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Comments and Questions

Hi Graham,

Do you know where I could try the Kawai CN34 digital piano in Sheffield?
What are your thoughts on Yamaha CLP 575 compare with Kawai CN34?

Many thanks.

Reply/ Hi Soyin

I don’t know of any shops in Sheffield.

There aren’t many Kawai dealers left.

Most shops stock only the more popular
Yamaha and Roland pianos.

The Yamaha CLP575 is a far superior piano  
to the Kawai CN34.

It has a firmer, more responsive key touch
and a fuller, more natural piano tone.

Kind regards,
Graham Howard

Problem is that I can't quite make up my mind whether to spend just that little bit more or just to spend around the £1100-1200 range. Plus I keep getting my head turned by conflicting reviews, though it seems the Kawai CN34 reviews are mainly favourable and it is around my preferred price range.


Reply/ Hi Cheng

If you are considering the Kawai CN34, then you
might as well go up to the Yamaha CLP430.
I realise it costs about £200 more, but the
difference is well worth it…

The CLP430 has a firmer, more realistic key
touch. It also has a richer, more resonant tone.

The CLP430 is also more responsive. This doesn’t
necessarily matter when you’re learning, but
when you reach a higher level it makes it much
easier to put feeling into the music and to play
with a greater dynamic range without struggling.

You can see the CLP430 here:

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

"Kawai CN34 or Yamaha CLP?"

Thank you for the extensive reply Graham!  I will definitely buy a piano from you, to be honest, I won't be buying until we come back from holiday at the end of the month, so I will probably look to make a purchase in October.
I went to a local piano shop today and played a clp 430 (they didn't have any 440's in) and also a Kawai CN 34, which I was very impressed with, in fact, more so than the 430! A deeper, bassier sound, replica ivory keys and also a £300 cost saving!  I suppose the sound is all down to personal preference.  From what you have said about the 440, it sounds like it would overcome all the 'issues' I have with the 430, but obviously with a much larger price tag (the Kawai is around £1200 and the 440 is around £17-1800) – having said that I assume the sound quality of the 440 will be far superior to the Kawai?

Many thanks for your help Graham.



Futher/ Hi Jamie

The Yamaha CLP440 is far superior to the equivalent
in the Kawai range.

It has a more realistic key touch, feels firmer and
more responsive. Its sound is also fuller and more

One other thing, Yamaha dominate about 80%
of the digital piano market. This means if
you ever have to sell it, you'll find it
much easier with the Yamaha. It fetches a
30% – 35% higher resale price than the Kawai.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Further question/ It's funny coz I've read a couple of reviews which say the equivalent Kawai has a better feel and sound than the CLP, also I personally preferred the sound and feel of the CN34 compared to the CLP 430.

Sorry for yet another question Graham, but could you let me know how much money I would need to spend to get 5 dynamic levels please?  You mention in your article that 4 dynamic levels would get you up to grade 7 but you would need 5 to go beyond.


Reply/ Hi Jamie

The Yamaha CLP430 has 5 dynamic levels.
This piano is recommended up to grade 8.

If you prefer the sound and feel of the Kawai CN34,
then go for that. Although it doesn’t have the firm,  
solid feel of the Yamaha, or the warmth of tone in
the central area of the keyboard, it is still a good piano.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Hello Graham,
I would like to ask your opinion on comparison between Roland FP-80 and Kawai CN-34 in regard to key action and sound. I am trying to decide between these two.
Looking forward to your reply,

Reply/ Hi Jake

These pianos are in different leagues.

The FP-80 has a smoother, firmer and more
responsive feel to the keys than the CN34.
It feels much closer to a real piano.

The Roland also has a deeper, richer and
more resonant tone. The CN34 doesn’t
even come close.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Dear Graham,

thank you for your guide. I'm upgrading from a very old keyboard that has no action to speak of.

I've tried 3 pianos this far. A CLP-430, which has a great sound, but I found the action very heavy, a Kawai CN34, softer action, which I found easier, but didn't like the sound so much. Either of these would be from a shop.

I also visited a man who is selling a CLP-370. I liked the action on this well enough & thought the sound was good too. We agreed a price of £800 which I am mulling over.
I'd need a stool and to pay for transport over 15 miles as well.

i'd be interested in your views, in particular whether an easier action now would be too soft once I got used to it.

best wishes


Reply/ Hi David

The action of the Yamaha CLP430 is very realistic.
It feels firmer and more like a real piano than
the Kawai CN34.

Because you've been used to a keyboard, I
think you're probably struggling a bit to get
used to the heavier feel.

If you intend playing a real piano sometime
in the future, then the CLP430 would be the
best digital piano for you to practice on.
You will develop your finger strength and
techniques in the correct way.

£800 for a second-hand CLP370 seems fair.
But it really depends on the condition of it
and how much it has been played.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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