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Discontinued March 2013. Replaced by YDP142.

Colour: Dark Rosewood

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This piano has a Howard Piano Score: Ranking System For Digital Pianos rating of 55.20, more info

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Yamaha YDP141 cherry








Discontinued March 2013. Replaced by YDP142.

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Pleasant Sound, Medium-Weight Touch And Good Value For Money…

The Yamaha YDP141 ARIUS digital piano is perfect for beginning students and experienced players alike. The ARIUS YDP141 piano provides true piano sound and feel, while the Graded Hammer Standard keyboard makes it a true joy to play, both in practice and in performance.

The 3-level AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling Voices of the YDP141 deliver remarkably authentic sound. The damper pedal includes a half-damper effect, giving you nuanced expressive control over the sustained sound. Dual Voice capability lets you play two different instrument sounds at the same time, while a 2-track song recorder allows you to capture your original musical ideas and performances.

Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard

Just as on a traditional acoustic piano, lower notes on a GHS keyboard have a heavier touch, while the higher ones are more responsive to lighter playing. The matte finish of the black keys enhances the keyboard's luxurious appearance.

What our customers say…

"Very pleased with the piano. Thank you for the friendly and efficient way my order was delt with. I would not hesitate in recommending you should the occasion arise."

H.R. Street



Variable Touch Sensitivity

Select the hard, medium or soft setting to match your playing style or finger strength. Turn off sensitivity for a fixed response setting, ideal when playing the organ.

Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Dynamic Stereo Sampling

The AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) is a sampling system which creates the realism of an acoustic instrument by using digital technology to record the instrument sound and applying high-quality digital filter technology to the recorded audio samples. The waveform of the sound created by playing the key of an acoustic piano differs depending on the playing strength from pianissimo to fortissimo. The AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling can produce such dynamic nuances by recording samples of various playing strengths. The greater the number of samples used, the higher the expression.

64-note Polyphony

Conventional digital pianos quickly run out of notes during fast, dense legato passages: sustained notes are cut off as the instrument "steals" notes to make room for new notes. A maximum of 64 notes can be played at once.

Half-Pedal Control

It allows the sustain length to vary "step-by-step" depending on how far the pedal is pressed. The farther you press the pedal, the more the sound sustains.

Song Recorder

The built-in, 2-track performance memory allows you to record a backing track, and then step into the spotlight and solo over it. Best of all, you can change tempo or Voices even after you've recorded your performance. There's also a built-in metronome to help you stay in perfect time.

50 Preset Piano Songs

A selection of 50 different piano songs is provided for your listening pleasure. These recordings were chosen for their beauty as well as their functionality. Since many of the songs are classic piano pieces, anyone taking lessons can listen to them for reference

Yamaha YDP141 Arius digital piano GHS -keyboard with 88 keys and black-matte keytops 6 Sounds, 64-voice polyphony, Stereo Sample with 3 Dynamic-Steps, 4 Reverb-Types, Dual-Function, 2 Track-Recorder (1 Song), 6 Voice-Demos and 50 Preset-Songs, Keycover, MIDI IN, OUT; 2 headphone jacks, new acoustic system, 2 x 6 Watt speakers, Dimensions: 1357 x 815 x 422 mm. Weight: 73 kg. Colours: Dark rosewood or light cherry

The latest digital piano in the Arius/YDP collection of Yamaha is the YDP 141. It is one of the best digital pianos for beginners.

It has all the qualities of a digital piano that a beginner would like to have. It is not only exceptionally relevant to the needs of a beginner but also produces perfect results for an experienced musician. The extraordinary features of this digital piano make it an outstanding musical instrument and provide true joy to the pianist. It enables its users to conjure brilliant pieces of music and entertain their admirers with the help of their wonderful pieces of music.

Some highlighting features of this amazing digital piano introduced by Yamaha are provided below for your guidance:

Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard

• Yamaha YPD 141 is equipped with a full sized 88 key keyboard.

• The keyboard possesses Graded Hammer Standard (GHS).

• The graded hammer standard enables the piano to produce the sound effect of a giant piano.

• GHS standard entertains the pianist and the listeners with the feeling of a grand piano.

• It gives the feeling of an acoustic piano in a digital piano package.

• GHS produces a perfect impersonation of digital piano on both the lighter and heavier notes.

Recording, Data Transference and Data Storage

• Yamaha YDP141 is featured by excellent recording, music storage and transference features.

• It allows the pianist to record their own compositions very easily.

• 11,000 notes (around 100 KB) of data can be easily stored in the piano.

• The recorded pieces of music can be used by the pianist later for further improvements, mixing etc.

• Data can also be transferred from piano to other devices.

• In order to transfer data, the piano has an inbuilt feature that allows interface with a computer device.

• Music pieces can be easily transferred and stored for maximum use.

Quality Sounds

• Yamaha YDP141 is equipped with exceptional sound quality.

• Six different voices are built n the digital piano to facilitate the pianist.

• All the voices match the quality standards of Yamaha.

• The voices are assembled at three different velocity levels so that the pianist can make the best use of them.

Dual Mode

• The given voices can be played together to create masterpieces.

• This amazing option of Yamaha YDP 141 provides the pianist an opportunity to experiment with the available voices and learn.

• They can layer together acoustic and electrical piano voices and so on to create more pieces of music.

Built in Piano Songs

• Yamaha YDP141 has 50 built in piano songs.

• These songs can be a source of enjoyment when you are doing the groundwork for your piece of music.

• These songs can also help you to build the foundation of your music piece by deriving inspiration from these built in songs.

• They act as a rehearsal tool for the pianist and facilitate learning of the piano lessons.

Affordable price

• This excellent instrument introduced by Yamaha is available at the best price.

• It is in the affordable range of the beginners, who want to start off with a digital piano.

• The features offered by this exceptional master piece justify the price quote for it.



Width 1357mm / 53-7/16”

Height 819 mm / 32-1/4”

Depth 420 mm / 16-9/16”

Weight: 41.0 kg / 90lbs


Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard

Number of keys: 88

Key Cover: Sliding

Storage: Internal memory 337 KB


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Yamaha YDP141 Reviews


1) "I'm completely satisfied with it"

I'm a professional musician involved in historical music—harps rather than keyboards—so I wasn't sure that I would find the synthsized sound of a digital piano very desirable but I am very pleased indeed with the Yamaha Arius YDP-141: the two piano voices sound very acceptable to me with a good timbre and the keyboard action seems to approximate well the feel of a traditional piano. My teenage son is having fun in his practice using some of the other voices too.

I found it unproblematic to build from a flat-pack and it doesn't take up too much space in a small room.

My only wish is that digital pianos more often had the little holders which upright pianos have, to hold music books open on the music stand. Otherwise I'm completely satisfied with it.

Graham Howard's downloadable piano guide was very helpful to me when trying to decide on which digital piano to buy and all my communications with you were dealt with very promptly.

Siobhan Armstrong Yamaha YDP141 Review

Review by Siobhan Armstrong (, Kilkenny, Ireland (30/11/2011)

2) "I am thrilled to bits"

Dear Graham

 After much research on the internet, and using the help from you also (thank you), I purchased the yamaha YDP 141. I have had it about a week now and am thrilled to bits with it. Having only played an acoustic piano in the past,i was very sceptical that a digital would be any good.

I consider myself an experienced player,having reached grade 8 some 25 years ago though! For my budget and circunstances it has good sound and feel for my pleasure playing and to teach my young daughter.

Thanks once again for your advice.

Review by Sarah Nicholson, Lincoln (11/01/2013)

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Classenti CDP1 Dark Rosewood Bundle Offer


>>Compare with Classenti CDP1– £799


Digital Piano Buyer's Guide 


FREE Digital Piano Buyer's Guide, by Graham Howard.

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Questions and Comments (Email your questions to

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"Which piano do you recommend?"


Your piano guide buying book was very very helpful, thank you very much. So I think I've narrowed my choice down to the yamaha Dgx 640 and the ydp 141. I like the extra features of the 640 but feel that the overall quality of the piano sound is compromised, what do you think?

Also do u know how many layers the sound of both is based on and how many levels of touch response there are??

Any other pianos you can recommend me?

Thanks, Shaun

Reply/ Hi Shaun

Well, these are both basic pianos really.

They both have exactly the same key touch.

Sound wise the YDP141 is nicer. The tone is

fuller and more resonant. The DGX640 doesn’t

doesn’t have the benefit of a wood cabinet

enclosing the speakers… so the tone is a lot

thinner, more tinny.

If your priority is to get a piano with a good

tone, then the YDP141 is a better choice than

the DGX640.

As an alternative to the YDP141 I would like

to recommend the Broadway B1.

I actually prefer this piano. And it’s a similar


With the B1 you get a cleaner, more resonant

sound. This is because of the superior sound

sampling, the slightly larger speakers

(2 x 7 watts), and the position of the speakers.

But the most important aspect of the Broadway

B1 is the fully-weighted touch…

You will enjoy playing the Broadway so much

more because it feels closer to playing a

real piano.

And the 4 levels of touch sensitivity (the Yamaha

YDP141 has only 3 levels) allow you to play over

a wider range of dynamics. This is really

important when you reach an intermediate level.

The Broadway B1 is recommended for beginners

up to grade 6.

You can read more about it here:

Will you buy a piano from us, Shmuel?

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

"YDP141, YDP-S31 or F110?"

Hi Graham

If you think in terms of value for money and had the choice of the following, which would you go for?

Yamaha YDP-141, Rosewood Arius 88-Note Digital Piano, Rosewood Finish

£521.00 inc.

Yamaha YDP-S31 Digital Piano in Dark Alder Finish

£508.24 inc.

Roland F-110 Satin Black 88 Note Digital Piano

£686.47 inc.



Reply/ Hi Ian

My choice would be between the Yamaha YDP141

and Roland F110.

There are plusses and minuses for both pianos.

The Yamaha wins on:

Key touch, value for money, build quality, popularity

and resale value.

The Roland wins on:

Sound, reliability and looks (this is subjective).

For me it has to be the Yamaha (but only just).

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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