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Digital Piano Reviews and Ratings

Read digital piano reviews from makes such as Yamaha, Clavinova, Roland, Kawai, Classenti, Korg, Broadway, Kurzweil, Casio, Hadley, Thomann, Gear4Music, Chase and many more. See customer reviews and how they rate them.

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Graham Howard's Top 3 Recommendations:

Hadley D10

Hadley D10 Digital Piano
Price £499

Broadway B1

Broadway B1 Bundle
Price £799

Kurzweil MP10F

Kurzweil MP10F
Price £1299










Reviews Of Brand New Digital Pianos
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Yamaha Digital Piano and Clavinova Reviews (Current Models)

Yamaha YDP142 (9 reviews)
My son is delighted with his new piano. The sound is very good…

Yamaha YDP162 (57)
I recieved it this morning and I am delighted with it…

Yamaha YDP-S52 (3)
Fantastic service and I'm really pleased with the model I chose…

Yamaha CLP525 (3)
We are delighted with our Yamaha CLP525!…

Yamaha CLP535 (5)
I am absolutely delighted with the piano and can't stop playing it…

Yamaha CLP545 (7)
I think the 545 is unbeatable for this price-point!…

Yamaha CLP575 (3)
I wanted a digital piano that plays and sounds as close to an acoustic as possible and within my budget…

Yamaha CLP585 (1)
The Yamaha CLP 585 seems to me a big leap forward from the rest of the CLP series, and stands in a category of its own, probably one of the best…

Yamaha CLP565GP (1)
Your sales team were really helpful when I ordered it and it was delivered and assembled on time and very professionally…

Yamaha NU1 (2)
I am totally in love with this piano…

Yamaha CVP605 (5)
I love the sound and feel of this piano. It is also easy to use and bang up-to-date with technology. The cvp605 clavinova is highly recommended…

Yamaha CVP609 (3)
It plays beautifully… so responsive…

See more Yamaha reviews at

Most Reviewed Pianos:


CDP1 Polished Black

Classenti CDP1 (43 reviews


Broadway B1

Broadway B1 (73 reviews


Yamaha YDP162 Reviews

Yamaha YDP162 (57 reviews









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  Graham Howard, Piano Advisor


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Yamaha Stage Pianos (Portable)

Yamaha P35 (4)
It's lightweight and just right for me…

Yamaha P105 (6)
We love the tone of this electric piano…

Yamaha P155 (19)
There are a few things that could be better. RCA jacks would be the more common method to connect to home audio equipment and the existing 1/4 inch jacks do not automatically disconnect the internal speakers…

Yamaha CP33 (2)
I like the key touch. There are many feaures, all of which are useful…

Yamaha CP50 (2)
I am pleased with my new Yamaha CP50, but now that some time has past I can also give a more realistic opinion about it, because of the enthusiasm of a new purchase…

Yamaha CP5 (1)
The touch is lovely, I love playing this piano. It sound superb when hook it up to my 250 watt speakers system…

Yamaha CP300 (1)
I love the sound of my Yamaha CP300. It has less noisy keys than other portable pianos. I highly recommend it…

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Yamaha DGX650 and PSR range: See keyboard reviews 

Yamaha NP31: See keyboard reviews

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Roland Digital Piano Reviews (Current Models)

Roland RP401R (3)
I had NO idea that a digital piano could bring me such joy. If it was not for your website, all the …

Roland HP504 (1)
I have had the HP504 for two weeks now and I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying it…

Roland HP506 (2)
I particularly like that I can select and listen to a piece of music on the piano, then try to emulate it, or even play along with it!…

Roland HP508 (1)
After looking at some pianos and reading reviews I was stuck for choice between a Yamaha and the Roland HP 508.  I purchased the Roland and am not disappointed…

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Roland DP990 and DP-990F Review (7 reviews)
The higher and lower notes sound like a real instrument. I also like its sleek, simple look. It was exactly what I was looking for…

Roland RG-3 (1)
It has a very dull amd booming bass and the tones sound artificial. Even though it has the new "supernatural" sound. I found the action sluggish (but of course it was the "older" PHA-II action…

Roland HPi-6 (1)
I am very disappointed with this piano. It makes a humming noise. Roland's quality appears to be slipping…

Roland F120 (4)
I love the sound and key touch. Much better than the Yamaha…

Roland Stage Pianos (Portable)

Roland F-20 Review (7 reviews)
I am extremely satisfied with the instrument, it is exactly as you described it…

Roland RD700NX (1)
The keyboard on the 700nx was easily superior to the 300nx, though comparable with the FP7-F…

Roland FP80 (1)
Nothing better for the price.

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Broadway Digital Piano Reviews

Broadway B1 Review (73 Reviews)
We are very pleased with our new piano. It's a broadway b1. My daughter loves it and says it sounds just like her teacher's Yamaha piano. It does more than i was looking for and we love the sound!… read more

Broadway B2 (2)
It was delivered in a few days, can't wait to see my son's face… read more

Broadway B3 (3)
Fantastic piano and service… read more

Broadway EZ-102 (7)
Super super piano!… read more


Kurzweil Digital Piano Reviews (Current Models)

Kurzweil M1 Review (1 review)
It's absolutely stunning and plays well… read more

Kurzweil MP10F Review (1)
Our new Kurzweil digital piano looks beautiful and sounds amazing!… read more

Kurzweil MP15 Review (2)
I am a music teacher with a long history of owning and using electronic pianos.
Everything is great and the children love the piano… read more

Kurzweil MPS10 Review (1)
The sound coming out of it is so much like an acoustic piano… read more

Kurzweil M3W Review (1)
I am loving the piano… read more

Kurzweil MP10 Review (2)
I love the sound of my Kurzweil MP10. I picked one up that had been rented out for 2 weeks to a church. Got a great deal…

Kawai Digital Piano Reviews (Current Models)

Kawai CN24 Review (1 review)
The keys feel nice and smooth, the sound is beautiful and warm…

Kawai CN34 (5)
It looks nice, but am worried if it will be reliable over the long term…

Kawai CA13 (2)
I love the sound of it. I paid twice what I intended to, but it was worth it…

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  Graham Howard, Piano Advisor


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"There is no hobby more satisfying and rewarding than playing the piano…
Buying the right one is crucial to your success and enjoyment! Graham Howard, Piano Advisor"

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Kawai CA18 Review (1)
I love the instrument, the build and look of the piano are right, not a battleship or a “wedge on a stand”, a solid pleasing PIANO…

Kawai CL26 (1)
The keys felt nice and it sounded good too. Bought it from Thomann German website…

Kawai KDP80 (4)
The Kawai shone. It has a nice sound, that of a 9 foot Kawai grand…

Kawai CA65 (3)
This piano looks beautiful…

Kawai CA95 (1)
Plays like a grand piano…

Kawai CS3 (1)

Kawai Stage Pianos

Kawai ES6 Review (4 reviews)
I really liked the feel and touch of the Kawai ES6 and out of the models I looked at (incl Roland and Casio ~£1000) the touch most closely resembled that of a real piano, full 88-keys and good weighting…

Kawai MP8 (1)
I read blogs of several concert pianists who considered it amongst the other top pianos available. One video I liked in particular was of a temperamental Italian pianist who was trying to play something fast, some Chopin I think, and threw up his hands in disgust and stalked away from it…

Kawai MP10 (1)
I love the key action… it's like an old, loose Steinway…

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Classenti Digital Piano Reviews (Current Models) 

Classenti CDP1 (43 reviews)
I have been using my CDP1 for almost two weeks now and I would like to say I am VERY pleased. The action is superb – if you shut eyes and ears you would be convinced you are playing a real piano keyboard…
 read more

Classenti CDP2 (30 reviews)
When it finally arrived I was chuffed, my first digital piano, of course I was excited. I knew it would be different from the usual upright piano I had and it would take some time getting used to it. The key touch was perfect, just what I was hoping for…
 read more

Classenti CDP3 (4 reviews)
The piano is fantastic, I initialy had my heart set on a Yamaha, from reading the ratings about them at your site, However i just missed the price rise and wasn't prepared to spend the asking amount…
 read more

Classenti P1 Review (7 reviews)
I'm extremely happy with it. I recommend it to anyone buying a digital piano for the first time for under £500. I know Classenti aren't one of the most popular brands but I do think their pianos are as good as the Yamahas on the same price range if not better…
 read more

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Hi Graham,
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 John Middleton







Casio Digital Piano and Privia Reviews

Casio PX150 Review (1 review)
I don't like the texture of the key tops nor the pedal, but the Privia key action is good…

Casio PX350 (6)
From the maker of cheap watches and toys, can this electric piano be any good?…

Casio PX750 (1)
The Casio privia px750 seemed to eek out every time…

Casio PX830 (3)
Like all other 1st shopper of pianos you decide the budget. Let me advice one thing to you all, FORGET IT! If you love music, as soon you start to ear the different pianos you don't remember any more the budget you had…

Casio PX3 (1)
What can I say. It's very……plastic. No getting away from it. If you're wanting to show off to your audience and are image conscious, then buy a…

Casio CDP100 (1)
Good value for money when compared with the more expensive Yamaha and Roland pianos…

CDP120 (3)
The keys are clunky, and had to spend more money buying a stand, etc…

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Casio AP220 Review (3)
The cabinet looks classy, it has a better sound than the equivalent Yamaha. The AP220 is perfect for my home…

Casio AP650 (1)
A fair piano for the price…

Casio PS3000 (1)
I paid $1000 for my Casio PS3000 and it has a really good sound similar to the Yamaha which is more expensive but with no additional features compared to Casio, almost the same sound quality. I even found Casio better than Yamaha…

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Korg Digital Piano Reviews

Korg SP170 and SP170S Review (10 reviews)
A nice piano for the money. It sounds a bit weak compared with the Yamaha, but the feel of the keys is very nice…

Korg SP250 (1)
I bought a Korg SP250 with which I am delighted. The touch is very similar to my acoustic piano but it is in tune! The sound is excellent too. The big problem with it which I can see is that it is heavy…

Korg LP350 (1)
It doesn't sound as nice as other makes, but it's OK for what we need. Assembly is really easy (took just 15 minutes)…

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Korg PA588 (1)
Great keyboard all in all. It has exactly the sounds I needed…

Gear4Music Digital Piano Reviews

Gear4Music PDP220 Review
It is a basic, cheap digital piano, but the key touch is too light. I expected more heaviness to the keys…

Thomann Digital Piano Reviews

Thomann DP-30 Review (2 reviews)
It sounds good and realistic to me,key weight is heavy,but feels more like an old acoustic piano. It is easy to use, my 4 years old can play it at once without my help…

Thomann DP-40 (1)
Decent piano, performs well. Found the touch a little shallow, the note sustain poor, and the top two ocatves flat. Otherwise a good piano for the money…

Thomann DP-50 (1)
I am very upset with the way this electronic piano sounds and feels. The keys are noisy and uneven, and the sound is poor. There is a buzz on every note and it sustains too long. The only thing that's good about is is the furniture look…

Thomann SP5500 (3)
It looked like a nice starter piano, but I really wish that I had tried it out in the UK first…

Hemingway Digital Piano Reviews

Hemingway DP-501 Review (4 reviews)
Thinking of buying a Hemingway digital piano? These exhaustive reviews cover every possible aspect of the Hemingway digital piano…

Winchester Digital Piano Reviews

Winchester WPS1100 Review (1 review)
I was very happy with the choice I made. All his friends were playing on it and loved it…

Winchester WPS1200 (1)
Originally got a Winchester whose only fault was a wobbly feel to the keys. Otherwise a nice tone and good value

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Diginova Digital Piano Reviews

Diginova Review (1 review)
Got a Diginova Concerto Vii and so far no problems. It has a great grand piano sound, but overall isn't as good as…

Nord Stage Piano Reviews

Nord Piano 88 (1 review)
I love this piano. It has best piano sound and feel. I recommend Nord piano to anyone serious with playing…

Orla Digital Piano Reviews

Orla Stage Ensemble Review (1 review)
Plenty of styles and options, but not as good a sound and feel as the better pianos…

Williams Allegro Digital Piano Reviews

Williams Allegro Piano Reviews (1 review)
Its sound is average, but the piano overall is good value…

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Ringway Digital Piano Reviews

Ringway TG8865 Review (1 review)
This electric piano has a nice sound, but I don't like the fact that it only has 3 levels of touch sensivity…

Reviews Of Secondhand Digital Pianos

Yamaha Digital Piano Reviews (Previous Models)

Yamaha CLP430 (15)
I love the sound, it's sweat and clear… it's improved my playing 10 fold…

Yamaha CLP440 (30)
I like the look of it, the computer facility and the key feel. The Clavinova CLP440 doesn't play exactly like an acoustic piano, but it is close…

Yamaha CLP470 (12)
Fantastic sound – far superior to a previous model (CLP150) I owned…

Yamaha CLP480 (5)
This piano has a great sound and feels as close to an acoustic piano as you can get. It sounds even better through the headphones. I'm playing every morning before work. Can't get enough of it…

Yamaha CLP465GP (1)
I have derived hours of pleasure from this piano…

Yamaha YDP-S51 (2)
A good piano without too many frills. I love the way it looks…

Yamaha CLP240 (1)
I bought my Yamaha CLP240 from a piano shop in central London. It was delivered flat-packed so I had to assemble it. It was quite easy though, the instructions were clear and it was just a matter of screwing it together. I needed a bit of help to lift the keyboard part onto the stand as it was quite heavy!…

Yamaha CLP320 Review (22)
Your digital piano buyer's book was very useful in making my choice and the clp320 seemed the obvious choice as I already had a Yamaha…

Yamaha CLP330 (15)
I bought a Yamaha CLP330. My choice was a combination of several reasons (playing felt nice, exact the features I wanted, the sound I liked most) but I felt confident to buy since I had a lot of background about the topic…

Yamaha CLP330 Versus CLP340 – [1 Comparison]
Is the CLP340 worth the extra money?…

Yamaha CLP340 (24)
It is technically quite an impressive instrument. I love the Grand Piano sounds and the fact that you can make them warmer or brighter, and change the reverb. The amplification system gives an full and surrounding sound. The weighted keys respond like a decent piano…

Yamaha CLP370 (9)
It sounds and feels like an acoustic grand piano, or as near to it as is possible, and of course, nowhere near the price of a grand, and does not take up anything like the room…

Yamaha CLP380 (6)
For anybody wishing to purchase a 'Top Quality' digital piano the CLP380 should certainly be on your list of pianos to audition. Well done Yamaha for making such a good solid instrument…

Yamaha CLP920 (1)
I am extremely happy with my choice and would recommend such a piano to anyone thinking about it, I don’t see the need for an extra 200 buttons to do this…

Yamaha CLP930 (1)
We went to try it out and the keys were noisy – a quite noisy thud on the way down and a noisier one on the way back. The sellers said this was fairly standard on digital pianos…

Yamaha CLP295 GP Review | Baby Grand Digital Piano (1)
First and foremost, I bought the CLP295 as a piano and this is where it excels. I don’t think some of the other voices are as perfect – but that still doesn’t dissuade me from adding strings to a few showtunes for added drama…

Yamaha CVP305 (1)
Quite honestly, there's nothing I (or my pupils) dislike about it except for its size as its larger than an acoustic piano front to back but lower vertically. The hydraulically controlled lid houses all the easily accessible controls as well as two monitor speakers to supplement the excellent speaker system…

Yamaha CVP409 (1)
The quality of the piano sounds is excellent..

Yamaha CVP501 (2)
I debated getting the CVP503 simply because of the upgrade from GH to GH3 and ivory feel keys but decided the extra £800 wasn’t worth it…

Yamaha CLP503 (1)
Standing in front of this piano and listening to the salesperson play made up my mind…

Yamaha CVP509 (3)
An excellent piano that is equally good in piano and organ sounds…

Yamaha YDP113 (1)
There are no tacky buttons and flashing lights – it just looks quality…

Yamaha YDP131 (2)
OK for beginners, but noisy keys, even touch, and only 11 seconds of sustain…

Yamaha YDP140 (4)
The piano has a pleasant tone and being able to adjust the sound is great. Most of all I am enjoying the experience of learning to play again after all these years…

Yamaha YDP141 (11)
I was taken by the idea of a digital piano because of its size, portability, stability in variation of humidity and temperature, and finally no need for regular tuning…

Yamaha YDP160 (1)
I expected the keyweight to be heavier. I am a little disappointed in this aspect. But generally I am happy with my purchase…

Yamaha YDP161 (23)
The YDP161 was probably the best option for me because it is similar to the CLP320 but cheaper…

Yamaha P70 (3)
One thing that made our choice easy was that we live in a small house and there really isn't that much room for an upright piano…

Yamaha P85 (4)
Yamaha P85 Review: We bought a Yamaha P85 portable stage piano for my son so that he can practice in his room at University. The weighting is realistic, the sounds are also appealing…

Yamaha P95 (27)
The piano has 88 keys and produces a very realistic sound. A friend who is a very good pianist and organist has played it and commented on the excellent sound quality and realistic touch…

Yamaha P140 (1)
Very poor overall… the instruction manual doesn't help much, the pedal slides around…

>> Some of these pianos may be available in the UK Pianos secondhand piano market

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Roland Digital Piano Reviews (Previous Models)

Roland RP101 (1)
Worked out about £100 more than Yamaha, but service excellent. I hope it will be a good investment for all the family…

Roland RP301 (7)
The keys are a bit bouncy, but for a mid range piano it is good value for money…

Roland HP207 (1)
Like the sound. Goo options for touch variations…

Roland HP302 Review (4)
It was as CLUNKY as ever! The high notes in the treble sounded horrible. The top note C sounded like hitting a small drum! The action felt clunky too…

Roland HP305 (3)
In the first place my choice was the DP990F I decided that the HP305 must almost have the same specs as the DP990F. And yes it was. It is "almost" the same piano…

Roland HP307 (8)
My only reservation in commending the HP307 is that the top 4/5 notes on the keyboard are very feeble in their purely musical output – basically one hears a succession of key thumps rather than a musical pitch…

Roland HP503 (1)
It's a nice sound, but costs more than I wanted to pay…

Roland HP505 (1)
The key touch and sound is very good, but the other features are disappointing…

Roland HP507 (5)
Ny friend has on and she is very happy with it, so I bought one…

Roland FP4 (2)
The FP4 has a nice, firm key touch which seems ideal for 2 young boys just starting to learn piano…

Roland FP7 (3)
I haven't had a great deal of time to get to know it yet, but one feature that I've used really stands out already, and that's the "Session Partner". The way the display shows what chord is playing, what chord is going to come next, and highlights the next chord a beat before the change seems a really well thought-out idea…

Roland F110 (4)
A real space saver, ideal for my crowded apartment. It's only a few cm smaller than standard digital pianos but that makes a big difference…

Roland RD300GX Review (1)
It's light, easy to transport and has a good sound…

Roland RD700GX (4 reviews)
The sound is amazing, as I dont have an amplifier yet, I use my Koss headphones and the sound coming through that is like a real piano, no doubt with fantastic bass tone colour. The only thing is that if you hold a chord for a longer time, then the sound later gets unreal, quite chemical…

Roland FP-4F (6)
The sound is very powerful for a small piano. I liked it so much more than the equivalent Yamaha P155 and Kawai…

Roland FP-7F Review (7)
I like the sound and appearance. The 'Fake' ivory keys are nice added feature too…

Kawai Digital Piano Reviews (Previous Models)

Kawai CLP139 (1)
The Yamaha "feel" is fantastic, but the Kawai is even better. This is a personal preference, but I settled on the Kawai as my favorite for feel…

Kawai ES4 (1)
The keys are really noisy, squeaky and rattly. I took the piano apart and found it to be really poor quality…

Kawai CL30 (1)
ovely piano, even my daughter, who is a real pianist, can't believe how realistic this piano is…

Kawai CL35 (1)
Impressed with the sound. I compared this electronic piano against a real, acoustic piano in the shop…

Kawai CN23 Review (5)
I bought the Kawai based on the noisy key test. Although your review put the CLP320 as a better piano compared to CN23. I hope I made the right decision…

Kawai CN33 (11)
The CN33 digital piano has a very warm sound and was most like a real piano. I also found putting the piano together wasn't that easy as some of the holes didn't match up, but I might of just been unlucky…

Kawai CN42  (1)
Very realistic sound…

Kawai CN43 (4)
I am getting on well with this piano, couldn't find anything that rated better for the money, but not sure if I will use all the extra buttons…

Kawai CA51 (1)
The Kawai CA51 is the most realistic sounding piano we found in the shop. It has a lot of features, reverb, metronome, lessons, demo's, headphones input…

Kawai CA63 (2)
It's a great piano. Nice, smooth feel to the keys, natural piano sound, no escapement…

Kawai CA111 (1)
The sound it produces sounds too much like a digital piano, it seems very bright and it just doesn't seem to have that 'softness' you have on a real piano. It is almost as if the sound has little 'heart'…

>> Some of these pianos may be available in the UK Pianos Secondhand market place

Casio Digital Piano Reviews (Previous Models)

Casio PX100 (1)
I purchased this product last month and so far I had a great experience playing the instrument. The touch of the piano is almost as real as playing the actual acoustic piano. The sound is also very similar to a real piano.The only down side of this instrument was the weak response…

Casio PX110 (1)
I bought this piano because it was cheap and being a beginner I did not want to spend alot of money and then regret it if I decide to give up…

Casio PX130 Review (6)
The sound is nice, it's really easy to assemble. Great value for money…

Casio PX330 (5)
Nice sounding digital piano. Although its sound is a bit thin, the overall feel is good…

Casio PX730 (6)
The metronome sounds very quite, but overall I like this piano…

Casio AP500 (1)
The keys are sluggish. Not really happy with my piano…

Casio AP620 (2)
The sound is not enough bright, and the key weight not enough heavy…

Casio CDP200 (1)
Nice light piano that suits me as a a beginner pianist…

Broadway Digital Piano Reviews (Previous Models)

Broadway EZ101 (3)
We love this piano. It has a superb sound and matches well with our furniture. Our whole family is now playing!… read more

Technics Digital Piano Reviews  (Previous Models)

Technics SX-PR350 (1)
In my perusal of the book of words I have discovered that virtually any two voices can be combined…

Gem Digital Piano Reviews (Previous Models)

Gem Promega3 (1)
The bass end of it seems to be a bit laud comparing middle section…

Gem RP800 (1)
Overall I am please with my Gem digital piano, but recently there has been many problems. Nobody can supply me spare parts since Gem went bust in 2009…

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General Digital Piano Reviews

1) "I want to replace a 78kg 13 year old Technics SX336 with a portable"

Budget: £1000.
Use: predominately practice via headphones 90%, thru piano speakers in small room 9%. elsewhere < 1%.
Sound: I want a piano to sound like a piano and don't care about other voices.
Preference: Must audition the piano before purchasing which obviously limits my choice further. Within reasonable driving distance I could demo Casio PX150, PX350; Kawai ES6; Roland Fp-4F and Yamaha P105, P155.
Tested in order:
Roland FP-4 – £1100 I agree with you, best built, best quality although I found the keys a little on the heavy side. Negatives? Price and the headphone sockets were difficult to access on the rear, as was USB.
Yamaha P105
 – £505 for the money this was very good. Keyboard near equal to Kawai, overall build quality reasonably good. I'd have been happy owning this unit although that's probably down to it's price tag. The nasty sustain pedal though would have to be replaced.
Yamaha P155 – £1100 Most reviews praise this piano. Apparently it has upgraded keyboard and sounds over the P105. Or if you're in my shoes, it has a downgraded keyboard. I hated the P155 with a passion. It was a tank compared to the P105, the key action was almost Germanic, had no feel to it. I'd rate it as the worst feel keyboard of the lot. The whole piano felt built to last, but also looked years old.
Casio PX150 – £499 – This piano has a serious flaw, it's called the PX350. It'd appear Casio have either over priced their 150 or underpriced their 350. Moreover, that £100 difference should easily be made up when it comes time to sell. Unless you've a strict £500 budget, I see no reason to buy a PX-150.

Review by Ron Martin (19/01/2013)

2) "Yamaha versus Roland versus Kawai"

Hi Graham,

Thank you very much for your digital piano reviews, the book and your email, it was extremely useful! I think it does a wonderful job of laying out all the different features and how we think about them, which of the current range of pianos have them / don’t have them etc.

I’m currently in the process of choosing a digital piano – by way of background, I used to play at school (stopped regularly playing around 5-6 years ago but had got up to Grade 6 or so), and owned one of the old models of the Clavinova (I don’t remember which type but its around 10 years old now and I imagine was the then-version of the 440 or so). I spoke to a few dealers and here are the pianos I was able to try:

Yamaha CLP 440, 470, 480
Kawai 34, 65 and 95
Roland LX15

So out of these, I saw a huge difference in feel between the CLP 440/K34 and the CLP 470/480/K95/LX15 and immediately decided that the former weren’t going to work. Of the latter, the LX15 feels by FAR the most realistic/true in terms of the feel of the keys, balance, as well as the depth of sound. I read a few digital piano reviews complaining about how low/bass-sounding that piano sounds, and I can definitely see what they mean, but I don’t think its an unrealistic sound (all pianos sound different after all), and in terms of the richness of sound I think it far outstrips the K95, never mind the Yamahas (by the way, I honestly don’t think I can tell the difference between the 470 and 480… certainly not nearly as big as the price tag would suggest). So I am thinking of going for the LX15

Review by Olga (22/01/2013)

We checked a few models and below is our impression:

Casio AP250/AP450 – the key touch just does not feel good. We did not bother to listen to them as the Yamaha were feeling more piano like.

Yahama P35 and P105. Nice models for the budget conscious. Volume could be a bit stronger and the lack of proper pedals is a shame.

DGX640 – feels good but we do not really want the over digitized models as they make it feel like keyboard.

Yahama YDP 142/162 – the more you pay the more you get…. Both are good. It is a shame that there is no small screen. Even the metronome could use a screen just to show what is the click tempo.

Yamaha CLP 430 – great feel and sound. Much better than the medium models YDP 142/162. We would choose this model but the price is a bit high so we really need to consider it.

In the end I feel it is more about how much you are willing to pay, the more you pay the more you get but there is no limit to it so we need to settle on the budget.

Review by Yahalom (23/07/2013)


"The most helpful piano reviews all in one place"

Graham's Guide to Digital Pianos was a huge help when looking for a piano for my daughter. It's the most easy to use and informative guide – we took Graham's advice and avoided making a costly mistake. Even though we ended up buying a digital piano privately we wouldn't have had the confidence in knowing the market without Graham's most useful guide.

Neal, North West London

"The reviews were exceptionally helpful in guiding me"

I can say that your UK Pianos site was extremely helpful not only for getting a good idea of the state of the art of digital pianos but also what was available for a given price.

I also read most of the digital piano reviews and these were exceptionally helpful in guiding me in what I might like. In the end I played a selection and my wife and I decided on which to choose.
I am sure that we would not have made such a considered purchase, nor been as happy with our choice, if it had not been for your site.
David Joynson

"It sounds marvellous"

I've just buy my piano. I have decided for a secondhand Roland HP101e.
It sounds marvellous and playing is a pleasure for me.
I'm very happy.

Review by Hector Spindrift (30/03/2013)

"It's great that you offer digital piano reviews for free"

I had no idea of what's good digital piano and there are so many brands. After I read the reviews, things start to clear up.
It helps to narrow the search, in my case, I decided on something in Yamaha out of 20 other brands. Then I looked up those
technical terms, and found my ideal piano that satisfies my musical and financial requirement. It's great that you offer
this review for free, that turns my nightmare to a good dream search. I wasn't so fortunate with a sewing machine search,
it took lots of effort and was very exhausting. Thanks again and keep me posted with updates of the reviews!


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