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Yamaha P90



Yamaha P90 

The Yamaha P90 is discontinued. Check out the new model Yamaha P140, or buy a secondhand P90 in the UK Pianos Market Place.

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"Graham Howard,

Piano Advisor"

As successor of the famous P80 the Yamaha P90 recommends itself as a professional portable Digital Piano for home and stage as well. Due to the triple Dynamic Stereo Sampling (DSS) and special sustain and key-off samples its piano sound is incredible natural and accurate. With its 64 notes polyphony the P90 stands even long sustained passages.

24 Voices include not only piano sound, but organs, strings, choirs and basses, too. Using the Split or Layer functions two Voices can be played simultaneously – in two separated keyboardranges (Split) or unisono layered (Layer). Eight digital effects do the polish on the sound.

The Graded Hammer keyboard is responsible for the realistic touch – like on a acoustic piano the weight of the keys increases to lower notes.

Its 2 headphones jacks and many internal demo songs make the Yamaha P90 ideal for music lessons. MIDI In/Out and the TO HOST interface recommend it as masterkeyboard for large setups or computer aided music production. Power adaptor, music rest and a sustain pedal are in included.

  • 88 weighted keys (Graded Hammer)
  • 24 Voices
  • 64 notes polyphony
  • 8 effects: Room, Stage, Hall 1, Hall 2, Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay
  • Dual/Split mode
  • 2 track sequencer
  • Build-in stereo-amplification
  • 2 Headphones jacks
  • MIDI In/Out, integrated TO HOST interface
  • Keyboard 88 keys, Graded Hammer Keyboard, 4 Toch Sensitivity settings
  • Tone Generator AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling
  • Polyphony Max. 64 notes
  • Voices 24
  • Effects Room, Stage, Hall 1, Hall 2, Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay
  • Sliders Master volume, Brilliance
  • Modes Single, Dual, Split
  • Pedal Sustain
  • Sequencer 2 tracks
  • Demo Songs One for each voice, 9 piano voice songs, 50 preset songs
  • Connectors PHONES x 2, OUTPUT L and R (Cinch), OUTPUT L/L+R and R (Phone), DC IN, MIDI (IN/OUT), TO HOST, SUSTAIN
  • Power Source PA-3C power adapter (or equivalent recommended by Yamaha)
  • Dimensions 1347 (W) x 285 (D) x 128 (H) mm
  • Weight 16.9 kg
  • Included Accessories Music Rest, Sustain Pedal, AC Power Adapter


I did finally get a new keyboard! I got a Yamaha P95 (I think it's the P95B or something 'cause its black). Ordered from for £475 on friday night, it arrived this morning and I've just spend the last two and a half hours playing it. As it's the first weighted key type I've used I think it will take some getting used to but it feels just like a proper piano, which is really what I got it for – the casio keyboard I had before was starting to feel clunky and expressionless as it did not have weighted keys. The ten tones are varied enough to be interesting, and the demo songs are beautiful to listen to while having a five minute break. (My hands had started to ache by that point) I would definitely recommend it to anyone not wanting to go all out with their cash but still looking for a decent model – and I never would have found it without the advice on your site!



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Hi Graham

Part of why I wanted to read was if it was mentioned about the midi shortcomings some people experienced with some Yamaha digital pianos. I bought a Yamaha P90 some years ago with the intention to start becoming better at keyboard, have nice keys when a keyboard player helped laying down a track, use as a masterkeyboard with the computer. But the midi transmittion isn't working well. Velocities don't go under 20 and never reaches 127 no matter how hard you hit. And feels a bit random overall. Not worthy that pricetag – if any. I understood this after the warranty period was over. Neither Yamaha or the the store was interrested in fixing this. So I am of course not happy with Yamaha or the music store since this was know to them.


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