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Yamaha Keyboards

Yamaha keyboards are great for learning. Most schools choose Yamaha digital pianos and keyboards over other brands because they're reliable, have all the functions and sounds required for learning and are good value for money. Yamaha's high end keyboards are packed with additional functions and better voices.

Yamaha Portable Keyboards (PSR, EZ and DGX)

Yamaha PSR-E253


Not for sale

Yamaha PSR-E353


Not for sale

Yamaha PSR-E443


Not for sale

Yamaha EZ-220


Not for sale

Yamaha PSR-A300


Not for sale

Yamaha PSR-S670


Not for sale








Yamaha PSR-S770

Not for sale

Yamaha PSR-S970

Not for sale

Yamaha PSR-A2000

Not for sale

Yamaha DGX660







Yamaha Piagerro Keyboards (NP and NPV)

Yamaha NP11

Not for sale

Yamaha NP31

Not for sale

Yamaha NP31S

Not for sale

Yamaha NPV60

Not for sale

Yamaha NPV80

Not for sale







Yamaha Tyros (61 and 76 Keys)

Yamaha Tyros 5 - 61 Keys
Tyros 5 – 61
Not for sale

Yamaha Tyros 5 - 76 Keys
Tyros 5 -76
Not for sale

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Summary of the different Yamaha keyboards:

Yamaha PSR Keyboards

Standard 61 key electronic keyboards with hundreds of musical instrument sounds, percussion beats, music styles and amusing noises. The PSR keyboards are easily transportable and are packed with fun features. Most learners start out on one of these. The most popular are PSR-E243 and PSR-E343.

Yamaha Piagerro NP and NPV Portable Keyboards

More substantial keyboards than the PSR series.

Yamaha DGX

The Yamaha DGX keyboard has been a startling success. It has 88 medium-weighted keys, larger speakers than the 61-key models and a much fuller, more resonant sound.


The ultimate king of keyboards! Even the top end korg has its money cut out against the new Yamaha Tyros.
The Tyros is the most complete professional keyboard ever designed. Comes in 61 or 76 key versions.

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Graham Howard editor

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"Graham Howard,
Piano Advisor"


Question/ Hello there

I am emailing you from New Zealand. I have a 9 and a 10 year old boy and I am wanting to get them started on Piano Lessons, so am presently looking to buy a second hand keyboard – or something that they can start on. I have found a CASIO CPS-50 Keyboard on trademe and I am wondering if this would be a suitable option for them to start on – seems to be a bigger keyboard than the Yamaha PSR175 that I am looking at too. Do you have any advice for me – please help!

Thanks in advance for any help that you may be able to give me on this.

Warmest wishes, Pam Hanretty

Answer/ Hi Pam

I am not sure which models are available in New Zealand but the Yamaha PSR175 is probably too basic to start with. You really need a keyboard with touch sensitive keys (this means that the harder you press on the key, the louder the sound). I recommend to buy the Yamaha PSRE403.

Ideally you should consider buying a digital piano rather than an electronic keyboard. Digital pianos are designed to feel and sound like the real thing – of course they cost a lot more though.

Graham Howard
UK Pianos

Description of the popular models

Yamaha PSRE243  Yamaha PSR-E243

Beginner's keyboard. This is OK to learn on for 6 months to 1 year. Later you will need to upgrade it for something with more resistance on the keys.


Yamaha PSRE343  Yamaha PSR-E343

This is better than the PSR-E243 because it has touch sensitive keys. This allows you to play dynamics. The most popular keyboard for beginners.


Yamaha PSR-E443 Keyboard   Yamaha PSR-E443

The next step up from the PSR-E343.


Yamaha EZ-220   Yamaha EZ-220

Yamaha's only keylighting keyboard. The keys light up when you play making it easier to learn the notes. Learning becomes interactive and fun.


Yamaha DGX650


    Yamaha DGX650

Versatile keyboard with hundreds of voices and rhythms. Weighted digital piano touch.


Yamaha Tyros 5 
                          Yamaha Tyros 5-61

The Tyros 5 has some amazing new sounds/functions and is an instant hit with the professional keyboard community.


Yamaha Tyros5 76 Keys  Yamaha Tyros 5-76

76 Key version, This is the most popular of the two models by far.

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