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Natural Sounding Digital Pianos With An Authentic,
Fully-Weighted Touch –
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Classenti Digital Pianos: CDP1, CDP2, CDP3, UD1, DG1
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Classenti CDP1

Available colours: Black satin, dark rosewood, polished ebony, maple, cherry, mahogany or polished white

Classenti CDP1 Dark Rosewood   Classenti CDP1 Dark Rosewood CDP1 Polished Black
  Black satin  Dark Rosewood  Polished Ebony
Classenti CDP1 MapleCDP1 Cherry Classenti CDP1 polished white  (No pic)

  Maple  Cherry  Polished White  Mahogany 

Price: £599

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An affordable piano with fully-weighted keys and a realistic sound.

The first model in Classenti's digital piano range. The CDP1 has a compact cabinet that's well-built, strong, and easy to move around (even by yourself). The CDP1 has 88 fully-weighted keys; a graded hammer action; and touch sensitive keys (4 levels). It also has 2 x 15 watt speakers (30 watts total output). This power output is more than double most pianos at a similar price point. The result: A digital piano that sounds and feels close to a real piano. The CDP1 is ideal for beginners up to grade 7. Read more 

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"It gives a really great sound and feels as a real piano"

Hi Graham,
Just wanted to let you know that I bought my Classenti CDP1 from your website. I am very pleased with it. It gives a really great sound and feels as a real piano.

I made my decision with your help. Initially I was going to buy Yamaha YDP141, but after reading your great book "7 Things" and chatting to you by email I made my choice and bought Classenti CDP1 and got a much better sound and more functionality, so I am enjoying it a lot!

Thanks a lot for you help and very quick support!!

Best regards, Vita Orlyanskaya, Wallingford, Oxon, UK













Classenti CDP2

Available colours: Black satin, dark rosewood, polished ebony, cherry, maple, mahogany, polished white or polished rosewood

  Classenti CDP2 Dark Rosewood  Classenti CDP2 Dark Rosewood  CDP2 Polished Black
Price: £799

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The CDP2 is a fine digital piano that you'll never need to upgrade. It has an authentic piano sound and a heavy-weighted, responsive touch. The Classenti CDP2 is the perfect piano for your whole family to practice and progress on. The CDP2 is the next model up from the CDP1. Read more 

Quick Glance Differences Between CDP1 And CDP2:


~ (Brighter sound than CDP2)
~ No sliding key cover
~ Half backboard
~ Standard length music desk (straight edged)
~ All buttons are on the display panel
~ 36 cm depth (takes up less room)
~ Weight 45kg
~ Will take you up to grade 7

CDP2 (Next model up)

~ (Warmer, deeper sound than CDP1)
~ Sliding Key Cover
~ Almost full backboard for greater stability
~ Extra long (curved corner) music desk
~ Simplified user panel with only 3 buttons
~ 42 cm depth
~ Weight 50kg
~ Will take you up to grade 8 and beyond









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Classenti UD1

Available colours: Polished ebony, polished white

Classenti UD1 in Polished Ebony      Classenti UD1 in Polished White

New features added: Slow closing lid, real wood soundboard,
new sound sampling, new key action, new voices, USB and more

Price: £1,695

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Looks, sounds and feels just like you're playing a real piano. If you don't have enought space for a real upright piano, this is the next best thing. Fully-weighted, touch sensitive keys (5 dynamic levels) and a powerful 2 x 50 watt speaker system… Read more

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Rent-to-Buy also available

 FREE 2 Year In-Home Warranty (Covers all parts and labour). Read more

Digital Piano GuaranteeThe Classenti UD1 and DG1 come with a 2 year 'at-your-home', parts and labour
warranty. This means a technician will come to your home if any repairs are needed.
There is no cost to you… And you won't have to send your piano anywhere.

 60 Day Money Back Guarantee (You've got 60 days to try out your new Classenti piano. And if you're not 100% satisfied with it, then let us know so we can pick it up from you. And you'll get a full refund once the piano has arrived back at our store). Read more

Classenti DG1 (Baby Grand Digital Piano)

Available colours: Polished ebony or polished white

Classenti DG1 Polished Ebony  Classenti DG1 Polished White
Price: £2,395

The Classenti DG1 baby grand digital piano looks just like a real baby grand piano (but is less deep) … The keys are fully-weighted and the sound is deep and resonant, read more

Classenti P1 (Portable Piano)

Available colours: Black satin, dark rosewood, cherry

Classenti P1 Classenti P1 Wooden Stand Classenti Pedal With P1 Small 
Classenti P1 Optional Wooden Stand Pedal

Price: Sold Out (second hand P1 available – Call 020 8367 2080)

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Portable piano with a realistic sound, 88 fully-weighted keys (4 levels of touch sensitivity), and enough power to fill a large room. Available with or without a wooden stand.

The Classenti P1 has a cleaner, more natural sound than other portable stage pianos at a similar price point. It also has a hammer action (not a cut down, or reduced quality version), a real wood cabinet and a 4 way built-in speaker system totalling 20 watts. The Classenti P1 is a good compromise between poor sounding, clunky stage pianos and bulky digital pianos. With a length of just 127cm (shorter than all digital pianos), it fits into extremely tight spaces. You can put this piano on a table top, x-type stand, or its own wooden stand… Read more

Browse: Classenti P1 Reviews

Classenti Crystal (Limited Edition)

  CDP2 Crystal 

Price: Sold Out (second hand available – Call 020 8367 2080)

This piano is completely see-through… You can see the inner workings of the piano: the hammers, electronic parts, speakers, etc. An absolutely stunning looking piano. Would make a beautiful gift for the pianist that wants something different. Read more

Graham Howard editor

"The most important thing you need from a digital piano when you're learning is a realistic touch.
A good piano sound and minimum of 4 dynamic levels (p, mp, mf and f) are also important.
Things like dimensions, weight, colour and 'bells and whistles' shouldn't really be the deciding
factor in your purchase",
 Graham Howard, Piano Advisor.

CLP320 ReviewsClick here to write a review 

Free Digital Piano Buyer's Guide:


"7 Things You MUST Know Before Buying A Digital Piano", by Graham Howard

You get all this:

1) How to understand confusing terminology (Polyphony, graded hammer, etc.)
2) Common digital piano questions
3) The disadvantages of buying second hand versus new
4) 6 simple tests you can do in a piano store
5) The best digital piano brands: 1st) ? 2nd) ? 3rd) ?…

6) Top ten piano models: (a) under £500 (b) £500 to £1,000 (c) over £1000
7) Should you buy online or in a physical store?

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FREE 2 Year In-Home Warranty (All parts and labour covered. And we'll visit your home if anything needs fixing, read more)

60 Day Money Back Guarantee (You've got 60 days to try out your new Classenti piano. And if you're not 100% satisfied with it, then let us know so we can pick it up from you. And you'll get a full refund once the piano has arrived back at our store). Read more

Useful Resources

1) Click here to read the report "Which Digital Piano To Buy" by piano advisor, Graham Howard

2) Check out the 'ever expanding' piano questions section on this site  .

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7 Things You MUST Know Before You Buy A Digital Piano

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Classenti digital pianos are designed for what most players really need; great sound and authentic touch. I firmly believe that you don't need all the unnecessary instrumental voices ('bells and whistles') that most manufacturers add to increase the perceived value of the piano… And of course the price!

… And to make matters worse, you usually pay a LOT extra for this.

You've probably seen it many times… children sitting at a digital piano, playing around with all the different buttons, eyes following the flashing lights INSTEAD OF PRACTICING!

Don't you think it's much better to pay LESS for fewer instrumental voices?

If you bought a typical digital piano with lots of instrumental voices and effects, you would probably spend a half an hour or so experimenting. When you start having piano lessons, you'll find that you only want a few of these sounds – usually piano (of course), organ, strings, vibraphone and harpsichord. The rest are rarely used ever again. You've paid for these features. This is a waste of money.

Classenti add real value to their pianos. Their technicians spend most of their time developing the authenticity of touch, the sound quality, and the cabinet design. "Who really cares what the third variation of the Mongolian nose flute sounds like?" Just kidding ;-), but I'm sure you get my point.

"With Classenti digital pianos you get a warm grand piano sound, a smooth, heavy-weighted touch, a beautiful looking compact cabinet, and, of course, an affordable price. These pianos are a joy to play and will help you or your children progress"… Graham Howard, Author and Piano Advisor

Reasons To Buy A Classenti Digital Piano: 

Authentic heavy-weighted piano touch

Great sound

 Only available online. The retailer is cut out of the picture. So you get a superior piano for less money

 Simple to use

 88 Fully weighted, touch sensitive keys – just like a real upright or grand piano

 Graded hammer action (replicates a real piano. The keys are heavy in the bass and get lighter as you go up)

 Limited instrument voices (only the most important ones). Beginners can be distracted by all the 'gimmicks' included on most digital pianos

 Beautiful and compact cabinet with curved edges. Takes up less space than most digital pianos

 Three pedals that function the same way as a grand piano

 2 Headphone connections. You can play late at night without disturbing your family or neighbours

 Classenti digital pianos will take you up to grade 7 or 8. Grade 8 is the highest piano exam you can take

 Classenti digital pianos never need tuning or maintenance

 And a whole lot more… Read the individual specifications for the rest

2 Year Warranty (Any faults will be repaired in your home or the piano collected and replaced)

 60 Day Money Back Guarantee (If you're not completely delighted with your Classenti piano, we'll collect it and give you a full refund)

Have You Heard Of Piano Rental?

Not sure if your child will take to playing the piano?
Are you worried about the initial investment?…

Then check out our 'rent-to-own' programme!

  Click here for details.








Interest Free Payments Available On This Product

Interest free finance available on selected digital pianos. Click here to see the range.


Check out the latest models and prices here: CDP1, CDP2, UD1, DG1

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Find out more by calling Graham Howard on 020 8367 2080, or by sending an email to

 Call UK Pianos for advice on: 020 8367 2080.

Graham Howard editor

Ask me a question online…



"Graham Howard,
Piano Advisor"

What Our Customers Say…

"The sound is very much like an acoustic piano, and the keys are just as they should be"

Hello Graham

Thank you for your email. We have bought a piano from UK pianos following the comparisons. We bought the Classenti CDP1 for our six year old daughter who has recently begun to learn how to play, and are delighted with it.

The sound is very much like an acoustic piano, and the keys are just as they should be.

The compact size is ideal for anyone short of space, as the depth is minimal. My daughter loves the functions on offer, which are not too complicated for her to use – she especially likes the record and playback facility (and the headphones are
ideal for her to 'plink plink' without me knowing – she thinks!)

We are very happy with UK Pianos. We ordered the piano on Friday, and it arrived on the following Monday morning.

Thank you – Lynda


















"Once the first few notes were played it was confirmed, we knew we had picked a winner, the sound is very impressive"

We are really pleased with our decision to go with the Classenti brand for our purchase of a digital piano. The courier driver you used was careful in unloading the piano. The strong packaging by the supplier helped to ensure the piano arrived in mint condition. The set up was straightforward after following the simple instructions in the manual.

The piano has good build quality, sturdy yet sleek looking with great curved lines and the polished black finish looks great. Once the first few notes were played it was confirmed, we knew we had picked a winner, the sound is very impressive.

The simple layout of the buttons makes them easy to use and the manual explained how to get the different instrumental voices, practice songs etc. My daughter is really enjoying practicing on the piano.

Thanks for the great service Graham & please also thank your team on our behalf

Leo Botrugno & Family, Bedfordshire, UK



















"It plays beautifully – not at all like and electric piano"

My classenti piano arrived on the due date. We assembled it that night without the mannual. It plays beautifully – not at all like and electric piano ( I,m such a ludite). I am amazed I can still play after more than 10 years. There's hope for a lot of people!

Freddie 8 is having his first lessons with me and is being taught traditionally. I am teaching Henry 6 with colours and by ear. It really helps the piano has no distracting "bells and whistles". Tilly 3 is singing "Once upon a dream" from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Thank you for the electonic mannual. Very environ friendly. Being a bit slow, I had wondered where it was.

The service we have had from you has been excellent, thank you

Alison Burton, Mumbles, Swansea, Wales, UK
















"I fell in love with this instrument straight away, and ended up taking one home with me"

I had decided to take up piano playing after a gap of many years, having recently semi-retired. This time I had my heart set on a digital piano. Not knowing much about them, I contacted Graham Howard for his advice on what to look for.

After a few friendly emails, and receiving very helpful advice, I decided to drive from Northampton to Enfield to visit the showroom. There, I was shown the Classenti CDP2, and given a short demonstration. I fell in love with this instrument straight away, and ended up taking one home with me.

It was very easy to assemble, having downloaded the instruction manual from the internet.

Once assembled, this piano makes a wondrous addition to any room, a really beautiful looking, and at the same time very solid, instrument.

To play it is to be transported into another world, the sounds are so authentic. The extras are an added bonus, with just enough not to get too complicated, for instance 5 instrumental voices, various demo songs to listen to, a metronome, and reverb are my particular favourites.
This has given me the enthusiasm to take lessons again, because the Classenti deserves to be played well, and I hope one day that I will be able to do it the justice that it deserves. It will certainly be fun trying.

Alan G Mitchell, Northampton
























"I would recommend it to anyone about to buy their first piano. My daughter can't stop playing it !"

Hi Graham, just a quick word about the piano I bought from you last month – Classenti Digital Piano CDP2 Dark Rosewood. I must say I am very impressed by it's build quality and sound. Would have had to pay £400+ extra for a similar spec Kawai which I tried in a local shop.

I find the aux-in facility very handy especially since I have a Yamaha synthesiser which I can control with the piano via Midi. The quality of the other limited voices are not as good
as the main piano sound, but we as a family use it as a piano only which is why we bought it in the first place.

Just a small quibble regarding the use of headphones; level is quite low and slight distortion occurs when volume turned up to max. Overall a good quality digital piano, would recommend it to anyone about to buy their first piano, my daughter can't stop playing! (in her own unique way) it, many thanks,

Llion Baines, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales, UK

















"I was looking for a digital piano with a firm realistic keyboard action and that is exactly what the Classenti has, perfect"

Hi Graham,

My CDP2 arrived safely and we assembled it without trouble. The main feature I was looking for in a digital piano was a
firm realistic keyboard action and that is exactly what the Classenti has, perfect. No unnecessary frills, just a good solid piano with the most important essentials such as good sounds,two track recording, metronome etc. I am amazed at the low price for such a good instrument.

Many thanks.
Derek A Blower, Cheshire, UK.













"My son Mark is very pleased so far with the piano's performance"

Dear Graham
Excellent service! You were kind enough to telephone on the Monday, the piano arrived at nine o'clock the following morning, as promised.

My son Mark is very pleased so far with the piano's performance.

Assembly was easy, so we expect to find it equally straightforward if we need to dismantle it!

End result? Happy and impressed customer.
David Stevens, Canterbury, UK














"The action is superb – if you shut eyes and ears you would be convinced you are playing a real piano keyboard"

I have been using my CDP1 for almost two weeks now and I would like to say I am VERY pleased. As Graham has said, the action is superb – if you shut eyes and ears you would be convinced you are playing a real piano keyboard.

The sounds are good; personally I prefer Piano2 which is brighter but both are excellent piano sounds for the money. I've seen the piano described as woolly, well, it is at very low volume so turn up the volume a bit and it's fine. The other sounds are fun for playing around (which of course I am still doing!). Overall build quality is much better than I expected for the price and the whole unit has a comforting solid feel to it.

The delivery men were kind enough to put the piano box in the sitting room and I had it up and running in about 25 minutes – solo.

This is actually very easy if you follow the following procedure:-
– Open the box , take out the base and sides and screws. Don't remove any of the packing on the keyboard
– Turn the box on its side with the keys facing down.
– Build the base & sides, and lay them down, pedals down.
– WITHOUT removing any packing, slide out the keyboard and get rid of the box
– Remove the polythene bag from the two ends of the keyboard and fit the base to it.
– Lift the whole thing to an upright position (which is quite easy as the weight is supported by the feet)
– remove the polystyrene "hoops" and the rest of the packaging
– Play it and smile

Many thanks,

Mike D, Bedford, UK.





























"Thanks for going the extra mile"

Hi Graham,
The piano has arrived and we are all enjoying it. Thanks for "going the extra mile" and taking it to the courier depot on Tuesday to make sure it arrived yesterday, I really appreciate it.

Martin Lascelles, Sydling St. Nicholas, Dorchester, UK








"My only concern is that i got something that was as close to a real piano as possible and in the Classenti i've got exactly what i wanted"

The piano is fantastic,I initialy had my heart set on a Yamaha, from reading about them at your site, However i just missed the price rise and wasn't prepared to spend the asking amount.

My only concern is that i got something that was as close to a real piano as possible and not a phony keyboard sound and in the Classenti i've got exactly what i wanted, I can't imagine another model being any more real than this is.

Pity i couldn't get my hands on the yamaha, but i'm just begining to learn and the Classenti is quality, by the way, my favorite sound is the default voice setting and the reverb at 3

Fantastic! Graeme Glendinning















"both children are really pleased and excited by it"

Dear Graham

I have just taken delivery of the Classenti CDP1 this morning. I've managed to assemble it with no problems and am just going through the User Manual CD. So far, the piano sounds and feels good – both children are really pleased and excited by it.

Louise Nevill, France.









"Your technician was punctual, knowledgeable and very helpful indeed, so all round a good result"

Hi Graham

Doubtless you're aware, but Jerry was here yesterday fixing the keyboard. Many thanks for arranging for him to do so. I didn't really know what the fault was, but it was explained to me and it's clear why the unit wasn't working properly. Everything is OK now.

I'm very pleased to have it back, and, listening to Jerry's assessment of various different models I'm also please to have that quality of board. I have to say that your technician was punctual, knowledgeable and very helpful indeed, so all round a good result.

Thanks, Adrian Taylor, Hatherleigh, Devon, UK














"I couldn't believe the quality I received for such a relatively cheap price!"

I recently bought a Classenti CDP1 from your website, and I couldn't believe the quality I received for such a relatively cheap price! I needed something to practice on when I went away to University, that felt and sounded as close as possible to an actual piano, and the CDP1 is quite sufficient for this need. It even went one better than my piano at home by including a sostenuto pedal!

I would say this is an excellent practice substitute for a piano, although for gigs and the like a stage piano with better sounds and functions would probably be more useful. The metronome function is especially helpful for technical practice.

It only took about 10 mins for two of us to assemble first time, and the fact so much of it comes apart means it is pretty easy to take places in a car. If like me you are too lazy to have to walk somewhere everyday to do your practice. Thank you because it is a brilliant piano!

Joe Schultz

P.S. Also, the fact you can plug in headphones means that you can practice at any time of the day without disturbing people, which is great!





















"I like the feel and the sound which is almost as good as a real piano"

Hi Graham,

The piano arrived yesterday. I am very happy with the decision l took to buy the Classenti. I like the feel and the sound which is almost as good as a real piano. Thank you first of all for helping me in the process of deciding which digital piano to buy and giving me the right advice.

Kind regards,
John Butcher, Reading, UK.











"I am extremely pleased with it"

Hi Graham, Thanks very much for the speedy delivery.

The piano arrived safely this morning and didn't take long to assemble with the help of my neighbour!

I am extremely pleased with it.

Many thanks,

Daryll Little (Ms.), Llanelli, Wales










"The key touch was perfect, just what I was hoping for"

I've been looking on internet for some time now as I needed to buy a digital piano. I carefully read all your comments including your   guide to buying digital piano which I found extremely useful, thank you!

After some time I made up my mind and decided to buy Classenti CDP2, the specs sounded good to me and the fact that it had heavy weighted keys was the major aspect that made me buy this
piano. When it finally arrived I was chuffed, my first digital piano, of course I was excited.
I knew it would be different from the usual upright piano I had and it would take some time getting used to it. The key touch was perfect, just what I was hoping for.

Jane Bowyer
















" think your excellent customer service combined with the 2 years warranty would compensate or outweigh for the aforementioned"

The sound is very nice and the touch quite heavy. I did not feel there was a distinctive difference between 'hard,soft, and normal'

The polished ebony look is just fantastic. unfrtunately when I was removing the selotape, a part of the silver paint came out. this made it look like an eyesore.

The price: definitely not a competitve price when compared to yamaha clavinova 220 PE. I have mostly used piano voices. I think they are ok. Speed of delivery was excellent despite the fact I had the piano delivered on one day and the stool on another day, but your communication was excellent.

helpfulness I consider the most important thing. You have been very helpful. I give 10/10 on this.

In conclusion: think your excellent customer service combined with the 2 years warranty would compensate or outweigh for the aforementioned.

Kind regards
Milad Kehdr




















"When listening to Stephanie playing from an adjacent room, it is very difficult to tell which piano she is playing – the acoustic or Classenti"

Classenti CDP1 Dark Rosewood

Hi Graham,

Thank you very much, my Classenti piano arrived as promised and I just wanted to let you know what I thought of it.

The keys are not flimsy and have a great, solid feel when played. It is a very stylish piece of equipment. The sound quality is just like an acoustic piano but is better to play because it is more controllable with the volume control and headphone options.

The pedal is just right – not too stiff and it works well.
The record function allows me to hear back what I have just played and correct myself. No strings means no tuning is needed, hence no ongoing additional costs.

It feels like a new piano because the keys aren't soft to the touch, like some older acoustic pianos. I prefer playing it to an acoustic piano in many ways.

It is a stylish-looking piano. It is very solidly built and stable.

At the moment, it is temporarily located in the lounge of our house, where there is also an upright acoustic piano. When listening to Stephanie playing from an adjacent room, it
is very difficult to tell which piano she is playing – the acoustic or Classenti. This is an indication of its good audio reproduction. It's good value for money.

Mike Brooks, Colchester, Essex, UK

























"In regards to its sound, build quality etc. You have not let me down. Straight away the default piano sound was authentic and instantly reminded me of the acoustic piano"

Hi Graham,
I received delivery of a Classenti CPD2 in polished black. I
have only had it a few days so still working through the instruction manual! However, first impressions are excellent. It was a bit of leap of faith with the Classenti as I had no opportunity to try one out before I bought it.

However, I relied on your guide book in regards to its sound, build quality etc. You have not let me down. Straight away the default piano sound was authentic and instantly reminded me of the acoustic piano in Sunday School many years ago.

The demo tunes show off the full potential of sounds that can be produced, the sounds are rich and have good presence. I am very pleased with the overall quality and look of the piano.

While it is not endowed with dozens of buttons an dials it has a simple elegance and looks great in the lounge.
With thanks
Jeff Charnock, Liverpool, UK





















"The touch, sensitivity,and tonal qualities are superb making this beautiful instrument very good value for the money"

After having read your excellant guide to choosing an electronic piano, I bought the Classenti CDP1 in cherry from UK Pianos last December. I bought it for my son and he and the rest of the family are delighted with this excellant musical instrument.

Delivery was made when promised and assembly was straight forward. The touch, sensitivity,and tonal qualities are superb making this beautiful instrument very good value for the money.

I would definately recommend your company and in particular this model of piano.

Many thanks

Brian Love, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland















"I'm amazed at the quality of the sound"

Hi Graham,

I received the piano and I'm amazed at the quality of the sound – I honestly thought that I would not be able to get something that sounded so realistic for that price!

John Reeves, Wimbledon, London, UK








"My wife hasn't stopped playing it!"

My wife is delighted with her piano and hasn't stopped playing since I set it up on her birthday 2.5 weeks ago – she's really coming on too!


Dominic Grace








"We are really happy with the quality and sound"

Hi Graham

We purchased a Classenti CDP1 from UK Pianos! I am happy to report that is was delivered next day as promised and we are really happy with the quality and sound. Thanks you for all your help.

Paul Cowie, Newbury, Berkshire, UK









"I like Classenti's no-nonsense approach"

From all the pianos, the Classenti CDP3 appeals the most to me because of their no-nonsense approach (they seem to focus on just making a good piano, no CASIO-like stuff with billions of crappy sounds and accompaniments, no overhead from marketing and showrooms)













Graham Howard editorDo you want to ask Graham Howard a question? Just send an email to

Questions about Classenti digital pianos

I think I'm just about ready to buy. Choice has come down to classenti cdp1 or 2.

Can just about afford the more expensive one. It is for my son (8) and me….both beginners. Cdp2 looks like it may be a bit more robust as well as slightly better technically. Is that fair?

If I do go ahead and purchase, are there any deals looming I should be aware of? Also, can I pick up from your shop?

Cheers, Allen

Reply/ Hi Allen

You ‘re right in saying that the CDP2 is more robust than
the CDP1. The CDP2 also has one extra level of sensitivity
on the keys. This is better for more advanced playing
(when your son gets to about grade 6).

There aren’t any deals planned for Classenti pianos.

Yes, you can pick up the piano from us.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Dear Graham

Thank you for your book, it is very useful.

My son (age 16) has only started learning piano and would like to improve as much as he can do. We note you highly recommened the Classenti digital piano on your web site. We are considering the Classenti CDP 2. Before we make the purchase, we were searching some information about it and spoke to the piano teacher and the local retailers. They have never heard of these piano. Unfortunately, there is not chance to try the Classenti as it is only available online, we can not compare it with the other brand's models.

Now I am really confused. Should I stick with the Classenti CDP2 or go for the other popularity brands like the Yamaha, Roland or Casio? Please help!

Could you tell me more information about the Strengths and weaknesses of the Classenti. I would really appreciate your opinions and advices.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
many thanks again.

Regards, Ting

Reply/ Hi Ting

We have been selling Classenti pianos for about 4 years.
It was a fairly new brand when we decided to start stock it.

So far the feedback we've received has been excellent.

You can read some customer comments here:

I'm impressed with the sound quality and the heavy-weighted
touch. It feels very close to playing a real piano.

I recommend the CDP2. It would be the ideal piano for
your son to learn and progress on.

I suppose the main weakness of the Classenti is that it's
not as popular or well known as Yamaha, Roland etc.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Dear Graham,

Thank you for your e mail. I visited your premises last Thursday and I have
been assured that as a beginner the Classenti CDP1 would be adequate. My choice
is limited by available space and the fact that I live in a block of flats. I
would have preferred the Classenti CDP2 but the length is too long for the
space.Do you consider this agood coice? Many thanks.


Reply/ Hi Edmund

The Classenti CDP1 is ideal for a beginner.
Its fully-weighted keys feel very close to
an acoustic piano.

The CDP2 has a slightly more responsive key
touch, but would only make a difference at
a really advanced level.

Yours pianistically

Graham Howard

Graham thanks for the free on line book. I didn't know anything about digital pianos and you have made is easy for a beginner to understand the key factors to consider.

Regarding Classenti digital pianos: My understanding is that they are only sold on line (to keep the price down)……my instinctive reaction is if they are a sucessful product you would expect them to be available in shops. Surely most people would want to listen to the instrument before committing to buy. If only sold on line how can this happen ?

My concern is that, despite the really positve reviews, the sound is described as "bright". I have always disliked tinny, reedy , this sounding music and prefer depth to the sound. In your opinion should I avoid Classenti (and where could I try one out ) ?


Reply/ Hi Richard

Classenti choose to distribute their pianos
online. This, as you rightly say, is to make
them more affordable or/and better quality.

The Classenti CDP1 has a bright sound, but
if you prefer a warm, resonant sound then
you will like the Classenti CDP2 and CDP3.

We keep the range on display in our piano
school in Enfield. You are welcome to come
and try them out.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Hello Graham
My 9 year old daughter wants to learn the piano and I do too. I have been in contact with a piano teacher we have been recommended and she explained that she and I will need a piano on which to practice which makes sense. However I don't have enough room for a normal piano and so need to consider an electric or digital one. I started reading your guide but now can't re-access it as I didn't save it to the computer! The teacher explained that if I get a digital piano it needs to have weighted keys in order to mimmic a normal piano as much as possible.

I have the chance to buy a second hand classenti CDP1 for between £400 and £500 which seems a good price as it is only a few months old. I don't want to spend any more than this and even this is only just affordable because I don't know if we will take to it!

Do you have any suggestions? Would the classenti be a good choice?
Any comments that you may have would be very helpful indeed.
Thank you in kind anticipation

Neil Whitaker


Hi Neil

If you can get it for less than £500 then you've
got a good deal. A new one currently costs £749.

The Classenti CDP1 is a good piano for your
daughter to learn and progress on. It has a
fully-weighted key touch and four levels of
touch sensitivity on each key.

This piano is good enough to take her up to
about grade 7.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard


I am interested in buying a digital piano. I previously played a Roland HP 201 belonging
to my Dad, and while the sound was ok, if a little bright, I felt the feel to be a bit
off, a bit light but with a definite clunk, especially noticeable when playing with the
volume low/headphones. You could hear it through the wall in the room next door! My
budget is less than £1000 and I am interested in the Classenti CDP 2, mainly because you
say it has the most natural sound and a realistic feel. My main concern is that as I live
in Manchester I cannot really travel to your shop to play the piano and am bit worried
about spending all that money for something I haven't seen! Is there anywhere in my area
where I might be able to play the piano? I know the main reason they are cheaper is that
they are online only. If not, can I definitely return the piano, if worst case, I
really didn't like it? And you would definitely collect it free of charge. I see in
your T&Cs you require it to be in its original packaging to return, does the packaging
stay intact when the piano is unpacked? I am hoping that I will not need to do this, but
I'm sure you understand me wanting to be sure before I place an order! Thanks for any
help and advice.


Reply/ Hi Amy

We do offer a 'change of mind' on the
Classenti digital pianos…

You would get a full refund for the price
of the piano.

If you're not sure then it might be
best if you come down to our shop in
North London to try it out.

If you decide to buy it then we'll take
the cost of your train fare (or petrol)
off the price. But please don't travel
first class 😉

The packaging needs to be in as good
condition as possible. But we understand
it may get a little torn.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Hi Graham

Do you have any idea how the Classenti CDP2 and CDP3 compare for resale prices
if we might want to upgrade after say two years?

For instance, if we were to buy another piano from you and they were in good condition,
what would you buy them back for? (this is not a meant to be a commitment on your part,
but just to get an idea comparing them).


Reply/ Hi Nick

Classenti digital pianos have currently got a good
resale value.

A two year old CDP2 should sell for between 70%
and 80% of the price you paid for it.

A two year old CDP3 should sell for between 65%
and 75% of the price you paid for it.

Of course, this is assuming you keep it in good

If you want to upgrade to an upright piano later
then we would offer you an attractive part-

exchange price.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

"Great guidance to make the right decision"

I was attracted to Graham's website because of the fantastic buying guide that enabled me as a non piano playing parent make the right buying decision. Once I knew the specification it was easy to select the right piano from a very extensive selection at the right price.

Once we had decided to buy the piano, it arrived in perfect condition and was very easy to assemble. Many happy playing hours later….

Niky Burdekin

Hi Graham,

Should I consider the CDP2?

1. From the specs, it seems to have better sound. Do you think this will become significant as we progress?

2. Is the difference between 4 vs 5 levels of touch sensitivity going to become significant, particularly for
my daughter as she goes up through grading? (You mentioned somewhere about struggling to adjust to an acoustic
in one of your higher level grading exams.)

3. I don't understand the 3-button control interface of the CDP2. CDP1 seems to have one button per function,
placed centrally above the keyboard. I would prefer this over button combinations and menus, etc. It would be
useful to at least have a clear closeup photo of the control panels of the two models somewhere on your website.
Yamaha, Roland, etc., have brochures and video demos available online to give some sense of the control layout,
but I can't find anything for the Classenti's.

4. Your CDP1 bundle makes a complete package, but do you have that bundle for the CDP2, and if so, for how much?
Or does the CDP2 include a matching stool, which would leave the headphones and cover to buy separately?

Thanks again for your time and patience.


Reply/ Hi Sally

The Classenti CDP2 does have a warmer, more resonant
piano sound than the CDP1.

The one extra level of touch sensitivity will come
in useful when your children reach the higher grades:
grade 7 and above. But it's not essential.

The CDP1 control panel is much easier to use. You
only need to press a single button to be able to
change the sound. The CDP2 requires you to press
a button on the control panel and a key. It's more
complicated to use, but the user manual explains

We don't advertise a package for the CDP2. But I
can do the same deal for you. For an extra £80 you
can get an adjustable stool, headphones and cover.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Hi Graham



Perhaps you can also give me more general advice. I have been reading your buying guide.



I have an acoustic piano, but I have pretty well forgotten how to play; very little time for many years, and less enjoyment with deteriorating skill. My main reason for wanting a digital piano is the hope that if I don't have to worry about disturbing neighbours I shall have enough motivation to get back to it again. It will be a long time before I get to a reasonable level: I suppose at the moment I won't be more than grade 5 or 6 even when my fingers start working again.

So my main concern is something that won't get me into bad habits with touch. Sound is less important at the moment.

I would also prefer not to spend more than I have to, since I don't know how successful this scheme is going to be. I am willing to consider a rent to buy scheme.

At the moment I'm inclining to the Broadway B1 or the Cassenti CDP1 – with a sneaking idea or two about the CDP2, since I like the sound of its advantages and your saying it would never need an upgrade.

But I also wonder how much would be lost by going for the Cassenti P1 at this stage, because space is a bit of a problem: I don't want to get rid of the acoustic piano yet. What are the dimensions of the P1 (and, for that matter, the Broadway B2)? This is relevant also because if this scheme works I shall be wanting another digital piano as well: I live between two places.

Very many thanks


Reply/ Hi Janet

If space is a real issue, the Broadway B2 will save
you a few cm in depth over the others.

But, it’s not as good a piano as the P1, CDP1 or
Broadway B2.

The B2 has a heavier, more realistic key touch.
So I definitely advise this over the B2. With the
B2 you are paying more for the cabinet.

The Classenti P1 has the exact same key touch
as the CDP1. The advantage of the CDP1 is a
nicer sound, a stronger, more sturdy cabinet
and a 3 pedals.

Now, the CDP2 has a warmer, more mellow
sound than the CDP1. It doesn’t have that
metallic sharp edge to the sound that most
of the cheaper digital pianos seem to have.

Here are the dimensions of the P1:

Length: 127cm (50 inches),
Height: 11.5cm (4.5 inches),
Depth: 34cm (13.5 inches)

And the Broadway B2:

Width 138.2cm (54.4 inches)
Depth 39cm (15.4 inches)
Height 74.5cm (29.3 inches)

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Thanks for your advice Graham. I confess I have not heard of Classenti before. Do they have any
pedigree in quality instruments ? Obviously, the CLP320 would be nice but a tad out of my price range.
Regards, Michael

Reply/ Hi Michael

The Classenti CDP1 is a lovely little piano.

Classenti have been making pianos for about 4 years now.
So they're fairly new in the piano world…

In the three years that we've been selling them we've
had only a few minor technical issues, which we've
been able to resovle quickly under the warranty.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

UK Pianos

Hi Graham,

My Classenti piano has finally arrived and I am absolutely thrilled with it.  I think it has been all over the Channel Islands before eventually reaching Alderney today.  Never mind, it's here now. And working beautifully.

Many thanks for your help and please thank the lady who dealt with my order.

Sincerely, Aileen Wilson


Dear Graham


Obviously if you are paying that amount of money you will need something that will at least last about 10 years. I have been looking yesterday at the Kawai C18 and price was very expensive. My two daughters have only started their piano lessons.

We have just sold our upright piano as it took a lot of room.

I have read a lot this morning about the Classenti CDp1 and CDp2 obviously the price is different between the two.

 Is there a lot of different between the sounds. Obviously I want the keys to feel the same touch as the piano has.

Thank you


Reply/ Hi Ruth

The Classenti CDP2 has a deeper, more resonant sound than the CDP1.

It also has an extra level of touch sensitivity (5 levels against the CDP1's 4 levels).

The CDP2 also has:

Sliding key cover

Almost full back board (helps with stability)

Simplified user panel (tidier, less distractions from the piano)

Will take your children up to grade 8 (the highest piano grade)…

The key touch is very close to a real piano both on the CDP1 and CDP2.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard






Myself and my fiancé are potentially in the market for a piano – neither of us play but would like to learn (I had a few lessons as a teenager) and should we have a family soon a piano is important to us. We are thinking of a digital piano – mainly as we assume you can use earphones with these in order to maintain relations with the neighbours – is that true?
Having read your very helpful website, the classenti seems to have a good write up based on sounds, and most importantly feel….would you say these are in fact better than the yamaha's and rolands (the only brands we've heard of)?

Sorry is these questions are a touch simple or naive!!

Many thanks, Eugene

Reply/ Hi Eugene

The Classenti piano has slightly heavier weighted keys
than Yamahas and Rolands which make it feel closer
to playing a real piano.

So my recommendation is the Classenti CDP1.

The Classenti also allows you to play with
headphones. This cuts out the sound so you
only hear it through the headphones.

Result… happy neighbours 🙂

Yours pianistically,
Graham Howard


Hi Graham


Thank you for all your help below and when we spoke on the phone. I have to say, we have bought a digital keyboard and have already started learning thanks to your initial free lessons. I think with such an important and expensive purchase it’s also important to actually ‘see’ the item whatever it is, and there was little opportunity to see a Classenti in Fife!

Your website provided invaluable advice and information in helping us to make not only our digital piano purchase, but also helped to confirm our decision that it is never too late to learn!

Once again, thank you for your advice, and if you wish to post this to your site, please do.

As a family, 2/3 of us are hoping to learn and perhaps we will keep you up to date with our progress.

Kind Regards

Susie Taylor, Fife


Been looking at the Classenti digital pianos and my girlfriend Jess and I intend to visit your store in Enfield to try them. From what I can gather from your website, you seem to really like the Classenti based on its value for money. We're thinking of going for the CDP 2 rosewood.

Jess was a very proficient player (beyond grade 8) but is now of course is less so as having not played for years. I'm a complete beginner.

We've tried a couple of the Kawai, Roland and Yamahas (circa £800 – £1200 mark) and Jess has found them not to her liking in either sound or feel. We don’t want any bells and whistles, just something that’s a piano first and foremost. That said, we would be willing to compromise slightly!

What do you recommend?

Also, can you confirm your tech specs are correct for the CDP 2 – the Classenti website has the speakers at 15 x 2 watts for CDP 2: whereas yours has is as 2 x 20 watts?

Thanks for your help, we'll probably make the trip to Enfield one evening next week.


Reply/ Hi Matt

You are welcome to visit our Enfield store anytime… We have a
Classenti CD2 on display that you and your girlfriend can try out
to your hearts content.

I do like the Yamaha CLP320. It is a fantastic digital piano.

The Kawai I am not (and never have been) very keen on.

The Roland digitals are nice to play, but the touch is a little
too light and I find my fingers running away a bit.

The Classenti CDP2 has 2 x 20 watt speakers (according to
the manual). I believe the Classenti website is wrong.

I do rate the Classenti highly, but you should try it out first just
to satisfy yourself before making a decision.

You can call me on 020 8367 2080 if you would like to make
an appointment, or just turn up at our showroom. There will
be someone there to show you the pianos.

Hope to see you soon.

Yours pianistically,
Graham Howard
UK Pianos

I have resolved to take piano lessons in 2008. I would also like to expose my two young children to a musical environment at home.

A Classenti electronic piano sounds like an affordable solution.

Do you have any info on


Edward Halleron


The first Classenti digital pianos are expected in around the end of January 2008. We will be selling them for at least 30% off retail price. This means that they will be between £500 and £600.

I cannot say at the moment if there will be availability, there has been an awful lot of interest in them.

Graham Howard

i'm looking to purchase a good, but very basic digital piano but was hoping to grab one second hand for under £200. is there anything in the classenti range? do you have any information on it? brochures etc?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
paul jones

Reply/ Hi Paul

The Classenti digital pianos will be around the £600 price range.

There isn't a piano on the market for under £600 that is
anywhere near as good.

My advice is not to buy a secondhand piano. Digital pianos
can go wrong after a few years of playing and fixing them
costs a small fortune.

I appreciate your budget is £200, but it's best to buy a new
piano with a guarantee. Classenti offer 5 years.

I'll let you know the exact price of the pianos when they
have arrived in the UK. They are expected around the
middle of February 2008.

Yours Pianistically,
Graham Howard
UK Pianos

Dear Mr Howard


I have just read your comment on the internet concerning the

Classenti digital piano where you say that you would recommend this

particularly for beginners. At what point is a person no longer regarded

as a beginner? I am about to purchase a digital piano for my daughters

who have been having lessons for a few years but who have yet to do any

grades and I am anxious to purchase something which would stand them in

good stead for at least five years or so. I am limited by space and to

some extent, budget and so I was wondering if this would be a good buy?


Many thanks

Leigh-Anne van Graan


Reply/ Hi Leigh-Anne


The Classenti digital pianos are not ONLY for beginners.


They are IDEAL for beginners mainly because of the following:


Fully weighted touch (like a real piano)

Incredibly realistic piano sounds

Limited fancy features (bells and whistles)


The Classenti pianos are good enough to take your

daughters through to the highest piano exam (grade 8).


In other words, these pianos are for players of any standard…

Just even more attractive for beginners because they will

benefit most by learning to play on a piano like this.


Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Hi Graham

Would you have any info on Northern Ireland dealers for this new brand? I am a classically trained pianist with a music degree but haven't played for 10 years or so (bold girl!) so am on the hunt for a good digital piano to start again. Space and price mean then an acoustic is not a feasible choice at the moment, but I also dont want to spend too much on a digital as an acoustic will be the ulitmate goal at some stage. Roland seems the best, the Yamahas are a bit spongy for my liking, and as the RP101 has PHA II and is cheaper than the HP201 (which does not seem to have PHA II) I am leaning in that direction. However the Classenti also look like good prices (the CDP3 PE also looks really nice for a digital piano!) but i would obviously like to try before i consider that. If there are no dealer in NI, I am in Liverpool quite regularly, so perhaps there are dealers over there?
Any advice would be welcomed.

Reply/ If you are ever down in London, you are welcome to come
and try the CDP3 in our warehouse. We also have several
in our music school along with other makes, so you can compare.

Question/ I see you have a return policy. If I order, can I be sure I won't be
sent a piano that someone has previously tried out? Only interested in
something totally brand new.



Reply/ If you order a brand new piano then you will receive
a brand new piano.



Any Classenti piano that has been returned on the
60 day trial is sold off at a discount. You can see
these pianos in our used digital piano section here:

Hi Sharon

The advanced model Classentis have the same mechanism as the basic
models; the differences being mostly additional instrumental voices,
rhythms and other features.

I know beginners only get distracted by these sounds and are
better off with a decent piano touch and sound.

Most (if not all) the starter digital pianos I've seen have a
pretty poor touch and sound. To increase the perceived value,
manufacturers add lots of buttons, lights and features that you
will never make use of.

With the Classenti digital pianos, you are paying for the realistic
sound and touch — not the features.

There will be some instrumental voices on the Classenti though.
Probably the most popular: organ, harpsichord, vibraphone etc.

I will get everything on the website just as soon as the pianos
arrive in the UK. I will let you know when the information has
been added.

Graham Howard
UK Pianos

I am now going to buy a Classenti, but am not sure which model yet but they will be getting my hard earned shillings and pence.
The main factors for my decision to pick a Classenti was warranty, sound quality, key feel, speaker output and the fact I could get other colours in stead of various shades of black (based on my price point). The only concern is that I will be buying blind as I will not have tested or touched one of these pianos.

Guy, Toronto, Canada



Do you have any more information on the 'Classenti' digital piano please?


I'd like to learn to play the piano but I don't want to spend more than £400 "all in".

Would this piano be in that category?

My friend has just bought a Kawai CL20 for £250 second hand which has a really nice sound. If I could repeat his good fortune I think I would!

Many thanks for your time, Gareth Perch

Hi Gareth

The Classenti digital piano price (as far as I could find out) will be sold around the £600 price range.

I have personally tested this piano and I am totally convinced it will take the piano market by storm almost as soon as it arrives…

… this is because the quality is superb (2 year warranty to back it up).

I have never heard a digital piano in the lower price bracket sound and feel so realistic.

Quite frankly, after hearing this piano, I don't know why they are being sold so much below the price they are worth? Or could it be that Yamaha, Roland or Kawai digital pianos are being sold at a price so much above what they are worth? (Probably you are paying more for the BIG brand name)?

I love these pianos and strongly believe that everyone learning to play piano should have a Classenti digital…

The Classenti piano's touch is just right, and learning to play on a decent instrument will pay off ten-fold later in life.

The problem with most digital pianos is that their touch is too light and un-realistic, and their sound is much too bright.

With the Classenti digital piano, the transition to an upright or grand piano is easy, not a struggle. This is how it should be!

Graham Howard
UK Pianos

P.S. The Kawai CL20 is an OK piano, but I'm sure you will enjoy playing the Classenti much more.






It's not a deal killer but how does the music stand on the CDP1 & 2 fold
or detach? It would be handy if we could occasionally place a laptop or
pc monitor where sheet music usually sits.
Love your very helpful site.

Kind regards,

Reply/ Hi Bob

The music stand folds backwards. It rests flat on the piano.
You can also detach it by removing 2 screws.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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"I am definitely going to invest in a piano, most likely a Classenti CDP2 as you
recommended to me. I have some reservations about buying one unseen but
have read enough positive feedback, from various sources, that I am prepared
to take a leap of faith"


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