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Yamaha P105 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

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"The following reviews are from owners of the Yamaha P105. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "Overall we are loving the tone"

I purchased one of the new Yamaha 105 keyboards and am finding it a wonderful piece to play.
I agree the bass keys do have something of a deep drone, perhaps even more than regular pianos,
but overall we are loving the tone. I cant wait to connect to my ipad and start using garage band as well!
many thanks

Review by Libby Morrison, Australia (16/11/2012)

2) "I was quite impressed"

After much 'beating of the gums' I have finally settled on the Yamaha P105. Did manage to have a go on one and was quite impressed, so have changed my mind from the Korg SP170. I have to say I ordered it from Thomann who seem prepared to ship it to Tenerife complete with an X frame which I ordered with it for free – which really did surprise me.

I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that as as it was the Canary Is VAT would be only about 8% – they did inform me that I would have to pay the additional tax if I brought back to the UK, but for me this is irrelevant; when I can no longer get out there I won't be too worried about it

Review by Glenn Evans, Tenerife, Canary Islands (12/02/2013)

3) "A great deal as it turns out"

Hello Graham,
Thanks to your brilliant guide "7 Things —– Digital Piano", and me being a complete novice as far as painos are concerned, I have been able to make a well considered choice in purchasing a digital piano from UK Pianos:

Due to discontinuation of the P95 (a surprise to me) and therefore a delivery delay, I have ended up with a P105B as offered by the sales lady – a great deal as it turns out – Thank You UK Pianos!

Review by Mike, Chichester (26/01/2013)

4) "I am thrilled with the P105"

I have a sailboat, so I wanted to have a small keyboard for that. I began with the Yamaha NPV-60, which you don’t review, perhaps because of the sound quality of the speakers, which is horrible. It’s certainly better using headphones. However, it proved too big for our boat, so I replaced it with the NP11. Since I only play it on the boat using headphones, it’s not an issue, and the keyboard is easily stowed.
This meant that I had the NPV-60 lying about the house, so I decided to hook it up to our media center, thinking the sound quality would improve enough so that I could play piano downstairs, for our 405 is upstairs. Frustrated, I finally decided to upgrade and am thrilled with the P105 even though this piano gets a rather low rating. Nonetheless, I find the action and speakers just fine for my purposes, and the line-level out means that connecting it to an amplifier works quite well.
Now if I could just convince my younger son and his wife, who live in Brooklyn, to purchase something like the P105 instead of waiting, because their apartment is small, to purchase an acoustic piano. All that weight! All that trouble! And all those misplayed notes that all can hear!
Again, thanks for the information, and please remove me from your email list.
Review by Dave Badtke (20/03/2013)

5) "Most awesome yamaha piano"

Dear Graham,

Thank you for all the background info and the document 'which brand should I buy'. I went safe and bought the Yamaha P105 because I'm just a beginner and do not have the space to have a 'normal' digital piano. Initially I bought the P35 but the sound really wasn't that good and I thought that putting down another 200 euros was acceptable for the P105 with the sampling of the most awesome yamaha piano 🙂

Review by Gideon, Utrecht, The Netherlands (20/05/2013)

6) "The most important feature was a good keyboard touch"

Hello Graham,

I purchased a digital piano. I went with the Yamaha P-105, based on a number of reviews and also on the information you had on your guide to pianos – particularly your Howard score.

For me it was the sweet spot for price vs features. The most important feature was a good keyboard touch, and it seemed that you had to go to a lot higher price before you go up a notch in keyboard quality.

I bought it from a local shop in Sydney, Australia.

Thanks for all your helpful information.

Review by David Jennings, Sydney, Australia (31/08/2013)

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