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Piano Keyboard Reviews

If you are looking to buy a piano keyboard, then it is always a good idea to check out the keyboard review websites first. We are trying to build this review section up as quickly as possible so our users can make informed decisions in their keyboard buying process.

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Check out reviews on top piano keyboards such as Yamaha and Casio. See how competing brands like Roland, Korg, or Gem Fair.

Yamaha DGX650 Review (2 reviews)
It has just as good a sound and key feel as the more expensive digital pianos… read more

Yamaha DGX640 Review (7 reviews)
The feel was supposed to be better and the top keys were matte. There were more sounds, styles and voices (535 I believe) and the walnut finish made it look stunning. I knew this was going to be the focal-point of my Living Room!…
read more

Korg Triton Series
Korg has been the leaders in synth and workstation production over the last few years with their Triton range and in 2006 there is no reason to suggest they don't hold this title. Korg at the moment make 4 different models of Tritons… read more

Yamaha PSR Keyboard Review 
I've always liked the Yamaha PSR keyboard. I particularly like the styles (drum beats) that it normally comes with. It's nice to be able to have those drum beats rolling, while I play…
read more

Yamaha NP30 Review
I will highly recommend this piano for people who are at the very first step of getting to know piano (really good for kids)… read more

Yamaha NP31 Review (3 reviews)
Bought recently, problem with adaptor…
read more

Yamaha NP11 Review
The speakers are tiny (only 2 x 2.5 watts), sound is thin, keys rattle… read more

Roland Fantom X8 Review
Awesome piano samples. Love it!… read more

Second Hand Keyboard Reviews

Yamaha DGX630 Review (2 reviews)
The difference in volume and duration of the notes is very noticeable if you compare the higher end of the keyboard with the lower…
read more


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