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Yamaha NU1 AvantGrand – Ex-Demo Model

Yamaha NU1 AvantGrand

Yamaha NU1 AvantGrand

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 Colour: Polished Ebony   |   Item Code: NU1

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Discontinued April 2017, Replaced by Yamaha NU1X (call for availability and best price)


Other Colours

Polished White

Yamaha NU1 White

Discontinued April 2017

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Yamaha NU1 Reviews

1) "NU1 key action is much better than the CLP series"

Dear Graham,

I bought a Yamaha NU1 (after testing Yamaha CLP 480 and 585). Main reason for choosing NU1 was the piano action.
Huge difference with CLP series. Sound-wise the difference is less pronounced, but still noticeable.
I would have preferred the Avant Grand N1, or N2, if budget would have allowed.
N1 and N2 sound seems to come from more directions compared to NU1, where the sound is aimed directly at you.

Robert Vandijk with his new Yamaha NU1 AvantGrand

Review by Robert Van dijk (04/08/2014)

2) "It's fantastic!"

I bought a yamaha nu1.
It's fantastic!

Thank you for your wonderful work.
You are an example for all people that try to sell and give service through the web!

Really, congratulations!

Review by Marco Canali (11/12/2014)

3) "The piano got here today in perfect condition"

Hi Graham
The piano got here today in perfect condition. The movers were very helpful. Fortunately it fit in the lift! !
Thank you for everything.
Kind regards.

Review by Juan Fondon, Langreo, Asturias, Spain (29/05/2015)

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Graham Howard editor

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Hadley HS-100 Piano Stool With Storage
Hadley HS-100 Piano Stool With Storage (wooden legs and body matches the piano's colour, value £100)

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Questions and Comments (Email your questions to
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Dear Graham,

thank you very much for taking the time helping me. It was really useful!

Finally I went for a Yamaha NU1. I liked its sound very much and you also gave a very good feedback on it.

It was also high on your list.

Best regards,


"Some Love it, Some Don't"

Hi Graham,

Of course I started searching on the internet for the NU1.
And I get mixed results.

Some people love the action and the sound, others don’t but that is largely a matter of personal taste and experience.

But what worries me most is that some complain about random spikes in the sound. For instance when playing slowly and softly suddenly a note can ring out at the maximum volume. And this can happen fairly frequently (once every few minutes). It is even mentioned in the user manual, but there it is called a rarity which would be “normal”.

I would definitely not buy a piano that behaves erratically. Trust in the sound to be produced as a result of your toch is paramount to everything!

Did you notice this behaviour when playing the instrument?

Another question: what about the Kawai CS10.

Is it in the same league as the NU1 (or perhaps the CLP-585)?
It does have a real wooden keyboard, and imitates a grand action with that (although it definitively is much simpler qua construction).
It has all 88 notes sampled, no stretching (Yamaha stretches noticably!). One can even regulate the tuning and loudness of individual notes which is great since some of them always are too load or too soft depending on the acoustics of the room. And its cabinet looks great too.
What about the sound of this instrument? Is it comparable to that of the NU1 or CLP-585? Or even “better”?
At least it is almost 1000 Euros less expensive then the NU1 …

Thanks for your answer, keep up the good work!


Reply/ Hi Paul

I’ve not noticed any notes jumping out.
I play the NU1 frequently. Often in the morning,  
before work.

I don’t actually like the Kawai CS10.
It has quite a harsh tone, especially in the treble area.

The key touch is responsive with good repetition.
But I find it lacks firmness…

The Yamaha NU1 and CLP585 have a more solid feel
to the keys. Which I much prefer.

Just for a comparison, you might also want to try
out the Roland LX-15e.

I rate the pianos in the following order:
1)    Yamaha NU1
2)    Yamaha CLP585
3)    Roland LX-15e
4)    Kawai CS10

Kind regards,
Graham Howard


Hi Graham,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I do not like the Roland.
In the past I played a Roland HP307, but did not like the sound (SuperNatural) at all.
And the back of that instrument was very ugly. Not closed like the Yamaha or the Kawai.

I never tried a Kawai, doing business with a local shop here in Holland that has excellent after sales service but sells only Yamaha and Roland digitals.
Twice I had a pedal repair, which was executed timely and without any cost for me. So I think I will stick to Yamaha.

Would you say that the key touch on the NU1 and the CLP585 is almost identical?

Thanks again!


Reply/ Hi Paul

The NU1 key touch is better than the CLP585.

The mains reason is because the overall key length
is longer (not the white and black parts that show,
but the other end of the keys inside the piano that
aren’t visible).

A longer key creates more leverage, which feels
more balanced and responsive.

The NU1 has a Yamaha acoustic piano action inside.
So the feeling is identical to a real piano.

Kind regards,
Graham Howard

I read a really worrying review of the NU1 (which I had my heart set on) saying there was ‘spiking’ on the notes i.e press PPP and get FFF  – is this a lie??

Reply/ Hi Samuel

I did read a review about this as well.
But I play on the NU1 regularly and haven’t
experienced this myself.

It sounds like a key contact problem that can happen
to any make and model of piano.
Most likely it is an isolated incident.

Anyway, you are completely covered by the
Yamaha warranty for anything like that.

Graham Howard

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Graham Howard editor


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