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Piano Tuners Warwickshire

Find a piano tuner in Warwickshire. If you think it's about time your piano needs tuning, then pick up the phone and call your local, qualifed piano tuner from the list below. Piano tuners sometimes offer additional services such as valuations, repairs and voicing. They may also be able to regulate or restore your instrument.

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If you are a qualified piano tuner and you offer tuning in the Warwickshire area, then send us an email with your details. 

Peter Millgate FABPT AEWVH
Millgate Piano Services
132 Lyndon Road
B92 7QE
Tel: 0845 474 2539
Piano tuning, Repairs, and a small selection of pianos for sale.
CRB Approved fellow Member of The Association of Blind Piano tuners 

Mr.E. N. Troth

Flat 28 Barratts House,

Kimpton Cl.,


West Midland. B14 5TD

Tel: 01214 591662

Mobile: 07866 456947



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