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Casio Digital Pianos

Find the best deals on the web for Casio digital pianos. See all the latest models from the AP Celviano and PX privia range. You can also check out comparisons and reviews.

Casio are one of the few brands that offer a good selection of digital pianos under £600. The Casio pianos range from the Privia lightweight models to keylighting pianos right up to the proper instruments used in the home. Casio call their home digital pianos 'Celviano'.

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Graham Howard editor"The most important thing you need from a digital piano when you're learning
is a realistic touch. A good piano sound and minimum of 4 dynamic levels
(p, mp, mf and f) are also important. Things like dimensions, weight, colour
and 'bells and whistles' shouldn't really be the deciding factor in your
Graham Howard, Piano Advisor.

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Current Casio Digital Pianos For Sale

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Casio CDP and PX Privia Range

Casio CDP-130


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Casio PX160


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Casio PX350


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Casio PX760


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Casio PX860

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Casio PX-5S


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Casio AP Celviano Range

Casio AP260


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Casio AP460


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Casio AP650


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4) Click here to read the report: "7 Things You MUST Know Before You Buy A Digital Piano"


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Casio Privia

The Casio Privia range of digital pianos were a revolutionary design when they first appeared in 2003.

The Privia's ultra lightweight body made them easily portable. The keys were fully weighted so they
felt like an
acoustic piano and the speaker system produced some reasonably good piano sounds. In
2005 Casio brought out a new range of Privias that were even more of an improvement from the originals.
These new models had a better speaker system, even more realistic touch and better piano sounds.


Casio are famous for their keylighting pianos and keyboards. Casio believe strongly in this
type of digital piano that helps the student to learn the notes by way of keys that light up.

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Casio Privia digital pianos (PX and CDP Series)

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Digital Piano GuaranteeAll Casio digital pianos bought through come with a 3 year warranty…


"I've been impressed with the customer service"

I purchased the Casio CDP-100 Deluxe Bundle (including the piano with the original
stand, a seat and headphones)
I was pleasantly surprised with the bundle. It took approximately one week for the goods to arrive and I've been impressed with the customer service (responses to emails, a text message containing despatch details and a very prompt delivery service).
The piano, stand and stool are all black and this looks much nicer than the grey versions I saw in shops and online.

Review by Samantha Boardman, Staines, Middx, UK












Discontinued Casio Pianos

Casio PX700
Casio's new, top of the range Privia piano. The Casio PX700 Privia not only has fantastic sounds,
a light body making it easy to transport and a realistic piano feel, it also looks absolutely stunning. Casio are
really making amazing progress and delivering products the end user needs.

Casio CDP200
88 keys with hammer action and touch response, 48-note polyphony, 670 sounds, 200 styles, 10 user
styles, 305 music presets, 32 registration memories.

Casio PX130

One of the best value digital pianos around the £500 – £550 price point. This piano rates highly in Graham
Howard's 'best pianos under £500' list.

Casio PX110

Amazingly light weight digital piano that has vastly improved its sound from its previous model PX100. The touch
is still too light though and not very realistic. Still has a long way to go.

Casio PX120

Better than the previous model PX110 and much better than the original PX100. Casio seems to be improving this
piano every time a new version comes out. What I noticed mostly about the PX120 is that the keys are not so rattly
as with the previous pianos.

Casio PX310

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Questions and comments

Graham Howard editor

Do you want to ask Graham Howard a question? Just send an email to

"Ready Brek Pianos?"

Dear Mr. Howard,
I have received your piano guide and it is really useful. We are now considering buying a Casio piano for our son
who learns to play.
I have however one concern. As most of these 'electronic' pianos are produced/assembled in Japan (or have parts
which are imported from Japan), what is the risk of radiation (after the Fukushima accident)? Does Casio give
guarantee that their products are "radiation-free"?
I'm aware my question might seem a little strange, but I am really worried about this.
Thanks in advance for your answer.

Reply/ Hi Barbara

Casio digital pianos aren’t made or assembled
in Japan. Only some minor electronic parts are
designed and/or assembled there…

I don’t know the locations of the factories in
Japan, so I’m unable to comment on how close
they are to the radiation zones.

The main production and assembly of Casio
pianos takes place in mainland China. So, for
the most of it, I think you don’t need to worry.

If you need more advice I recommend contacting
Casio UK direct. You can find their contact
details on

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Hello Graham,
I had a look at your website, really nice, very informative and of great help – thank you.
I wonder if you can help me with this question.
I am on tight budget but I still want to buy a good digital piano with weighted keys, that would feel just like a
real piano. I am a beginner, even though I used to play when I was younger, about 16 years ago, I need a simple
digital piano to retrain.
I checked the Casio Privia CDP 220, the CDP200R and the PX330 but I am not sure which one I should go for. As I am
also interested in composing I am also looking for something that would allow me to record what I play and put it
on my pc. Their prices seem to be lower than £500 so, that is ideal for me. Could you advice, please?
The Classenti P1 seems too basic. Any other advice please?
I hope that you will be able to give me some ideas/advice.
Thank you very much for your help.

Reply/ Hi Roberta

The Classenti P1 is more of a piano than a
keyboard. It has a heavier, more realistic key
touch and fuller piano sound than the Casios.

The P1 has less in the way of features, but
does have MIDI in/out which allows you to
connect to a computer.

Another piano worth considering is the
Broadway B1.

You can call me on 020 8367 2080 if you
would like more advice.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Question/ Hi, I am looking at buying a casio celviona Ap-3 digital piano, but it is missing some of the black
keys. How easy is it to get replacement keys, do you supply them and how much would they cost?

Many thanks

Loic Hares

Hi Loic

Firstly, I would never buy a secondhand digital piano that has broken keys. There are probably untold 'inner'
problems with this piano and the expense to cure these problems can amount to hundreds of pounds.

My advice is to spend a little more money and go for the Yamaha YDP131.

Graham Howard
UK Pianos

Question/ What’s ur opinion on the casio privia px 300?

Hi Charles

The Casio PX300 is an 'OK' piano for beginners.
I find the Privia pianos touch a bit light and spongy and they have very little power and poor control. But for the
price they are reasonable. The best piano for beginners in my opinion is the Yamaha

Graham Howard
UK Pianos

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"I Really Enjoyed All Of Your Musical Knowledge"

"Thanks for the info. I live in the US and I presently have 2
digital pianos: Casio PX-700 and Technics Digital Ensemble SX-PR170 (this one is my favorite and loaded with features). I have really enjoyed all of your musical knnowledge and everything has been so
helpful to me." Again, many thanks!











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