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"Is there any difference in key touch between Arius YDP162 and YDPS51?"

Hi Graham,

Is there any difference in the key touch between the Yamaha Arius YDP162 and the YDPS51?

I'm still doing my research as I'm definitely thinking of picking up the instrument again.

Kind Regards,

Reply/ Hi Matthew

The key touch of the YDP-S51 and YDP162 is
essentially the same. This is because the
same keyboard is used.

The only difference is how the keys feel
under the fingers…

The YDP162 has a synthetic ivory coating on
the tops of the white keys. This feels smoother
than the plastic key tops of the YDP-S51.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

"Your piano buyer's guide has saved me from being savaged by some music shop sales person"

Hi Graham,
My daughter is 14 and we got her a keyboard last Christmas – yamaha ez-220.  She has taken to it and did her grade 1 piano exam in summer and is doing grade 2 next week.  
She is likely to do music for GCSE and spend most of her lunchtimes in the music block at school. Her teacher has suggested moving to something closer to a piano feel
at home.

I read your excellent buyer's guide last night which opened up a whole new world of weighted keys, GHS etc – I am not at all musical myself.

I've been looking at some of the models mentioned in your guide e.g. Yamaha Arius YDP 142 or Arius 162. The question I have is whether these Arius models which have the much improved
piano feel but keep some of the keyboard "bells and whistles" from a fun point of view.  I'm not even sure I know what this means myself but I guess it it things like
getting a backing beat/accompaniment to play along with and easy chord generation.

Budget I am looking at is probably £700-£1000.

Many thanks, I wouldn't have known where to start and your piano buying guide has saved me from being savaged by some music shop sales person.


Reply/ Hi Fergus

The Yamaha Arius pianos are OK, but are lacking
in features.

The piano I recommend for your daughter is the
Broadway B3.

The Broadway B3 has a nice, full piano tone.
And the key touch is fully-weighted. It also
feels smooth and responsive under the fingers.

You also get background accompaniments and

Also, it’s a great piano for your daughter to learn
and progress on.  Her finger strength and technique
will develop in the correct way. And she'll find it
easy to transfer to an upright or grand piano later.

You can read more about this piano here:

Yours pianistically,
Graham Howard


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