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Kurzweil M1 (dark rosewood or ivory white)

Kurzweil M1 Ivory White


 Colour: Ivory White

 Matching Piano StoolIncludes free white piano stool

Discontinued (September 2017) – replaced by new model Kurzweil M110

Other Colours

Kurzweil M1 Dark Rosewood
Discontinued – replaced by new model Kurzweil M110

 Free Piano Stool in Dark Rosewood
Includes free piano stool
in dark rosewood

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Graham Howard


"The Kurzweil M1 has a warm, natural piano tone and fast, smooth key action. It feels close to playing a real piano which makes it an ideal digital piano to learn and progress on", Graham Howard


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Why is the piano sound so realistic?

The Kurzweil M1 has a resonant, natural piano sound that's been regarded as one of the best for over 35 years.
Stevie Wonder has been involved with the design of sounds from 1980 to the current day.
These sounds are heard today when listening to famous artists such as Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Billy Joel, David Rosenthal, Rubern Valtierra,
Pink Floyd, Alecia Keys, Luther Vandross, Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Paul Mcartney and many more famous artists.

Kurzweil's founder, Ray Kurzweil, was the first to realistically emulate the sound of a grand piano in an electronic instrument.

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Kurzweil M1 played by Sang-Kil Lee


Kurzweil M1 Specs


Kurzweil M1 Description

Available Colours: Ivory White and Rosewood

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"I really like the sound of the piano"

We have the Kurzweil M1 in Rosewood and are very happy with it.
I really like the sound of the piano and its similarity to the sound of an acoustic piano.
It is also a very good looking digital piano of good quality.

We were very pleased with the excellent service from UK Pianos.

Review by Alison Horridge, Dartford, Kent, UK

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Graham Howard editor

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Hi Graham.

Checking out the Kurzweil M1.
Honest opinion on the white one please. Does it look cool or tacky?
I've always wanted a white one.

Reply/ Hi Joanne

The white Kurzweil looks very smart.

It is more of a creamy white or ivory, so the appearance is luxurious,
not at all tacky like some of the brilliant white pianos.

Kind regards,
Graham Howard

Hi Graham,
I found your guide very useful.
I am downsizing to a small bungalow and am wondering if a digital piano would be better than the
Welmar A3 I now have.

I used to play a Baldwin organ and my late wife the piano.   I fancy something with Styles.
I am not very good even after over 60 years of playing but I enjoy it.

Hi John,

Graham has asked me to reply to you as he has just popped out of the store. I would advise a
Digital Piano based on the background you have provided. The technology is such now that the
level of authenticity in digital instruments ensures you wouldn’t be compromising the quality
of the pianistic experience. Of course you also have the space saving benefits.

I would advise a Kurzweil M1 Digital Piano in Rosewood as a good quality starting place.
Kurzweil were the early pioneers of digital pianos and as a result they have the greater
expertise in producing a fine Concert Grand Piano sound digitally. The key action is also
fully weighted and replicates the key touch of a traditional piano very well.

I hope this information helps.

Kind Regards,

Hi, my son plays the classical guitar but has been advised to also learn the piano if he wants
to go to university to study music, please could I have some advice on which electric piano to
buy within a reasonable price range, good value for money and not to big?

Hi Caroline,

I would recommend a Kurzweil M1 to assist your son in his learning, it isn’t a complete beginners
piano and thus still has some scope to last him into the higher grades, if his playing really

I am such an advocate of the Kurzweil sound due to their extensive history in sampling as the
early pioneers of synthesised instruments. Their competitors simply cannot lay claim to this
history and as a result Kurzweil find themselves with a leading edge over their rivals.

They were the first manufacturer to transfer a Grand Piano sound into a digital format, thus
their reputation precedes them as one of the best for producing a fine piano sample. The sound
is a German inspired Concert sound and thus is warmer and a more natural and pleasant sound
than other manufacturers. The fully weighted key touch of the M1 is designed at a gradient to
reproduce the feeling of a traditional piano’s action and the result is very accurate,
allowing your son to build the required finger strength and good technique.

The internal speakers are also well constructed and consequently you obtain a richer and broader
depth of sound even at the lowest of volumes.

Kind regards,

Hi Graham,

I have been reviewing your website as I am searching for a piano to purchase for my kids.
My son is 12 and daughter is 17 they are both doing piano lessons and exams.  We currently
have an old piano that constantly needs tuning so needs replacing.

Can you please advise on the best option for their use also taking into account…
my daughter sings while playing the piano as well?

Many thanks for your help!!

Dorcas Lewis

Hi Dorcas,
I would advise a digital piano
as this will be future proof should your children do GCSE/A Level Music and the piano I would
recommend is the Kurzweil M1. I am such an advocate of the Kurzweil sound.

The M1 I feel presents truly extraordinary value in the aspect of sound recreation as it is
truly such a natural sounding instrument. The key touch is also fully weighted and will allow
your children to maintain the vital technique and finger strength they require, also offering
them a strong sense of authenticity by replicating a traditional piano’s action very well.

The USB port will allow to stay abreast of the latest digital scoring/composing software and
aids to learning.

Kind regards,

Hi Graham
I spoke to you some time ago regarding a digital piano for my 9 year old daughter who is a beginner.
We have decided to buy rather than rent.

You suggested a kurzweil M1 as I am looking for something in white. I noticed the Yamaha have a
5 year guarantee not sure if there is a similar option in white.

Could you advise on availability and earliest delivery slot and do you set up ? We live in
bromley in kent BR6 7RP

Kind regards


Hi Clair,

I would concur with Graham’s initial recommendation of the Kurzweil M1 as the best digital option.

The extra 2 years with the Yamaha warranty is a red herring as Digital Pianos have a lot less to
go wrong than an acoustic instrument and have a life span far extending 5 years. The key is to
select the most pianistic instrument and Kurzweil with its greater history in sampling Digital
Pianos (them being the first ever to do so) means that the sound of the M1 is both exquisite and
authentic. I can deliver a White M1 in 2 weeks if you place an order with me on my direct extension

Kind regards,

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