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Yamaha YDP-S51 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

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"The following reviews are from owners of the Yamaha YDP-S51. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "My final choice was on aesthetic grounds"

I downloaded your book on how to buy a digital piano which I found very helpful, and thank you for all the information, for a subject which is daunting for a beginner.

I went to the store to get the Yamaha YDP 161 but ended up buying the (Arius) YDP S51, white. I must admit my final choice was on aesthetic grounds, but this piano did have a lot of what you indicated were necessary for a good quality digital piano without many frills.

So as a beginner I am happily unpacking it and trying to assemble.

Review by Dionisios Vasiliadis, Greece (11/01/2013)

2) "Great sensitivity and response… 7 out of 10"

I got the Yamaha S51 on 09/01/2013 and am progressing with my lessons.
I can’t fault the feel of the piano in terms of sensitivity and response and its compact design is not only very practical, it looks fantastic.

Although the overall sound of the piano itself is good (7 out of 10), it sounds much better through the headphones and when hooked up to my Yamaha receiver. I guess this is due to its internal speakers, which at 20W, although are more than adequate in terms of filling the room with sound without disturbing neighbours, they do reduce its ability to render the full weight of the concert grand that it is capable of doing, when hooked up to my receiver.

Just one negative note:
When hooked up to the receiver (CD socket) via either of the 2 ¼ inch headphone sockets (there is no line out), there is some humming from my surround speakers in the room.

Review by Abel (22/02/2013)

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