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Korg PA588
Korg PA588 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
"The following reviews are from owners of the Korg PA588. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano

1) "All in all I thought the Korg PA 588 is a great keyboard"

I didn't know whether to buy the Korg or Roland? After long deliberation and
spending hours reading the reviews and countless visits t
o various music
I purchased the Korg PA 588 a digital keyboard with weighted keys

At 25 Kg not really a portable instruments but a very good purchase for the
following reasons:

Korg PA 588 is not cheap (£1600.00) however here are my views:

It was important for a keyboard to play and sounded like a real Piano not
only by listening to it on headphones but also in a live situation.
I needed 88 keys that
were weighted.
I also require a the following instruments to sound full
tone wise, not thin and wispy

The sounds I required were:-

Grand and upright Bright piano

A Fender Rhodes type piano

Strings and layered synths

I needed 4 organ types for live work

Hammond B3

Drawbar with rotary speaker effect

VOX continental

Gospel type


Acoustic guitar

It had to be reliable. Inputs Outputs to easily accessed.
A quick and easy
way to navigate save favorites at a touch of a button.  

Having a recording and backing facility was a bonus.

All in all I thought the Korg PA 588 is a great keyboard a great feel and a
great selection of useful sounds.

I would recommend this instrument for all the reasons mentioned above.

I intent to upgrade my piano later this year to a lighter model.

The weight would need to be 20kg. Yamaha now have two models considering CP
1 and CP 5, o
r alternatively Roland 700 NX series.

Reviewed by: Julian Bishop (18/03/2011)

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