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Hi Graham,

Yes, I got your book thank you, some weeks ago now when I originally ordered
it. I’ve read it and made a précis for future reference. I think it is extremely good:
thorough, obviously authoritative and easy to understand. Still no piano though,
partly because I am toying with the idea of a digital conversion from Vale Pianos
(I wonder what you think of them), plus it makes sense to wait until my living room
is decorated and carpeted before introducing a big new item.

All the best,

Andrew Gilling

Reply/ Hi Andrew

I’m not sure what type of keyboard Vale Pianos
use in their digital conversions, or where their
sounds are sampled from. So I’m unable to comment
on that.

If you want a digital piano then I recommend going
for a digital piano rather than converting an
old piano…

Digital pianos have the following advantages over
digital conversions:

  • Space saving
  • Portablility

I would imagine that the cost is also quite high
to convert a piano to digital.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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