bu (30/10/2013)

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