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Hadley D10 Digital Piano

Hadley D10

Hadley D10 Digital Piano

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Colour: Black


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"A beautiful sounding piano and a very happy daughter"
I took delivery today of a Hadley D10. Apart from a little heavy-handedness from the couriers, it was a fantastic service all round and many thanks. I put it together this afternoon and my daughter is still upstairs playing at gone 10pm – what chance A'level revision now? A beautiful sounding piano and a very happy daughter – many thanks for all your efforts. Hope to deal with you again.
Review by Andy Griffiths, Newark, Lincolnshire

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Hadley D10 Customer Reviews

1) "My daughter absolutely loves it"

Hello Graham,

My hadley piano arrived yesterday – perfect condition, easy set-up and is a delight to play. As I non-pianist, I cannot speak in technical terms, but the feel is heavy and realistic with weighted hammer keys and smooth tone. Most importantly, my daughter absolutely loves it.  It was exactly what we were looking for, and we're very pleased with the purchase. The headphones were also very much appreciated.

Simon Mcintosh with his new Hadley D10
Review by Simon Mcintosh, Truro, Cornwall

2) "Thank you for the excellent Hadley D10"

Dear Graham and all your staff at UK Pianos.
Thank you for the excellent Hadley D10, which I have had for about a month now.

The look, feel, sound and tone of the piano is everything I hoped for and far better than my ability merits.
Thanks too for quickly solving the delivery problem….indeed your service was very good throughout.

John Featherstone's Hadley D10
Review by John Featherstone, Taunton, Somerset


3) "The arrival of the piano has bought so much joy to me and my family"

Hi Graham

I bought a Hadley D10 piano and a Hadley HSA-300 stool in the early part of May this year. The piano lid broke during delivery and you and your staff especially Afsana kindly and without fuss replaced the piano very efficiently. I wish to say something to you and your staff.

I have wished to try to play the piano for some time but without ever taking the plunge to do anything. Your persistence, without being pushy, (right balance,) was what I needed and I am so pleased with the Hadley D10 and the stool. Your advise was spot on and even though I still cannot play the piano to speak of, the arrival of the piano has bought so much joy to me and my family, where everyone has had a go, with such pleasure being shared when able to achieve something. I will also continue to practice and enjoy the sounds I can make, (both intentionally and unintentionally).

We wish you all success for the future hoping you continue what you are doing, and hope you never underestimate the positive impact you have made by the service you have provided.
With deep appreciation.

Review by Mark Weare


4) "It's a lot more than I could have expected"

Hi Graham!

I have taken delivery of the above digital piano from your shop. It arrived Tuesday. Opening and assembling presented no problems and all appears to be well. I have to admit that the difference in playing after using a keyboard is massive and a little bit confidence battering! However, a couple of days shows a marked improvement.

I had a couple of issues, most of which has been sorted out. The most important is the issue of using a computer and finding the driver. The person I spoke to today was very helpful and fixed up all my issues.

My new piano, so far, is something else, a lot more than I could have expected. Very pleased. Thank you for all your helpful advice and information.

Review by Sandy Mcneil, Ely, Cambridgeshire


5) "A beautiful sounding piano and a very happy daughter"

Hi Graham,

I took delivery today of a Hadley D10 as recommended by you last week. Apart from a little heavy-handedness from the couriers, it was a fantastic service all round and many thanks. I put it together this afternoon and my daughter is still upstairs playing at gone 10pm – what chance A'level revision now?

A beautiful sounding piano and a very happy daughter – many thanks for all your efforts. Hope to deal with you again.

By the way, the adjustable stool upgrade was also an excellent recommendation.

Review by Andy Griffiths, Bromley

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Main Features

88 Full-size keys
Hammer action
26 Voices: 4 piano sounds, 6 organ sounds, harpsichord, strings… (see the complete list here)
64 Polyphony
2 x headphone jacks
USB to host

AUX in and AUX out
Stereo output
Sliding key cover
Speakers: 25 watts x 2

Width 138cm
Depth 48.5cm
Height 85cm
Weight 42kg

See all features and specifications.


Free delivery anywhere in the UK.


This piano come flat-packed in one large box. But it's easy to assemble. The keyboard, pedals, electronics and cables are all fixed in – you only have to assemble the base. There are four screws that fix the base to the main keyboard section and some more screws to attach the base and back board. The screw holes are already pre-drilled. We do advise two people to lift the keyboard section on to the base.

If you would like us to assemble the piano for you and take the packaging away, then please call 020 8367 2080 for a quote.


Hadley D10

A full-sized 88-note digital piano, the Hadley D10 is perfect for those who want a simple, no-nonsense digital piano for an affordable price.


The Hadley D10 has 26 instrumental voices ranging from grand and electric pianos, through organs, to strings. These voices can be changed when desired and when used with Split and Layer modes more than one voice can be selected at the same time.

There is 64-notes of polyphony, which means that the D10 can sound up 64 notes at the same time before any notes cut out.


The keyboard is designed to mimic the playability of an acoustic piano and is made with a similar hammer action mechanism. It is touch sensitive and has adjustable levels, this is important to the dynamics of playing and affects the quality of expression a pianist can achieve when playing.

The D10 is a full instrument and as such has the three regular pedals found on acoustic pianos, soft, sostenuto, and sustain. A metronome, built-in to the piano, helps the player stay on rhythm.


The Hadley D10 has excellent digital options for customising its sound. The user can establish the overall EQ of the piano sound to suit the situation. Effects include chorus and reverb, which add interest and create a different sonic environment and, combined with different voices, give the D10 a large range of expression.

There are 2 headphone jacks located underneath the keyboard at the front, these enable the pianist to practise in private and avoid unnecessary disturbances. A USB port allows for a cable connection with computers. An Aux In port allows for the connection of a digital music player so the user can play along with their favourite songs. And an Aux Out port brings in the possibility of connecting an external sound system for greater volume when performing or jamming.

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More Reviews

"I think it is a very good substitute for a real piano"

The piano was delivered to Lithuania just in a few working days! This made my 9-year old daughter very happy as she was very anxious to see the piano.  
We liked the design of the piano very much.  It has a modern look and is not as big as real piano so we had no trouble finding space for it.   And the piano was very easy to assemble.   It took about 10 minutes to put it together.   

What is really amazing about this piano is that it combines both the traditional and modern features – the technical capabilities not found on traditional pianos and the ability to resemble the traditional piano.  My daughter says that playing its keyboard gives the same feeling as playing the acoustic piano at the music school she attends.  And the sound it produces is very realistic and very high quality.  Since the arrival of the piano, my daughter spends every free minute playing it.  And I am really delighted to listen to my daughter playing.  I think it is a very good substitute for a real piano.  

And the service was very good.  Mr. Graham was very kind and answered all my questions about the piano, and gave some valuable advice.  My sincere thanks to him and the shop staff.  

Review by Vaida Latakiene, Lithuania

Questions and Comments (email your questions to
Or call UK Pianos for advice on 020 8367 2080.

Question/ Several years ago (attempting to resurrect my boyhood piano playing) I bought a Yamaha P-70 and although it played OK, I found the keys very noisy (as several of your reviewers have said) and thus very disappointing – so I gave up playing it. Is the Hadley 10 a much better product with none of the problems of the Yahama P-70? I'm retired on a modest income so cannot pay a large amount but would enjoy playing again if I could find a suitably priced piano such as the Hadley 10. Advice please?

John Featherstone

Reply/ Hi John, The Hadley D10 has a lovely key feel.
It’s certainly not noisy like the old Yamaha P-70.

The D10 is a brand new model, so it’s up-to-date
with the latest technology, has the newest designed
keyboard feel (which is very realistic) and a pleasing
to the ears, warm piano tone.

Another advantage is its large speakers (2 x 25 watts).
I’m not talking about the power output here (although
it has plenty of that if you ever needed it).
The large speakers give it a deep, warm tone that
sounds natural (not electronic sounding like most other
cheap digital pianos)…

What’s more, these speakers are built in to its cabinet
body, so the whole thing resonates beautifully inside.

I like this piano very much, and there’s certainly
nothing that comes close for value.

Yours pianistically, Graham Howard

Question/ How does the sound quality compare between the Hadley D10 and the more expensive pianos like Yamaha clavinova CLP 575.
I want a good sounding piano to continue learning and would love the above but the price is to high for me where as the Hadley seems great value but I can't hear a demo of it anywhere.

Regards Bob, PS I live on the Wirral Merseyside.

Reply/ Hi Bob, The sound quality is very good for its price.

And there’s no other pianos with a nicer sound
for under £500.

The CLP575 has a larger cabinet and speakers.
The sound is better, of course, as to be expected.

I recommend the Hadley D10 for learning on up
to around grade 5 level.

Kind regards
Yours pianistically, Graham Howard, UK Pianos, 020 8367 2080

Dear Graham,
Thank you for your letter about the new Hadley instrument. I don't have any reason to buy it myself but have passed the information on to a neighbour who is interested.
I am so pleased with my Classenti and never miss an opportunity of cracking it up to musical friends, but whether it results in an additional sale for you is anyone's guess.
I will continue to recommend you to interested parties.
Thanks for writing and my best wishes, John.

Question/ Would you say that the Hadley D10 would suit a beginner best who wants the feel and hammer of
a real piano, not bothered about how many voices, piano voices and church organ would do, requires midi
on windows 10 and linux, already has headphones but needs a stool? Also i'm assuming thise both have
line out so i can plug one into a mixer?

Reply/ Hi Frank

The Hadley D10 is a great piano for a beginner
to learn and progress on.

It has a USB, so you can connect to your computer
and use with windows 10.

It also has an AUX out connection, so you can
plug into your mixer.

Kind regards,

Graham Howard

Hi there I'm wondering if the Hadley D10 is touch sensitive or not? What I mean is if my son presses a key gently it goes "dang" and if he presses it harder it goes "DANG!"… (and if he hits it his mother goes into orbit).

Reply/ Hi Nils

Yes, it is touch sensitive.

It has 3 levels: quiet, medium and orbit.

But if the piano's volume is set lower, then even
the loudest strike of the key will be bearable.

By the way, the Hadley D10 is a lovely piano
for anyone learning on. I recommend this one.

Kind regards,

Graham Howard

More Reviews

"The Hadley D10 is worth every single penny"

I contacted Graham on Monday 4th, enquiring about a digital piano. Unfortunately, it had been sold already however he then promptly redirected me to the Hadley D10. After a thorough explaination about the Rent To Own scheme, I paid the initial deposit and had my piano delivered by the 9th, (this was of my choosing as I could not accept delivery midweek). As a company, bearing in mind I live at the top end of the country, I can not fault UK Pianos. If you're sceptical about buying, do it. They're very reliable and true to their word.

As for the piano, where to begin? I have experience of playing every style of piano and a number of manufacturers and Hadley has done very well. Built quality is fantastic and it's very easy to put together out of the box (drilling side panels and pedal bar to main keyboard).

TOUCH – Well, it is very good. Just as on an acoustic piano, lower notes are more audible and higher notes slightly more delicate. The keys are weighted and do a very good job of mimmicking the hammer to string action on a traditional piano. Thankfully, unlike some digital pianos, there is no obvious "pressure point" on the keys, whereby if you were to press too gently, there would be no sound. Very responsive and weighted almost perfectly. You simply cannot get better for the money.

TONE – Beautiful. Simply, beautiful. Bassier notes sound very deep and powerful, yet go an octave or two above "Middle C" and you get a very delicate and light sound. The speakers are fantastic at mainting great sound quality (located underneath, pointing to the floor). Even on full volume with my best rendition of Dance of The Knights by Sergei Prokofiev (used as The Apprentice theme tune) the speakers do not crackle, muffle or distort in any way.

BUILD/SIZE: Smaller than an acoustic, but big enough that you don't feel like you've sacrificed anything. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get as close to the real thing without needing to have a clearout of furniture first. Will also fit comfortably in a bedroom if needs be as it's only 40 odd kilograms in the box (advice: only move up stairs pre-assembly). Very sterdy and will sit where it's put without wobbling or shaking at all. Pedals are firm and strong also.

APPEARANCE: Brushed wood type look with black varnish. Not 100% solid black but not far off it at all. It's gorgeous. There really is nothing more to be said.

CONCLUSION: For (just under) £500, you really can't go wrong. Yes, there are better digital pianos which may sound better or more realistic, but they also cost double the amount and the difference in marginal to the average ear. If you're new to piano, or returning from a decade long break like myself, this is a fantastic place to start. As previously suggested by Graham in the Q&A's on the website, this will be suitable for anyone up to and around grade 5 (once you go above that, you may need something a little bit more advanced). The Hadley D10 is worth every single penny and much, much more. You will NOT be disappointed.

Review by Tyler Bennion, Manchester


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  • 26 Voices: Church Organ 1, Church Organ 2, Reed Organ, Draw Organ, Percussion Organ, Rock Organ, Harpsichord, Strings, Sustained Strings 1, Sustained Strings 2, Synthesized Strings, Choir, Clavichord, Vibraphone, Marimba, Accordion, Jazz Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Harmonica, Music Box, Panflute Piano 1, Piano 2, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2,
  • Speakers: 25 watts x 2
  • 88 Full-size keys
  • Hammer action
  • Sliding key cover
  • 64 note polyphony
  • USB to host
  • AUX in and AUX out
  • 2 x headphone jacks
  • Stereo output
  • Metronome
  • Reverb
  • Chorus

Width 138cm
Depth 48.5cm
Height 85cm
Weight 42kg

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