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Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

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"The following reviews are from owners of the Yamaha YDP142. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "My son is delighted with the piano and the sound is very impressive"

I bought a Yamaha YDP 142 from UK Pianos based on cost and service reputation. The YDP 142 was a new model and I
pre ordered – it was delivered within the stated timescales and came with a stool and headphones which
saved the extra expense. Whilst I am not expecting the piano to go wrong the 5 warranty is great peace of mind.

My son is delighted with the piano and the sound is very impressive. I would not hesitate to recommend UK

Review by Kevin Purvey, Cheltenham

2) "He is delighted with the piano"

Dear Graham,
Just to let you know that the Yamaha 142 digital piano,we ordered, arrived safely to my son's address in Birmingham on Friday 23rd.August.As my son lives on the second floor, we decided to take it out of its substantial wrappings on the ground floor and take the piano parts up separately.This might not be recommended practice but the piano was so well wrapped that the packaging was quite weighty.
We set all the parts out,counted all the screws and read the instructions first for a change.Everything was there and the piano was very,very easy to assemble.
Within half an hour my son,Thomas, was able to sit down on the piano stool provided,plug in the headphones (provided) and play his first piece. Tom is making his way as a conductor with a number of good amateur orchestras and needed the piano to rehearse his scores.
He is delighted with the piano, lovely sound, good weighting on the keys and it will be of great help to him,hopefully for years to come.
Thank you very much the UK PIANOS TEAM for all your help,starting with the advice on what to look for in a digital piano,through to the delivery.Your team made the whole process a pleasure,
Review by Alan Payne, Oakhill Lodge, Purley, Birmingham (31/08/2013)

3) "I was impressed with the sound of the entry Yamaha"

We have bought the Arius Yamaha ydp 142. My daughter is about to turn 7. Growing up, I always much preferred Technics and worked in a music shop part-time demonstrating and selling digital pianos while at school.
For me, the Yamaha always sounded more tinny and less 'crisp' and more like a synthesised sound, rather than a sample sound. With the keyboards and organs, I felt the same.

However, listening to the demonstrations on YouTube etc and reading your guide, I went for as much polyphonic sound as I could get with my budget. I was impressed with the sound of the entry Yamaha.
The bottom notes need to sound like a baby grand. I think Yamaha has invested heavily in creating far more credible sounds.

I appreciate your offer of suggestions. My second choice would have been a Kawai.

Review by Loren Macallister (22/10/2013)

4) "I purchased a Yamaha Arius YDP142 purely on the grounds of cost"

Graham, I found your advice useful. The fact that I chose to go against it is entirely another matter.  I ended up buying a Yamaha Arius YDP142 purely on the grounds of cost as the other half was unconvinced that I would see it through.

After two years or so of trying to play, I can detect no difference in "feel" between the Yamaha 142 and the Clavinova owned by my teacher.  I have tried a conventional acoustic piano and much prefer the feel through the keys and find it easier to modulate volume and musical feeling but the sound it produces is in my view inferior "pound for pound.

Review by John Rimington (26/03/2013)

5) "My daughter is very happy with it"


Thanks for your book and website. The references were helpful.

We purchased a new Yamaha YDP-142 last weekend. Early days,but my daughter is very happy with it.

Review by Jim Goodchild, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (07/04/2014)

7) "The sound from the speakers is really thin"

Hello Graham,

We just bought the YDP 142R, in a local store here in Curitiba (Brazil)

My son is a piano student (1st grade), he´s loving the piano. First i was keen on the Roland F120, but after a few reviews ive read on your site and others, i went to the store and tried the yamaha and felt better than the F120.

My son is loving it, but he told me the keys are not heavy like the upright Essenfelder piano he plays at music school. Anyway he´s loving it, the sounds are new to him (he loves the strings)

FOr me, as a hobbyist, was very important to have MIDI, and im enjoying it. Feels good, but i miss the real sound of the upright piano im used to (i had one at home for a year, not ours)

The YDP 142 has a nice feel, but the sound from the speakers is really thin. And i really miss the dynamics of the real piano – but…i dont think i paid a low price.

Review by Everton Sebben (07/07/2014)

8) "I am delighted with it"

Thank you for your help.
I have received my piano, yamaha YDP 142.
I am delighted with it.

Review by Diane Revell (07/10/2014)

9) "Thank you very much for arranging everything so smoothly"

The piano arrived on Saturday morning.
With all good wishes for Christmas and the New Year
Thanks again
Review by Chris Fogg, Crewkerne, Somerset (22/12/2014)

10) "Thank you also for the speed and efficiency in which you expedited my order"

Thank you very much for this – the piano arrived in perfect condition, and is at this moment being played enthusiastically by our son!

Thank you also for the speed and efficiency in which you expedited my order.

Review by David Kirby, East Grinstead, West Sussex (07/03/2015)

11) "My son is enjoying every minute playing the piano"

Hello Graham.
We are doing realy well…my son is enjoying every minute playing the piano. We gave the right size stool too. Many thanks.

Review by Maral Casemowa, Newham, London (28/06/2015)

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