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Kurzweil MP120

Kurzweil MP120 Rosewood Rent-to-Own this piano Rent-to-buy this piano for £65 per month (interest-free if you buy within 6 months).
Rental deducted from price if you buy, read more


Matching Piano Stool   Matching Piano Stool Includes free matching piano stool & headphones

 Graham Howard"The Kurzweil MP120 has a full, resonant and natural tone.
Gorgeous sound!
", Graham Howard, Piano Adviser


Colour: Dark Rosewood

Price: £1,399 (including VAT) —  > Buy online and Save £20
Free delivery UK and Europe.


Availability: In Stock (delivery 1-2 days)

Other Colours

Kurzweil MP120 Ivory White

MP120 Ivory White

Price: £1,399
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In Stock (delivery 1-2 days)

Includes free matching piano stool & headphones

Kurzweil MP120 Mahogany


MP120 Mahogany

Price: £1,399
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In Stock (delivery 1-2 days)

Includes free matching piano stool & headphones


Payment Options:

Rent-to-Own this piano  Rent-to-buy this piano for £65 per month (interest-free if you buy within 6 months).
  Rental deducted from price if you buy, read more

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German 9' Grand Piano Sample (amazing tone, realism and expression, far beyond what was thought possible in a digital piano)
Authentic Feeling Keys (fully-weighted, graded hammer-action keyboard with a triple velocity sensor)
128 Sounds (organ, harpsichord, guitar etc.)
Simple and Intuitive Controls (control panel featuring easy access to all functions)
50 Watt, 4-speaker, stereo sound system
Built-In Lesson Songs (Beyer, Czerny and Sonatine)
Smart Audio Recording (an easy-to-use single track MIDI song recorder with 20,000 note capacity, allows you to record your own music)
Rhythm Accompaniment (14 backing tracks in a variety of styles to play along with)

Keyboard: 88-Note, fully weighted, graded hammer-action with adjustable touch sensitive keys and 3-point velocity sensor
Keyboard Sensitivity: 10 selectable response levels
Display: 5 x 7 Dot Matrix LED
Polyphony: 256 voice
Preset Programs: 128 expressive GM sounds including the new German 9' Concert Grand Piano
Rhythms: 14 rhythm styles
Demo Songs: 50
Education Songs: Beyer & Czerny 100/30/40, Sonatine
General MIDI:     Yes
Performance Modes: Layer, Split, Dual
Transpose: Full transposition to any key, +/- two octaves
Tune: Adjustable range: 427 – 440 – 453Hz
Effects: 6 Reverb types / 5 Chorus types – adjustable levels
Metronome: Yes
Recorder/Sequencer: 1-track, 20,000 note capacity
Audio Recording: SSR (Smartphone Sound Recording / incl. smart recording cable)
Sound System: Dual 25 Watt 4-speaker, stereo sound system
Audio Outs: Stereo left/right RCA line outs (for connecting to external amplification)
Audio Ins: Stereo left/right RCA line ins (for connecting external sound sources)
Microphone In
Headphones: (2) 1/4" stereo headphone outs
USB: (1) port; "Plug and Play" USB functionality allows MIDI and Audio over USB for connecting to/from an external computer sequencer; no software driver needed
Pedals: (3) built-in switch-type: sustain (w/half-pedal effect), sostenuto, soft
Finishes: Dark Rosewood, Ivory White, Mahogany
Bench: Matching piano stool and headphones included
Dimensions: 85 cm (H) x 140 cm (W) x 43.2 cm (D) or 33.5"(H) x 55.1" (W) x 17" (D)
Weight: 52kg or  115 lb.
Power: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz free voltage; external power supply 19V, 3.42A DC
Available Colours: Dark Rosewood, Ivory White, Mahogany

Useful Info
User Manual

Why is the piano sound so realistic?

Graham Howard

"The tone of the Kurzweil MP120 is special… it's full of resonance and sounds so natural. The MP120 emulates an acoustic piano both in touch and sound remarkably well. I love this piano and recommend it to anyone learning to play", Graham Howard



Ray Kurzweil and Stevie Wonder





  Kurzweil's founder, Ray Kurzweil, is famous for being the first to realistically
  sample a grand piano sound in an electronic instrument.
  It was a request from Stevie Wonder in 1982 that challenged Kurzweil
  and his team of engineers… And thank goodness for the
  because of that, today we have such wonderful sounding digital pianos!
  Read more about Ray Kurzweil on Wikipedia


Ray Kurzweil and Stevie Wonder

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Graham Howard editor

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Hi Graham

Thank you so much for all that information. I am still confused as to what I need.

I visited Allegro music in Chelmsford and really liked the sound of the Yamaha CLP 635.
However, it is rather more than I was hoping to spend.
They will also provide you with a replacement piano should yours need repairing and they are local.

My reservation apart from the price is, do I really need all that spec.
I am 71 years old, played for about 5 years in my thirties and haven't touched a piano since.

I was disappointed that you didn't rate the Korg very highly as I like it's sleek and compact design. It sound good on the internet but that is not much of a guide is it.
Also I haven't found any companies within travelling distance that stock one.

While at Allegro Music I also listened to the CLP 625 but found it a bit tinny in comparison but is of course cheaper.

So after reading your bible, I am a lot wiser but nowhere nearer a decision.

If you have any thoughts that might help I would love to hear from you.

For now, thank you again for putting so much effort in to clarifying the bewildering information. You must really love your pianos.

Much regards


Reply/ Hi Ina

With the CLP635 you are paying more for the
extra features and bigger sound.
It’s not really worth all of the extra cost for what
you get over the CLP625.

The CLP625 would be OK. This is the first (budget
model) of the Clavinova range.
It’s a good one to get started on and will take you  
up to an intermediate level (at least grade 6).

As an alternative to the Yamaha I recommend the
Gewa DP240G and Kurzweil MP120.

The Gewa DP240G is a newly launched model (made
in Germany) and has a lovely piano tone…

The sound is taken directly from a Steinway concert
grand. It has a warm, resonant and natural tone –
refreshingly different to Yamaha’s bright, hard tone.

What’s more, the DP240G has an extra dynamic level
over the Yamaha CLP625. This makes it suitable for
up to grade 8 level. So it’s a piano you won’t need
to upgrade later.

You can see the DP240G here

The Kurzweil MP120 is another for you to consider.
And this is one of our best sellers in the £1000-£1500
price range.

Like the Gewa DP240G,  the Kurzweil MP120 is suitable
for up to grade 8. It also has the extra dynamic level.
Kurzweil make really good digital pianos.
Both the sound and feel of the keys are close to a
real, acoustic piano.

The Gewa and Kurzweil pianos all come with a home
warranty. So we come to your home to fix the piano
anywhere in the UK.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard


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